Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was so so ill

I usually perform this stunt when doing my belly fusion show

I arch all the way backwards til my head touches the floor and continue singing the chorus and this move usually reaps some "coo-ing" from the audience.

Tonight I did 2 of these shows, by the time I reached the second venue I was huffing and puffing, and it didn't help that the entire week I was tired out from class and other jobs AND a nasty flu bug was plagueing the office, infecting everyone.

So by the time I did this stunt and tried to get up on my knees, I found myself experiencing a litle of a "black out" and I ended up falling on my side....haha, I think it was quite comical but this time I heard a louder yet sympathetic "ooh".

As an experience showgirl, as always, I quickly went into a split and garnered some applause for that. As I continued to pull through a good show, some of the people were still too stunned, while another portion had little clue what happened....I think that included the event!

Ah well, anyways, faitugue again!, Its time someone else do mor---e work...I hope u are reading this.........hmm.....need i say mor-----e?


sinlady said...

aiyoh! and we wanted you to boogie with us this weekend some more.

wildgoose said...

Rest well.

Anonymous said...

I swear by my painful back that its really tough. I did that for the tribal bellydance yesterday and I almost died. Couldn't imagine singing along. YOu roCK!

Suzie Wong said...

SL-that's why i really felt in coming in the afternoon and thot I's better sms you in the afternoo to notify u first.

WG-try la, but really too much stress

DancingBunny-thanks, hey I went your blog and saw your performance at Rupee was fab!

Anonymous said... mix n match song...thanks!

go-poles said...

take it easy there Suz