Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Suzie is thankful...

....for the job of event companies, for their task in negotiating with clients and giving us(performance artistes) the jobs.

Today, clearly one event company couldn't quite handle the task and thought it was better to set up a meeting between the end client, my dance choreographer and myself to discuss details. We usually would not acede to such requests before confirming the assignment, had we (dancer and me) not been *bracing ourselves for the potential (further) economic downturn* that may affect the number of events we can participate in.

It must have been a long time since I last had to deal with arrogant clients. I don't understand clients who think that just because they are paying for 'some dancers and singers', they are paying some less cleverer people than say an accoutant, lawyer or a banker? The reason why we are dancers, singers, musician, model.etc simply because we have a skill or talent that you may not possess, or even if you do, you have no guts to make a career out of it. SO, when someone else does, please respect that they too need to be compensated for it...their time, skill, practices, & a nutshell honing that skill! We are not making tons of commission selling Lehman bonds to retirees, we suffer bad throats and injure ligaments from our crafts ok!

It's one thing about negotiation and the other thing about talking down to you. At one point I wanted to wring some necks, but 'loon' (swallow) , why? because of **

Anyway sorry for the rant, I just PMS!!! #%&*

That being said, not all clients are like that, some are really sweet. Tomorow 2 of them buying me my birthday lunch. ....for that, I'm gonna chill!


sinlady said...

sound so much like my work when i was working :)

Suzie Wong said...

happy that someone can emphatise...but sigh! wish i dun need to work for money then i can choose my clients!

Stephie said...

Oh that is so common, unfortunately. I once kept my counsel when a young client was screwing up everywhere and talking down to me all the time. Later, her client recognised me as an old colleague and came over to get some advice. She suddenly felt very stupid. I admit to a silent smirk.

Still, luckily, there are as many clued-in, professional and intelligent events organisers out there who make us not wanna throw in the towel.

Loon ... must remember that word.


wildgoose said...

Work is like that... There are such types everywhere. Think 'cos they pay you, they can ask you to do anything and still make you beg for payment.