Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I've reached the Diva age

When you have arrived at my age and still performing, you either a) choose to behave more humbly and pray that you still have performance bookings or you b) get into the Diva mode and not care!

I don't deny that I am afraid of the a) but still sometimes I choose to be b)

A new company which I've never worked for had been ding-dong-ing enquring about my show and even asked me for a goodwill rate, and finally sent me this, I'm only posting the ghist:

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for the video!

My client is skewed towards into confirming you today and I’ll let u know by end of today.

May we kindly request that you do not repeat your style for both events as we are afraid that the same group of customers will attend both dinner and luncheon.......and be

- elegant
- classy/proper
- no hokkien
- no coarse language
-You don’t have to be too CNY

-u can also sing the latest Chinese songs to entertain the guests as well.
-Do you have a long cheongsam

-no feather boas please. A fan also can..
-do u have also a song repertoire or any rough ideas that you will be doing for the luncheon? My client would like to know ya..

I hope I'm not being too kwai lan (pardon the language.....) but my reply these days are "if you not confident about me, please find someone else!" (pst...I have lasted 16 years doing this)

----------------------Added later after Sinlady's comment---------------------

yes, these clients don't understand:

I eventually landed this job, not after 3 event companies looked me up for the same quote. There is ONLY ONE SUZIE WONG!


sinlady said...

good for you girl! you have a list of shows to choose from, and you have excellent track record on delivering what you agreed to. what more some people want.

wildgoose said...

The person who emailed you sounds so clueless. Feather boa not classy meh? Lol...

Anonymous said...

Solly I is trying to but still donch unnerstand this person's very classy, elegant, non-hokkien and un-coarse engrish..."skewed towards into". Si beh chim leh.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

haha, yah u already built up your reputation. yes, u can afford to be kwai lan!

Anonymous said...

ho ho ho. hahaha. so hilarious. there are some duh people around.
Ms R

vb said...

wah lan (pardon the language!) got such pp one meh?