Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I recently did an MTV production for a client. Looking at the pictures you know they already had a lot of fun even before the video is being edited. Here goes...Amtek, enjoy!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This has been a mighty fulfilling week....it's nurses' week and a week preceding National Day....first the shows, then the upcoming much-needed holiday.

Performed for several hospitals' nurses' day this week and had great fun. I like the fact that I'm doing something good for the medical profession cos' I always have great respect for them. When I go hospitals to visit people, I always wonder how I can do the nurses' or doctors' job cos' it's always so gloomy, you see crying, moaning, groaning(besides the elation of new born of cos).....aiya.... somemore sometimes must break bad news to the family members like 'prepare for the worse blah blah blah'. Compared to what I'm doing now, entertaining people and make people laugh or enjoy almost constantly, it's the complete extreme, I guess the only similarity is they are healing souls like I am. Just look at the photo below. . That's my job, make people laugh.

Then this Saturday I perform at a Comunity Club's National Day Dinner. Always love this kind event cos the heartlanders are so affable they treat you like you some "Ah jie" superstar. Different from D&Ds where people just watch, enjoy and most they say "good show" when the later walk past you. Heartlanders will come backstage armed with cameras to take picture with you, or just look you up endearingly from afar when you change out of your costume, nothing obscene, they just want to catch a glimspe, a wave, a smile and they ask you questions like if the hair is real! So cute.

Then last Saturday I performed for a Country Club which also featured someone from the idol finals...well, they say I better. Heehee. So far I have performed alongside 3 idol finalists/winners already and I must say Taufik is very nice.

I suppose to have booking up to next year january but the silly event agency still don't want to sign the booking form. My guess is they don't want to pay the deposit so early....

Anyway, it's been another great day and week, and I am enjoying myself so much I can't describe. After this gruelling but fulfilling week, can't wait to sleep in on National Day, and oh, did I tell you my house can see the fireworks? That should be the ultimate chill out! Anyone wants to party "Suzie Wong" style on eve of National Day please email me at suziew@singnet.com.sg. In fact I go this place for jamming quite a bit, the people there really fun and nice.