Monday, October 20, 2008

As a Pole-fessional......

I feel there is a need to update you on the results of all the recent Pole Dance Competitions happening around the world, but after updated on face book's Acro Polateaers Group Account , I was too tired to re-type them here until I read Pole Star Helth tsar. All the details and links (lots of it) are here . Sam, ihope it's ok that I linked?

There's one more that happened in Vegas, here's the

It just goes to show that pole dancing for fitness, or for art is getting extremely popular. Ladies who wish to give it a try can always enrol in my
classes. Check up the updated courses. But please, please don't bring Felix's (Ms Pole Dance Australia 06 & 08) video or picture and tell me you want to be like that (not that I can teach u to be like any of the other Pole Supertsars or pioneers) ! Haha, that woman is immortal!

3 comments: said...

Hi Suzie,

It is always ok to link. The standard of pole dancing at the moment is just amazing. You will adore Tracey Simmonds & Alesia Vatsmitzel's performances.

Hope you are well? Bigs hugs to Ah boy,

Sam x

sinlady said...

the bit about don't bring so-and-so's video clip to say want to be like that reminds me of women who bring magazine pics to their hairdressers and say make my hair like that haha

Suzie Wong said...

Sam, totally agree, it's only been a few years and I've seen the standard of competitors rocketting. Truly inspirational. Sent Ah Boy your hugs yesterday.

SL-haha, are u referring to me cos I did that once when I was 14! I wanted to te "Tatum O'neil" look! ahahahah