Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah! I Suzie has her own Polefessional DOLL!

You know how some celebrity have their own Barbie Doll Collectible, like this Diana Ross one right?

Now, Suzie Wong the Pole-fessional has HER OWN DOLL!


Woo-hoo, Best part is, the 2 images you see --it is the SAME DOLL ...

CORRECT, that means , you can change the pole positions! woo-hoo

Don't get jeoulous, want to know more about the creator? She makes these dolls with socks!


Anonymous said...

So CUTE! Usually toys come with ads say "batteries not included". Yours say "pole not provided"? BTW about 50-60 votes so far.

sinlady said...

cute :) where u display it?

Suzie Wong said...

Thank u sista, i always tell people how u always dot on me from small!

SL-not arrived yet, hand-delivered to me in Dec by creator who is currently in UK

Anonymous said...

how cute! shes your little mascot now - EDPJ

suzie wong said...

yes yes edpj