Sunday, October 04, 2009

I've been stalked

yesterday i received a call from a guy who said he saw our pole dancing videos from acro polates websites and he thought we did really well. He asked when he could watch us at our next event and I politely told him we would that any public performances will be announced on our website.

5mins later, he sms-ed to ask if we could be friends. I ignored it, than another 5 mins later he smsed "hello, are you there", when i continued to ignore it, he called another 4 more times with a 5min interval .....scary! Have not heard from him yet but...and hope he got the hint.

Anyway, to digress i have quit making LOW-life "BOOMZ' jokes because everyone's doing it, radio personalities, newspaper, blogs, idol judges etc. but can Ms Low PLEASE stop making a joke of herself, I can't stand it that today that she's still trying making allegations of others backstabbing her. Come'on she has already shown the world she's been a liar and think what she says still holds any water? Media please stop giving her what she craves for..ATTENTION!


wildgoose said...

hope the guy got the hint and never call again.

Give Ms Low a break lah. Her English is bad but she doesn't deserve that backlash.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

aiyo, scary! thats the dilemma of being a beauty, u always get weirdos like that.

eh, wg, think u havent read today's paper... i think ms low really has a mental problem!

suzie wong said...

haha..thanks EDPJ...i think it's the pole.

and yes WG...yes go read today's report, like i said i wanted to quit talking about her, even when my friends bring up the topic, but she contnues to want to be in the limelight, and today there's something new. i just wish the media will stop giving her the limelight bcos it's geting a bit ridicuous

wildgoose said...

The accusation is crazy. But I still don't think she deserve all that earlier flak. Most of the people who commented she speaks lousy English, couldn't write well either. And the comments were plain nasty and non-constructive.
Besides, why would anyone with a modicum of intelligence want to take part in a beauty pageant if the country's response is only to pick on and make fun of the contestants?

suzie wong said...

Earlier flak or not, all I'm saying i hope the media will stop giving her the attention. It's obvious she craves it, the reports are just getting ridiculous. She's just wanting it for the wrong reasons now (instead of lying low which she should now, she called the media to make accuse ms runner up) and she has shown in more than one ways that she has something wrong, so do we still want to entertain such a person? she once said something like she is not a very smart person or else she will not get caught (for the credit card fraud)...what does that tell you? she is not remorseful for what she has done, seems to me her only regret she didn't do it smartly!

anyway...i too should not discuss any more about her

sinlady said...

low-life boomz jokes? you? haha.