Friday, May 08, 2009

Serial Video Uploader

A few weeks ago, youtube suspended not one, but two of my accounts, i.e. all those videos which took me years to upload...poof....GONE! When I clicked on those links or searched the account names, it either showed up nothing or announced "this account is suspended"

I thought that weird as if they had found anything wrongful with my account or my videos, they would write and advise why and how to stay out of trouble. But to suspend both very different accounts and with different videos? I couldn't help but suspect that it could be some jealous souls who envied the success of some of my videos made a prank or something.

Convinced that that would be the case, I decided not to investigate with youtube, but instead wasted no time in registering new accounts and started some franctic uploading again. To play safe, i even uploaded onto other video portals.

Several weeks later while watching others' videos, I tried my luck searching again and was surprised that my accounts were reinstated! Everything was there! Videos, photos, everything!

Happily I told spider friend "eh, you know what? youtube returned my accounts. Make me waste time registering new ones and uploading them all over"

Spider friend replied " That's why! they suspend you and you upload again. They can't stop you, might as well just let you continue!"

Wallau, I sound so serial!


sinlady said...

committed serial uploader at that LOL

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

wow i would be really pissed if that happened to me! luckily the videos and accounts were reinstated.

suzie wong said... was quite funny now to think of happened on a day at office when i was trying to search and discovered the suspension....I yelped and told my colleagues about it...Then instructed & taught one of them how to register a new account and load videos while I was starting another one....should have recorded my frantic uploading!

EDPJ--obviously i didn't expect them to reinstate else I would not have done them over again...but just proved one thing...very little things can stop me! :P