Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weird encounter

Last evening, we had 3 classes back to back. In between handling registrations and transitions, the studio received a call from a lady who spoke funny english, seeking directions to the studio. She had wanted to board a taxi immediately to come and attend a class (she said she read about us and couldn't wait).

As i was busy, my colleague handled the call and gave directions. My colleague said she was fickle a while said coming now, then changing her mind & said she would come tomorow, until finally she called again to say she was at Bugis and would get here in a cab; for info, Bugis to my studio is only 7mins walk away and we told her that! To prove that she was in a cab, she passed the phone to can driver!

She arrived and loudly announced that she was here to observe how we conduct our classes. I explained that our basic classes had commenced and the next one would be an intermediate level, which would start in about half an hour. She asked about our entire week's sechdule and told me she wanted watch every class of the week before deciding. I told her that would not be necessary, besides the fact some are repetition, she should only observe whatever level she felt she was fit for, since she claimed she had learned the dance form in China before, the country she hailed.

Sometime through observing the class, she demanded that Eunice or I, the former who was conducting a class at that point, exhibit our level of pole skills to her. I told her she could go to our website to watch any amount of videos we had uploaded and it is not appropriate for me to interrupt the class that way. She asked why not as they do this in China. I also told over here, we exercise making appointments, & during the appointment, I would be more than happy to demonstrate for her to decide if i am a worthy instructor. Then she harped on the "sincerity" thing which by now I just wanted her out!

Unyielded, I told my colleague to set up the computer and log on to youtube to show her videos. While I was in the office, I did not realise that she had barged in between the transition of 2 classes to ask Eunice for a demonstration. So rude! Eunice, my ever obliging instructor demonstrated some inverts and this woman "invigilated" her moves with arms crossed. I quickly told the intermediate students to fill and studio and took the opportunity to lead her to my colleague who spent the next half an hour "entertaining" her with videos and chit chat. It helped that my male colleague is quite good-looking la, and I'm sure she was "seduced" into leaving the studio for good when he (my colleague) said he was leaving for the day soon! haha...

Before she left, she told us to give her an assessment and see which level she should join....I told "ya ya, we will call you (dun call us)"!

Today I asked my good-looking colleague what should we do if she were to call again ....colleague #2 and I joked that perhaps all these while, she was trying to get our good-looking colleague to "assess" her...hahahahaha


sinlady said...

chi-nah pee-per mah. what you expect. haha

Anonymous said...

siao cha boh!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

whoa she sounded like she wants to book your entire schedule for the week like dat! i think some people think that with the money they pay (and she hasnt even paid any cent yet...), they deserve to occupy ALL of your time.

dancingbunny said...

Sorry, not that I am ruder, but then again, wat do we expect of from them?

They are born without manners

eve+line said...

Oh my goodness, what a rude woman!