Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pulled a muscle again! Irritating

For the past months, I've not only been practising safe, but always impose safe warm ups and pratices for pole students so they do not go thru (or minimise) my experiences..Potential imjuries are what most teachers warn you about.

But last night I sustained this injury from a show. No thanks to the event company, for wanting to save a couple of dollars want to use their OWN set-up people. The darn people are so dumb to place the pole on uneven parts (I suspect it's the joint between 2 stage platforms and you know how they never completely match when the modular stages are pieced together). From the start I did a spin, they ALL could see how unstable the pole platform was and no one did anything. Worse still, can play my music salah, wrong cue for this and that! UURGH! At one part I had to say INTO the microphone "next track" when obvious hand gestures were not understood.

Thankfully I did not fall, no one did, but I must have used so much force to execute some inverts on a rocky pole. Next time I'll just relac, won't "pia" (try) so hard to do a good show if you don't take care of my safety, you understand?

PLEASE! Performing pole is a serious and dangerous thing! Not a masak masak (play play) act like illusion acts, pretend to be dangerous but actually safe like anything. Pole really needs real kang-hu. If I injured already who going to help you do the rest of your cheap show?


sinlady said...


Anonymous said...

I think next time you should just say you cannot perform when it is unsafe, because if you relac, you spoil your reputation instead.

wildgoose said...

wah. I think next time you must insist on your own set up people. Say that it's for safety and it can't be compromised. It's not like they insure you or will pay you compensation if something happens.

vb said...

Aiyah! How could u let yr safety be compromised? U come first regardless ok. Mks me so angry abt yr injury : (

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

ooh.. do take care. maybe should claim from organiser your medical fees or something.

Suzie Wong said...

thanks everyone for concern and listening to my rant.

sigh! just job hazards