Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am a true entertainer

Today i made a BIG boo-boo during my performance but i still managed to make a recovery. In fact the incident was rather hilarious.

You know how for my "Suzie Wong" showtime I would wear a cheong sam or qi pao (oriental outfit) and later in the set would peel it off to reveal a sexier get-up? I do this at my own accord for variety, not requested by anyone. But for tonight's event, I was specifically requested to do that to suit the theme, something to the effect of "from old to new" transformation sort of thing.

Several songs after, I stripped down to a partial sexy, partial cutesey outfit and while trying to do a backbend on my knees, my hair wig got caught in the rough stage carpet and it came OFF....Oh My OUCH, l bet I looked really silly, I heard sniggers from the audience. My hair bun held up with lots of bobby pins is now revealed, rather unglam.

Well, since the theme was about transformation, I gave it my all. While still holding the microphone and singing, I started using the free hand to remove the bobby pins, removed the hair net which held the hair bun in place, undo the by-now the pony tail by removing the elastic band...ruffled my hair a little and BOOMZ (oops pardon me can't help, I am now truly transformed into a vamp, singing and performing with va va voom hair flicks which i usually could not do with hair artificial hair pieces

I could tell by now that the audience was rather convinced that it was deliberate and part of the show. When I was done with the show, I picked up the hair piece lying somewhere on the stage and quickly got off stage and started laughing uncontrollably! I was still laughing when I was driving to my next show, thinking, darn, now i have to painstakig put my hair up all over again!


Stephen said...

I was there, I must have missed the wig coming off as I was towards the back of the room, but thought it was all part of the performance - well done!

Thinking about it I remember: you pulled your kirby grips out, wondered what to do with them, then dropped them at the side of the stage.

Still an excellent performance.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

haha trust u to pull this off, and transform a potentially 'booboo' into something that blends in well as part of the entertainment.


sinlady said...

oh what a pro!