Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Team ever

Tonight we had our first pole show ever performed at Mediacorp, OktoLIVE.

I have the BEST team ever, seriously without them agreeing to lug the pole prop to Mediacorp studios, there will be no pole show, for that matter there will be no pole shows anywhere without them. They know the inside out of setting up and tearing down the prop safely for me. Ryan, Mor, thumbs up.

Even though I had such a small part in the show, we had so much fun la. After my performance, we sat behind the set to watch the rest of the program and chill. We entertained ourselves testing out the live know that kind that you pay 30c to sms to seach sentence with the word "rox...or rawks......."! So we wasted some 90c by sms-ing "Suzie rawks"3x and only once appeared.....hahaha

This the cast/crew . The guy in green on the right is darren, project supertar winner and the young people know him leh!

Next week I suppose to have another shoot...hmm...not sure if my best team want to help me again???!!! (innocent face)


sinlady said...

u so lucky to have dedicated team!

wildgoose said...

They were so good at your birthday party too. Can even sing on demand. Great team! :)

Suzie Wong said...

SL, WG--yes they are great and hope they stay that way for a long time