Saturday, January 10, 2009

Acro Polateasers know how to make usually boring ROM fun!

Yesterday was Acro Polates's Instructor Kelly's ROM (Registry of Marriage) with beau Eric.

She chose a garden theme and had her marriage solemnised at a Changi chalet.

Before I arrived,, various groups of people were engaged in different activities, mahjong, makan, another group was discussing the plot of Little Nonya and singing pantun.

The true POLE-FESSIONAL just knows how to bring the pole into the picture

First Daniel was made to do the challenge after several drinks

The bride ngair ngair must try also, cannot resist the pole! The best part was, as a "Mrs" with immediate effect, she had to ask hubby's permission...tsk tsk!


Daniel challenged me to do the scorpio on this blardy thick pole

Sorry Daniel, I delivered above and beyond! bwahahahah!

--------added later----------

Responding to Dancingbunny's comment....yes indeed. in fact these are the nicer pictures he took of me


sinlady said...

what a fun wedding ! good for you !

wildgoose said...

Really can't have a day without pole! :D
Kelly looks amazing in that dress.

imp said...

you guys are hilarious!! a lamp post??!!! win lor.

dancingbunny said...

omg...edward was the photographer also right? he is my fren! small world!