Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We had our first shot together

Our rehearsal for a performance caught the attention of a production house and they have requested to film it.

The three of us got together, did our make-up, don our costumes and had some fun putting it together. I know, the styling etc is usually provided, but it doesn't hurt that we had to do our wn and can't help it if we are such pros...lol!

Check out our POWERFUL ending! This is so gonna be Kelly's signature move..the jade. I think it's the BEST JADE in Singapore!

Anyway, Kelly is so sweet, she just got married over the weekend and agreed to do this. Anyway she's going on a little honeymoon tomorow before she gets back with loads of assignments! ENJOY KELLY!

Our finished product


sinlady said...

i am sure you girls can put yourselves together better than any make-up artist :)

sam@theartofdance.co.uk said...

Love the new vid ladies, Sam x

Suzie Wong said...

haha, yes SL...absolutely. Kelly even did her make own make up at her wedding and it was so pro

Sam...thanks so much, coming from you, is a BIG encouragement