Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Enticed by the promise the eye detox will relief tiredness of the orbital region, I went to give it a try even though I am fully aware walking out of the place without purchasing a package is near impossible. But I was willing if they treatment proved helpful.

I was attended by a soft-spoken therapist, Mandy, whom from her accent, I can easily identify as a therapist from China. She did a great job and before I knew it, I did not just sign up the eye detox, but was also coaxed into purchasing a "LD" package (took me a while to understand her "Ella Tdi" meant "Lymphatic Drainage") which I thought, was really quite calming and soothing. It felt great after as I walked out of the basement unit at Cuppage Plaza.

This morning I was there for a treatment #2 and was attended by the same therapist. With her girlishly sweet voice, she first ran me through the steps like "cleansing", "exfoliating" etc.....I igonored as I wanted to rest, PLUS I had wanted to escape the possibility of her hard-selling further treatments/products, and I was right, she was saying some ampoule...blah blah would be good for me....I didn't reply, pretending to be asleep.

Since I was NOT really sleeping, I noticed that she had skipped a large number of steps in the lympahtic drainage procedures. Before I knew it, she said it was over!!!!!

So I responded in Mandarin..."Over? How come you didn't do the.......(I used my hands to gesticulate a certain zig-zag movements that she did the first time on my forehead).....sheepishly and in quick defense, she replied "Have! you were sleeping!", and she broke out a nervous laughter.

I replied coldly "oh! hmm......Don't know how come I still feel very heavy on my forehead hor". She quickly sat down again and massaged my head with a towel and pretended to help me ease my headache"...lol

It's time like that that you wish you can tell them you work for CASE or something! And I need to think of another method to escape the hard-selling tactic without going into the "sleeping mode"


sinlady said...

only treatment #2 already like that, how many more har?

wildgoose said...

She is so blatant, gosh.

Princess said...

usually I just say one word...NO... with my trademark look then end off with a sparkling smiley big thank you. Everthing else is NO... DON NEED...DUN UNDERSTAND WAT TALKING YOU.... then smiley Thank You. :-) And I dun ask how come no this and that. I just tell them to do wat I think they missed out. Yes... The bitchy consumer...*smug*

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

chiao geng!

Suzie Wong said...


Princess : OK, must learn, but i know i won't do it very well. But...but that doesn't mean I dun know how to biatch, i just have a slightly more subtle approach...hahaha, yesterday someone cold call to market google or something, she was told to speak to "Ming" and call was transfered to me. Well obviously most will assume it will be a "Mr Ming". When i said "hello", chirpily the girl greeted in her highest pitch voice "Hi! Is this "Mr Ming"....and coldly I replied "do I sound like a Mr to you? the rest of the conversation she became very jittery! heehee