Friday, May 01, 2009

Additional Pole Dance Basic Class

Due to additional and last min enquiries, Acro Polates may start another new basic class on 11 May 9pm-10pm. A free trial precedes that on 4 May 7pm-8pm, both class and free trialsubject to minimum participants.

Those interested, please register with online, call Ming at 6334 2382 or send email to her.

Also current fellow Acro Polateasers, do take note of the slight changes of May's class schedules

updated later......

I've become so good at self-taken pictures. Set the camera to 10 secs, run to pole, pose, hold, click!

and if you have time, watch the last part of this video, it's quite funny (people thinking of signing up classes, don't get worried about the stunts in the video, these are very advance moves, beginner moves are just spins and lot easier moves and really fun)

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