Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tune in to OktoLive

Tomorow (12 Jan) there's a program coming to Acro Polates to film some classes from 6pm,

.....followed by Tuesday 13 Jan at 8.30pm, Suzie and the pole will be featured live on
Oktolive channel. Do tune in to show your support. And I'm appealing to anyone who subscribes to the channel to help tape it down can?

These 2 weeks leading to chinese new year are packed for Suzie aka Polefessional! It turned out to be a pretty good 丰收年for Suzie! Let's hope that continues into the year of Ox. Yay!


sinlady said...

wow, so exciting. will try to catch it. sorry hor, can't tape. not set up to do that.

Suzie Wong said...

ok...aiya, haven't found someone to do it yet!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

huat ah!

Suzie Wong said...
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Suzie Wong said...

yup yup...HUAT ah, to everyone who reads this