Saturday, December 13, 2008

Suzie the Gangsta Girl

Bought this outfit sometime back but never quite won it. Having a chance soon, and heng (luckily) today happen to see this pin-stripe hat at Top shop to complete my Gangsta girl look! But cost me almost fifty bucks! Heart Pain! But nice!

Can't help but to post up this picture to show you I still got nice (albeit short) legs. Not bad for a 40-year POLE FITNESS "wan shui" (mandarin for "long live!"...) Yay! (Sorry this pic got the "kiam puck" (slap-worthy) face


sinlady said...

cute :) don't you eventually find use for every clothing or accessory anyway? so fun to have the chance to mix and match them.

wildgoose said...

Nice get-up. We didn't think you need another fedora when shopping for prezzie.

Aelgtoer said...

Haha, Suzie! I think if you apply as a croupier for the new IRs, you'll get hired straight away before all those professionally trained ones.

Got style can already haha.

Suzie Wong said...

SL-yup, that's the part of my job that i love

WG-is that what it's called? a fedora? oh i'm so ignorant. is that why i got the baret?

Aelg--haha, cute observation! got style can already? but my math very bad, give wrong amount of chips! hahaha. i always marvel at how they make their mental calculations when people (esp those who win a lot and like bet all over the places) and wonder the percentage of errors they make

wildgoose said...

It's a fedora as far as my limited hat knowledge tells me. :) We also didn't know what to buy 'cos it seems like you had many hats already, including the striped fedora in the banner.