Thursday, January 08, 2009

People were dancing with poles long long time ago

Thanks to pole buddy Boomoulou for showing me this

It's so beauiful you gotto watch; the magic starts about 1m55s.

Here's another one how come people don't dance like that anymore?

While I'm at the topic, gotto brag about my latest feat, called the twisted grip handspring. It's crazy, everyone's in the pole universe is practising this. And again, I'm probably the first Singaporean to get it, not unless Malaysian boomloulou beat me to it, we're probably the two most fanatical poler in the part of earth!


Anonymous said...

Hollywood so poor thing ah...they didn't have trees, unlike Bollywood, for coy lovers' dance :D :D :D

sinlady said...

i was thinking the same thing too :)