Monday, October 27, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Guys, It's Lara Croft

I was taking my Boy out for his usual Sunday walk at Pasir Ris. As I have not fully recovered, I decided not to walk too much but just parked ourselves at a cafe to enjoy the breeze and sip my afternoon tea.

Just in front of the beach I observed a group of people taking videos and pictures of a pretty brunette in diving/swim wear and I just passed it off as a fashion shoot.

Then i suddenly occured to me that the newest Lara Croft, Alison Carroll is in town to promote some gaming thing X08.

So I checked with the minder and I was right. Although I was no big fan of gaming, I DO like Lara Croft, way back from the time when Angelina Jolie took the role, so I seized the opportunity to ask for a picture taken with her, even though I know I look sh*t (I was still ill remember?) She gamely obliged, and she was very sweet about it. I liked her already....

She even posed solo for me. She's all smiley (and very friendly) when we are chatting but when come to posing, she will cut this "mean" look.

Later she came over to chat more and she was even so sweet to talk to Ah Boy. Unfortuntately for Ah Boy, he's still not used to strangers and even snarled a little. OMG! For that Ms gorgeous had to apologize.. oops, and I responded "Ah Boy..this is Lara Croft you know!"....haha, as if he would understand.

But Alison, for being so kind, you have Suzie as your new fan and I shall be looking out for you!
Anyway here's a video of my new hero.

Sexy Tomb Raider Lara Croft Video - Funny video clips are a click away

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sinlady said...

so exciting ! and ah boy so no hue about it haha