Thursday, December 27, 2007


...........a month or 2 of gruelling schedules, I've finally succumbed to extreme exhaustion. This morning I find myself not able to get out of bed, my head throbbing and voice hoarse from overuse. Thanfully, the busiest of the busy period is almost over. Like a car, think i need to send myself for 'servicing', which of cause also includes facials, hair care, spa treatments and other grooming needs (that's why some of YOU are getting calls...hahah)

Anyways, just a little update on Ah Boy [because i actually have friend, Jon, asking about him :)]

Just like a proud mum, Ah boy is looking more handsome and is doing extremely well. Managed to even take him for a drive & walks in a park.

Awww.......look at bliss

This is a picture of trust, peace, love and comfort, isn't it?

Ok, that's all for now, for I have an early morning event for "Mr Susan Wong" (click on word to read story)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Pole-fessional mentioned!

If you have missed the Sunday Times article (17 Dec 07) on pole dance performances catching popularity in Singapore events, its HERE

All information not spared, including age and marital status!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I awoke to this:

It was sa way of announcing that there is pizza in the oven awaiting as my pre-gig snack! See the direction the sachets of cheese & chilli powder were pointing?

So cute la! Hahaha

Another cute story.

On X'mas eve, I had hired the very talented Sweetheart the clown to help me take care of a regular client's Family X'mas party (for kids & adults). Sweetheart had dressed in Santarina's costume. Then I arrived later in MY saucy Santarina's costume, having performed elsewhere. My intention was to say hello & thank my client since I was in the vacinity.

But when I arrived, I could hear a couple of 'daddies' coo-ing with a tone of delight "Oh, ANOTHER Santarina". Hahahaha...they probably thought that it's a surprise treat for the dads!

Sweetheart the clown, me and Santa Ryan

Monday, December 24, 2007


It's a last min job, the mad schedule has robbed me of my last ounce of creativity. So, it's similar as last year's, except that there are 2 of us, Linna & me. But well, at least i try to get it out in time.


Saturday, December 22, 2007


The pressure was inevitable, the Taiwanese are NOT strangers to pole dancing, they probably started pole dancing way before it caught popularity here. But yet they had wanted to see us.

Thank you for showing us so much love! Without a doubt one of the most memorable event ever.

Crediting this event to:
1. Carreyhill Productions (for yet again taking that leap of faith in me)
2. Taiwan Life (you people rock!)
3. Pole-holics Linna & Jolyn (for the tireless practices, those lashes, crab party etc etc...)
4. Pole-holics Diana aka Apricotbrandii (sweetie, for the support)
5. Big guys from Des D Mel Promotions (from XL to S) Ryan, Wayne, Yang & Felix

Unplanned Comedy

Today I was dressed in this polka-dot outfit as it had a theme "groovy night". As christmas is just a few days a way, i had intended to 'finale' it with a x'mas medley.

Beneath the dress was a santarina ensemble. So all i needed was to rip this dress after the second last number to reveal my santarina dress, and to complete it with the candy bag and the santarina clip my sister bought for me.

I had the stuff placed on a chair at the foyer about 25meters away from the stage. I had about 25 sec to do this. From all my other past experiences, I would have been able to make it.

But unlike my Suzie Wong cheong sam which has a fast-rip mechanism, this yellow dress has a zip at the back from nape to waist. I had instructed a colleague to standby at the door to assist in unzipping me when i make my dash.

I guess she was trying to be helpful, except it would have HELPED if she had informed first. So when I finished my second last song, I made a beeline out of the ballroom and to the foyer chair which i had placed my stuff, but to my horror, the stuff were GONE!

When i franctically glanced around, i saw my dear colleague beckoning me behind the ballroom door. The sweet soul had helped 'relocate' my stuff to make them 'nearer'. The second horror came when i realised she had sort of stuff my things back into my bags! So I was flapping my hands so hard, on hindsight I think I looked comical. And all these while with the door slightly ajar and some audiences might have had a peek on the comedy created. The song started and I had to 'kiap' the mic under my arm (yes, armpit) to start singing while I tried to pin the little hat onto my hair! Uurgh! Disaster!

Yes, Val, it's you I'm talking about. Hahaha.....But it's ok now, really. Luckily (for you), the audience cheered loudly when i re-entered the ballroom in the Santarina outfit else I'll be sleepless now! Hahaha.....Ah well, we all learn.

Anyway, to digress, just wanna say I'm envious that so many of my friends are on leave since yesterday til the end of the year. still gotto work gig work gig work. Today we were late for office and boss yelled (via sms, but the tone was yelling!) at us! Twit!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


..............hard at work polefessionally.............

I can't explain, it's very tiring but at the same time, very satisfying! Keeps me on the edge. Anyhoo, I'm just glad I have a day off tomorow (today?) to do my own visiting Ah Boy! Hee.... A little update.....Boy Boy is doing so very well. He's finally out of the cage. (Yeah). He can recognise me & friend, he gives us the most heartwarming welcome.

For now, I'm thrashed after having just returned from 3 places, the last one one being pole, like for a crowd of 2 to 3k. I'm not kidding!

Anyways, for last night's event, for the first time, I wore this online it, makes me look like a modern version of "zhi zhu jing" (chinese spider vamp), got big sleeves with web-like designs

More to update soon! Happy holidays

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pole-fessional in media?

I think there might be some mention of the Pole-fessional in the news (Straits Times, I think) this Sunday. Ah...I hope the facts are right this time.

Anyway christmas is just 10 days away and everyone's in a party mood. Audiences today were simply great, they really dressed to the nines. Check out spider man in jacket (earlier I challenged him to climb the pole & got jeered when he couldn't....hahaha)
And across the street they posed for me....aww how cute (pardon the quality because got moving objects, look closely and it looks like got ghost taxi...haha)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Suzie goes Gala

In yesterday's post, I told you I was going to peform for some expensive car owners (you'll know what event in the last pic)

Due to the fact that it was a Gala 'Shanghai-themed' event, Suzie gets to have her hair & make-up professional done by stylists........oowee.. I was so excited as I ALWAYS have to do my own. I was dreaming of finally having someone to transform me looking like a real 'Shanghai beauty' like this.... for I never know how to....

The results? rather DISAPPOINTING (startling I would say) as you can tell from my expression............duh.........(just to let you know I'm not the only one who think this 'look' is so not-me. When i showed friend this picture, he led out a chuckle! How assuring was that)

Huh? What kind of hairstyle is this? There was no hint of 'retro-ness' in the hair nor make up. And can you see how messy the top was? The stylist was attempting to make it look fuller when i pointed to him that it was too flat. He tried to use the end of a comb to 'pull' up some volume and when eventually it got messy, he said it was ok as no one can see from below stage. Hello, got video zoom ok! And I'm the MC ya know? Each time I took a peek of myself on the big screens, I cringed.

So mid-way through the event, I re-styled my own hair and touched up the make up the suzie way. Even If I can't achieve the desired retro look, as least I don't look like a messy 'aunty' going for grochery shopping.

Ah, better now

Now to see the full picture.................

Thursday, December 13, 2007


........when i lose a gig!

Remember the count-down job which route I experimented and was not happening? So after I informed the person-i.c and got a "lemme think about it" reply, I did not hear from him again.

Today I got an official "no show" call. He apologised and I said it was perfectly ok, unless they don't mind having me AFTER the count-down. He said that would not be possible as after count-down, they wanted to perform some religious rituals thingie! Then it dawned on me next to this site is a chinese I'm pretty happy about not partaking in it..........God's will?

Yesterday I had another tricky request. Although I'm pretty certain that it will be tough to fit that extra job in, I'm proscratinating a negative reply, still hoping that I will think of an alternative faster route. Think tomorow I shall just tell him I can't oblige his assignment.

Anyways in a few hours, I'll be preparing to entertain a group of people who own some of the most expensive cars in Singapore! Catching some sleep now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Oh what a day

1. First, earlier today I was told Suzie has

2. Then today pole set-up people gave me attitude. You see they have been asking for more pay but I thought all bookings have been made & confirmed for this year. Besides, that day when a set-up was very tough-going due to the venue (prop couldn't fit into lift) I trippled their pay and bought them all-they-can-eat dinner (and they really CAN eat, given they are quite burly guys) after the show. Then the other day only 1 came to set-up instead of the usual 2, I still paid in full. So I thought it was a case of give & take, and they don't appreciate what you have done! Ah... Anyways......

3. Today's audience a bit uppity to entertain. I swear this the first time I perform my one-armed flag to no applause! And I added a new transition which I practised just before the show and I happened to

4. And when i returned home dead tired, there was only 1 parking lot left and one idiot had to park across the line taking up the space of the empty lot. I had to park further away and lug my 1 clothes bag, 1 handbag and a trolley bag to the lift lobby! So inconsiderate.

Hope tomorrow will be better

Oh and one more thing that I'm a little upset is.....
On 22 Dec I have pole at 8pm and I have pole at 10.15pm, both off-town (former at Jurong East and latter at Ang Mo Kio). Today a new enquiry came in for Suzie Wong in Orchard. I have a slot in between, but I cannot figure out the travelling time and I'm so frustrated because it's going to be another CASE of an opprotunity slipping by me. So detractors wake up. Tell me how is the show bad when it's like that!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


But I'm still sane. The fatigue of working day & night from now til christmas and about 8 are pole!

But what surprised me was I just received an sms "please take note. Alot of event co talk bad about your show"

I shouldn't be telling you this to tarnish my own reputation, but with some 20 more to go in 14 days, I wonder who are spreading these rumours (if I find out who you are you better not cross my path!)

Anyway on a happier note. Got myself new pole, new dress (mail order) & shoes to match. I tell you, darn hard to look slim with all those gathers, hard to suck in like mad! Haha

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I'm ditching the boring usual X'mas hat for this cutie hair clip sister bought for me from Tokyo Disney Land. So KAWAII right? Haha, love it. Somemore can light up in the dark one (show you another time the lighted version, too tired now.....grin!)

Friday, December 07, 2007


if only you can measure someone's love for you by what they get for you as gifts. It's not about how expensive, but the thoughts and efforts put into how useful it is for you. . So I'm fascinated when people buy me clothes. Imagine they have to wonder if you will wear it or can fit into it. They really love you 100% when their mental calculation of my size is so accurate. Because even I have problem estimating my own size, that's why I always end up buying wrong sizes for myself especially from those no-try sale or overseas order

First I promised Ms Sin Lady that I will take picture of the lovely Paul Ropp skirts she bought me. She bought me not one, but 2 because she knows I wear them so often. The convenient velcro makes it lovely for work (when I have gigs).

As you can see, Sin Lady, they are very well worn, very seasoned because I wear them oh so often. (sorry 2nd pic my face was too ugly to be posted so I cropped off to show off only the skirt, and I was too tired to re-take)
vAnother dear friend, Brenda bought me this top for birthday. Today I wore it to host the 20-people-just-interact show. So fitting!

My dear sister bought me this denim overall skirt from her recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Cool isn't it?

Not forgetting the pink fur cowboy hat to top that!

Love them all

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just Interact

It's gonna be some serious next-3-weeks for me. So probably won't be here too much, but I'll try.

Tomorow I have a rather interesting event entertaining just about 20 people. The offer for me to host and perform a segment of pole dance was rather generous, so I'm only too glad to accept.

However, according to the program (I didn't even have to meet or speak to the client prior), the rest of the evening is filled with music by a band, besides some speeches and awards.

The instructions given to me via email was straightforward: "you need not play any games as they are VVIPs. You role is just to "interact" with them."

I'm puzzled..........I asked my friend, "so no need play games but must interact!? Meaning what? Sit down and eat with them? Haha.

Anyway, this was me last night. As you can guess, the theme has to do with flight around the world.

I really can pass off as some matronly-looking leading stewardess.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I know I sound extrememly incongruent, expecially after my last post just barely 2 hours ago.

But someone showed me this, and I'm reminded that life is beautiful, God is great.

So stop being so grudging, Suzie.

Sometimes people just need little reminders. I cried a little when I watched this. Did you?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


BEWARE...................LONG RANT

The end of year is usually a bountiful period for me, but I usually have to work my butt out for the harvest.

This year is exceptionally stressful (does not equate to being more harvest) because I've since diversed to MC-ing and pole dancing. Previously I just had to sing. I used to have an "artist manager" but now I "manage" myself and negotiate my own rates, settle my own bookings, collect payments, deal with the program, marketing etc. No one knows the load, they think things just fall on my lap. Company (my agent) just sits back and wait for their portion of the yield.

Besides that I still work in the day. Managing accounts, payroll, creative concepts, a little on sales & operations, in a nutshell, managing people.

Today I have an exceptionally trying day. I started the morning telling off a couple of colleagues who did not follow instructions (see, I become unswerable when things go wrong). Then came demanding customers who wanted things to be done IMMEDIATELY as if I only handle ONE account, and event companies who needed a little nudging for confirmations and payments, I had to get some merchanise, reserve santa's outfit for an event, book pole props and arrange transport .....& the list goes on.

By mid-day I was all stressed out and I was supposed to have an MC-ing cum singing job later. I took a very short nap to calm myself down. Within that half hour I have no idea the nightmare that crept into my sleep could almost be a reality.

Somehow I dreamt that the show took place in Hong Kong (because it was a Hong Kong lady who hired me in reality). Me being a regular HK visitor taught it was not going to be difficult to get around. I arrived at the event venue only to realise I had forgotten to bring my make-up kit. There was only an hour left to shop for the cosmetic and put them on. When I went to a mall, the sales girl was out of sight & I had so much problem getting help. When I eventually bought my stuff I had wandered so far off from where I started I got lost. I hopped on a cab to take me back when suddenly there was an eclipse of the sun that caused the entire street to black out. Since it was still daytime, there was no street lights, so it was pitch dark. All vehicles including my taxi came to a halt as they were afraid of collision. I urged the taxi to carry one and inch it's way as I was really late. When the sunlight eventually came on, the taxi was on the other side of the street and I ordered him to alight me and I ran as fast as I could (you realise how you can't run fast in dreams?). When I eventually found my way, the event had started and the guests were hosting the show themselves and they were really upset when I showed up.

I woke up almost in tears. That was really disturbing and now I felt 10x worse. I didn't have good feeling of the show already.

Although not as dramatic as the dream had gone, my show was really interrupted with smses and calls that someone in the company has accepted a double booking for another show. Double booking means a slot is booked twice by 2 separate events. How now like that? Almost the whole world was blamed for this blunder except himself. Furthermore, a dear colleague forgot to carry out something I had tasked him to do that was related to this matter & I didn't even get an apology, only attitude. So unbecoming!

Aiyah................I'm super upset now lor. Sometimes I think I'm old liao, should concentrate on my gigs while I can still perform. I'm lacking the energy to concentrate on so many things. You can't put heart and soul into your performances when 20mins before you take on the stage to greet 200 to 1000 people, you are asked to solve a problem created by OTHER people!

Since I'm on an irritable mood, let me tell you how some people can be very irritating. That day I received a call from a friend who has NOT kept in touch with me for ages and I was busy standing by a show. The conversation went like this (and all the time I sounded hurried but I took care to be patient & helpful)

Me : Ya Awyong?
Awyong : E-e-e-a-a-a-i-i-i (like you know how they try to prolong that to sound really friendly)! I want to ask you were I can rent costumes.
Me : (I didn't reciprocrate the friendliness) Several, you can check the yellow pages. But the biggest one with everything you need will be No.1 Costume Costume at Aliwal Street
Awyong : Number what?
Me : N-u-m-b-e-r- O-n-e C-o-s-t-u-m-e C-o-s-t-u-m-e.
Awyong : Number One Costume ah?
Me : Costume Costume. Two times (the word costume). (Again I repeated slowly) Number One Costume Costume. They located at A-L-I-W-A-L street. Sorry I don't have number and address, it's near Arab Street. Go and check up yourself with service 100 (local directory) or something.
Awyong : Oh ok (then under his breath he was repeating the name slowly as though he was writing it down).
Before he could ask further I hung up.

After the show I had an sms that read "Can you please forward me the name and details of the costume shop again? Please?"

I never did!

Anyway, back to now, I'm glad the show didn't go as badly. It would have been so much better if i could blank out all these miserable interruptions to enjoy it. So those who have contributed to this misery, avoid me for at least the next 2 to 3 don't want to hear me


--------added later---------

Oh great! I just realised I've left my CD bag (tan jiak one) at the earlier show. Now have to go back and get tomorow......why do things have to go wrong together?

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still on topic of Birthday

These are some of the birthday pressies I got this year.

Elegant black top from Brenda, Hong Pao from boss and red thong (check out the butterfly) from Linna & cyber shot.

Thanks, I love them all,

Think I'm getting this from my sis.......Lmao (model not included)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Completed Choreo-Finally

It was hard trying to complete a pole choreography without any inverts. I know you might have seen us doing this before, but this is the final final one. It took us (me actually ) a lot of effort to be this synchronized.

Enjoy the video, especially Linna being such a, such a, beautiful dancer. I look quite pathetic next to her. I was trying very hard to be in sych with her and at the same time lip sych with pussycat dolls because I hope to sing and perform this routine some time (challenging!)

This morning I was performing at an opening of a huge plant (cold store). Together with me in the dressing room was a petite adorable, rather cool eiderly chinese man with pony tail dressed in sequinned laced top and pants, obviously a magician/illusionist. He spoke in perfect mandarin. I politely asked if he had performed magic in Singapore for long, he replied yes, only as a hobby because he owns this factory. Fwah! (ok, I found out he was one of the directors, but still!)

Very cute, for the auspicious opening, they had 2 pairs of lions jumping out of the cold store to perform. The crew were joking not to let the lions wait too long or you have 2 pairs of lion statues (frozen)! haha....

Friday, November 30, 2007


told you guys I was going to blog this! heehee

Thanks guys! And boss for the unusal treat!

suzie WONG still going STRONG

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me........


Hmm........guess I won't be getting this

Why? Because I'll be working working working! No time to have a real celebration.

Not complaining, I think that's a good sign that Suzie Wong is still going Strong

In fact talking about going strong, remember 2 day's ago Mr-call-me-susan-wong? He came hunting me down because he claimed I performed for his organisation some 4 to 5 years back and he had wanted me back this year.

Then strangely on the same night, I was at a gig. The MD of the company came to the backstage to talk to me. He too said his company had me at their D&D 7 years back. He asked if I recall the company was only half the size then...Vaguely. He had requested for the event company to provide 'Suzie Wong' again this year....(thank you, but like why after so long right? chuckle!". Friend's answer to that "7 year's itch..tsk)

Then after the gig, I went for pole practice (trust me to still have this kind of energy at this age), this girl whom I was meeting for the first time in the studio came up to me and exclaimed "Hey! I've seen you before. You performed for my hubby's D&D 2 years ago in that cheong sam". Then she went on to tell others how good I was switching from different language songs and how I made she and her husband "chio ka peng" (laugh heartily).

Yes, from Mr Susan Wong to "chio ka peng", all these took place in one day. Some form of affirmation for me......a good birthday present :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's a uber busy day (week & month actually) for me. I've got to get into the office, settle all the negotiations, quotations, contracts, check other colleagues work, discuss concepts and upcoming projects etc etc and later get home to prepare for an evening gig .

So I normally dress down, really really down in the day (when i have no need to see clients) as I'll have to doll up later for gigs. Today is no different.

Just now while zipping between projects and phone calls, suddenly 2 men (one uniformed and one civilian) marched into the office and caught everyone by surprise. They don't look like sales men. When asked if they could be helped, one of them replied loudly "I've come to look for Susan Wong! Is there a Susan Wong? Is Susan Wong still performing? I want her to perform for our event la"

Good grief! Susan (excuse me, it's "Suzie" btw) is just standing right in front of them! I was so embarrassed in my state (not only was I in glasses, was totally naked face and wearing slippers) and I just uttered "yes yes, she is still performing" and quickly ushered them to the reception to be attended by my colleague.

When I finally composed myself, I introduced myself to them, much to their amusement that the 'Susan Wong" that they knew actually looks like that in real life. One of them (the civilian clothed one) kept musing "look so totally different hor"!

Well the job is more or less firmed (phew!). But it taught me a lesson to NOT dress so down on normal days. Either that or remember to close my office door always!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Doing it Pole-fessionally.......

.......may cause me to lose an assignment on New Year's Eve.

You see, I was supposed to be booked for a count-down pole show somewhere far away near Ponggol, at this exact location. (see the white tent? the event on 31 Dec will sit on the same spot.)
(Yesterday while I was there checking out the place, there was another HUGE event there and the show I was designated to appear is no less smaller)
Prior to this gig, I already have other assignments and that leaves me only 40 to 45mins travelling time from my last performance place to this. The event organiser assured that it will take only about 30mins to get there. I was tempted to believe, as everywhere in Singapore takes only 30mins.

To be absolutely certain, last evening, the Pole-fessional made 2 trips, to and fro the 2 locations and tested out different routes. These are my scribbles of time start and arrival, the distance etc.

While the first route measured 32.5 km, but the slight jam on CTE yielded the same travelling time compared to the second longer route whick took 44km!

But both ways it took 40mins (38mins to be exact) keeping to the limits of 80-90km/hr on the highways, excluding jams.

So I sms-ed the event person in charge that it was rather impossible to reach in 30mins, and I was met with the reply "Oh, ok, than let me think about it (hiring your service).

I may lose this job, but, ah well, no regrets. I think the Pole-fessional should do this professionally.

P.s. Btw, did you see the ad on the right? "Enchanted" by Walt Disney? Click on the preview or the site, looks like an interesting story, think I'll go catch it.

I'M SO ATTACHED.........

...... TO THIS PLACE! Gosh, I'm beginning to look forward to Sundays because this is the only day I can go if I do not have a gig.

Sadly, today I can't get to see Ah Boy as "the Mother Teresa of these Doggies" (who owns & runs this place), informed me that Ah Boy had just undergone sterilization and she doesn't want him getting all excited as it's not good for healing. So I just stood there watching the other dogs.

I'm beginning to find some of them looking like humans, like people we know, you know what I mean? They are so human, their emotions, moods, temperament......

This black doggie reminds me of a black soul singer I know. Perching atop this marble table, she is a picture of divinity.

I don't who is this foxy lady, but she makes a nice portrait. I'm still trying to find one like me. I think for now the closest is Ernie, who is this short mix breed of Jack Russle and Boarder, who is small & mighty. Very independent, brave & cute. Minds his own business amongst the dogs (doesn't get bullied), but loves attention from human, and very very loving. Will take a picture of Ernie next time.

I spent an hour standing there observing them (outside the fence, I didn't want to go in, I didn't want Ah Boy to know I was there or he'll be so sad he can't come out for his walks), mostly in the rain. Some of these sweeties beat the rain to come out of the shelter to greet me, so cute!

Ah, the rain stopped in time for mealtime! Slurp! See, so organised.

Anyway, Ah Boy will be out of the cage in a week, when his wounds heal, to join all these cuties out here in the big compound! W.e.e.e.e.e.e!

This place needs support, if you can help in anyway let me know

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Tonight I was gigging at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel. The carpark was full so I had to turn to valet. When I collected my car, I almost swoon! The fee was a frigging TWELVE DOLLARS! Blardy expensive.

You know how these valet when the fee is $4 and you give a $5note, or when it's $7 and you give a $10 note, they usually help themselves to the change as tip. Most people, like me will just drive off when the guy does not return with the change. But tonight I was adamant NOT to pay anything more. So when I handed over $15, I stood there with my hand out palm up for my change before I go get my car. The guy played delay tactic by digging into every pocket and ransacking the drawer to find $3, and I still didn't budge til I got my change.

This was the scene of Orchard Road at 12 midnight!
Everyone's still out spending money. I too felt like doing some midnight shopping so it was off to Mustaffa Centre. But I was disappointed as they didn't have a few things I wanted. I thought at Mustaffa, you can get yeverything and yanyhing!

I couldn't find the Haagan Daz 3-in-a-box stick ice-cream, they only sold the tub ones. Then I couldn't find false eye lashes. When I enquired with a sales lady, I was flatly replied with a "no more stock". Silly me! Which Indian lady needs to wear false lashes right? Unless you telling me, actually they are ALL wearing! Hahaha.

But well at least I was consoled with this find! The single bristle tooth brush that I swear cannot be found in ALL Guardians, Watson's, Cold Storage nor NTUC Supermarket anymore. I need them for the wisdom tooth. I even went to JB to find! So, I bought half a dozen! Hee

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just another mad pole move.....

called the "Jade"......trying to split in mid-air and inverted! Really crazy stuff we do!Remember the blooper? Haha. Think Linna & I got it this time, but need to polish and improve of getting into & out of this move (Ok, I look weird in the pic..haha, it's hard to hold in this position ok)

Anyway, the VIDEO

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Someone is obviously moved enough to cover the story of AH BOY on Gold 90.5 during lunchtime jukebox!

Apparently the story continues later tune in if you have time.

Ah Boy is a celebrity dog!

BTW, I've uploaded the full MC cum tribal pole art video, it's available on the side link for those interested. Shows me doing hosting, singing and then the pole performance in one night


Oh indeed, Ah Boy story was told at 11.45am today, albeit a little inaccurate. But still, he's MY boy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I regularly advertise my pole art on Mocca.Com under the Entertainment Section. So far not gotten huge responses, except for some small enquiries here & there, but it's ok as ads are running free now during the promotion period.

This morning I received an sms from this # _136177_ asking if I do private dance (money not an issue wo!!!!). I replied "no, sorry". He went on to ask how old am I. I asked him how old he thought I was. He said 24! Wa! Haha! Sorry, still no private dance.

Monday, November 19, 2007


First it was the Pole-fessional Medals, now I have personalised handphone straps! Hee :) I know, I know (blush), I'm obsessed with myself, but hey, I think they make neat little souvenirs for friends and clients, don't u think?

Sunday, November 18, 2007


The Konica Minolta digital camera with a mini minute screen has faithfully served me for the past 3 years. Many of my blog photos and pole practices videos had been taken with that camera. Each time I video a pole routine and play back for my pole-mates, they will complain about having to squint to watch themselves...Lol!

Squint no more ladies for I have just received an early birthday present:

Ta-dah! A SONY CYBERSHOT! woo-hoo! FINALLY! Very sleek/feminine colour somemore :)!

The playback screen on the back is almost the same size as the camera!

Surely the benefactor deserved a nice meal, and here are the FIRST pictures taken with the new toy:

(ok, pictures may look normal as I haven't learn how to calibrate the functions yet! You wait)


Nothing much to blog as I had been gigging non-stop last week, so just some trivia.

Trivia #1

Remember the cosmetic-surgically controversial blog queen who became a "celebrity"? Recently there had been a report of ang mo bully #2, (#1 was trishaw man) of an assault of a teenage girl & her friend. I was curious and checked out her blog. Spot the similarity:

Trivia #2:

Last night I did EVERYTHING I possibly could for the neighbourhood event liao. Apparently they now commented about the microphone (not my fault-there were some interferences). One more to go! Sweat!

Trivia #3

Squeezed out some time to see Ah Boy briefly today as I had church in the day and a gig at night. That day bought him satay and he finished 10 sticks like in a minute. Today treated him to boneless chicken rice. He lapped up everything in 15sec. I'm serious! Guiness world of record man! haha.

Ok, gonna try to get some rest as my body and vocal chords have been bruised and battered by the non-stop poling & singing! Completely drained......

Thursday, November 15, 2007


You've heard of Tribal Belly, I attempted Tribal Pole last night. Not much dancing though as client/audience quite wholesome people and will not take to the idea "pole dance" too well.

Nothing much "tribal" for me except for the music & skirt, it was my dear fire/poi guys who did all the work la, but I just love the sea-side setting and ambience, which was breathtaking! Enjoy!


.........who won't be in the 30s for very long.....

still can make uncles nose bleed right? Hahahahaha! Self praise!

As you can tell, I was required to dress ala race queen for this event (F1 organizers take note...hire me...hire me!)

Tonight I did another pole for a 'tribal' theme. Nice setting next to the sea. Posting video soon, watch ok?

Monday, November 12, 2007


During my growing up years, (amongst other things), there were some things that i yearned for but I never had; I yearned for music lessons which my parents could not afford. Then seeing how some of my friends have pet dogs, I longed for one (I remember wildgoose mentioned her family would not allow pets, my family is like that too).

So now, i can finally call THIS DOG my own....hahahaha................!

Ah Boy is so adorable! See how mild he is?