Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We made these shorts because polers find it quite hard to buy appropriate shorts. They either not fitted to the thighs or some are too expensive.

Since we started making our Acro Polates shorts, we have sold them mainly to our students and occasionally to their friends or sisters who liked the design. They are however, mostly sold during lessons, usually there and then when they decide that the shorts they were wearing were not conducive for pole tricks. So every now and then, Instructor Eunice would peer into my office in the middle of her class to announce "someone wants to buy shorts" and she would leave the follow-up to whoever is in the office.

So today when Eunice made her usual "somebody wants to blah blah" announcement, I just did the usual, took out a brand new piece and handed it to my colleague incharge of sales & admin, thinking to myself, someone wearing wrong shorts again.

Then I heard an unfamiliar voice asking my colleague about "sizes"...I looked up from my desk and saw an even more unfamiliar face.....she's not a student. I walked up to her and offered my assistance. "you buying this for pole dancing?" No, she replied that she needed a pair of black sports short and thought she would drop by buy!!!! Cool!

After the successful sale, my colleague laughed and remarked "wa! can open retail shop already!"

Pssttt: Ms Su Lin, maybe she saw the pole mascot wearing it, too nice...hehe


sinlady said...

maybe it is time to go retail!

wildgoose said...

I second SL. It is a nice pair of shorts, especially with the side ties.

Tracy Su said...

Maybe ah? I've also admired the shorts, I like that turned down waistband style, but I saw that it's only 1 size and I doubt that's MY size!


Anonymous said...

hey, i love the shorts too. definitely will buy it from u one day when im in the area :P (if its my size!!!!!) - EDPJ