Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Get your ITAC2 from Acro Polates


Acro Polates is the Singapore's stockist (scroll down to "International") of this amazing product, ITAC2.

We have stocks for all 4 levels of grip control needed for most kinds of sports, ranging from archery, netball, tennis,water polo, golf, surfing, hockey,netball,rugby etc...Find your grip here.

There is a special formula developed for pole dancing, If a hard pole move has been eluding you due to poor grip, try a good grip aid. Once you build the strength needed for that move, you can start practising without it.

Also as a pole dance perrformer, usually we have little or no time to warm up the pole, like what we would usually do in class, so a good grip aid sometimes does the job. A must-have if you are participating in a performance or competition.

Retailing at S$14.00 per 45g tub. Ask for a sample/tester today, whilst stocks last.
Besides Itac2, we also retail Mighty Grip at S$18.00 per 1/4 oz tube.

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