Sunday, October 12, 2008

好老友 (best friends)


eve+line said...

Hi Ming, I'm one of the guests at the D&D you hosted last night (the S---ko company). You did a great job! Especially getting Mr Takashima to sing on stage. Do you know he was talking about his love for karaoke just before that... it was a great opportunity for him to show off!

Well as for the reception from the rest of the audience (just in case it bothers you)... that's actually quite normal. We get excited only during the lucky draw!!

I have some videos of your performance. However will need to compress and upload first. Will let you know when they're ready!

sinlady said...

awww....he's such a darling.

Suzie Wong said...

Hi Eve+line, thanks heaps. your comment made my day. the guests are a nice bunch. yes, will await the video and thanks again

SL-so cute rite?

eve+line said...

Hi Ming, the videos are here: