Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm posting this again

...the Silhouette pole dance I performed at the Acro Polates Grand Opening (in June 08)

last version was edited due to bad positioning of the video camera. Because most of the action up the pole was covered, I had to edit with the rehearsal.

Thankfully some kind soul got in on the handphone and sent it to me.....wee I'm really really pleased cos this the first time I performed a handspring

This is completely raw, unedited . Yay!


sinlady said...

very nice. u never had a chance to use this in gig yet, have u?

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks SL...there were a some occasions I could use it (minus the curtain drop effect) but i didn't. Eloborate more when i see you. thanks for nice comments...hugs