Wednesday, December 31, 2008

been busy!

so no time to update...

I've been wanting to upload my
birthday bash pictures, but the enthusaistic photographer took about one thousand four hundred pictures ranging from 1.5MBto 3.2MB and I have a hard time selecting let alone resizing them down to loadable pics.

So be patient!

It was a month of pole draught, few classes and pole practices as everyone has other agendas-- some like me, working extra hard or some, but others like
Daniel, playing hard, he's on a month-long leave--disgusting.

So it was really refreshing when we had our "farewell 2008" pole practice last night. Good to know that I've gotten even stronger

Have a blessed new year, everyone! See u in 2009


sinlady said...

happy new year!

wildgoose said...

Happy New Year!