Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Suzie Wong loves everything retro; Suzie Wong IS retro

A dinner at this place is incredibly leisurely and nostlagic.
Look, this was parked outside.
Ice kachang served in (rather) old fashion bowls. Sorry, remember to take picture only after lapping up the last atap chee

Food was good, price reasonable and i love the atmosphere......I'm defo going back!

Monday, October 30, 2006


It was a special night devoted to thank the jammers (musicians/singers) of the Actors Musical Bar last night......so you can imagine how the unlimited free-flow beer and whisky completely hammered the din makers. By about midnight, practically everyone was acting crazy, with the exception of yours truly and the another wholesome musician we all know as Doctor MM (ok, maybe CK looked sober too). There was no music, just noice. So drunk that a certain musician 'friend' of mine (who doesn't usually sing) ran up to grab the mic and helped end the song "Better man" with "TO BE A SPIDER MAN"! Hahaha, that was funny!

Anyway, not much photos, just one......presenting to you "Puttie Cat Dolls" of Asia, er, I mean Actors...hahaha

Sunday, October 29, 2006


...bought from my recent BKK trip. The other one in black.

Wore it for a show just now and i love it so much i had to take a self-timer picture at the carpark before i took it out.
I know I know, the hair, face and whole get-up with the skirt very tak-kenna....but this is Suzie Wong what! Something has to go wrong right?

Ok, Meow this following gold dress is the one chosen to appear before a red stage curtain (blanket??), basked in bright ballroom lights and before a bunch of clueless audience....

Put in some imagination and you can fathom how i earned my "huay" title! Heeheehee

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I just got MARRIED!

......my client almost made me feel this way! Boy, did I worry you?

Remember I said I was going to perform at an 88 year-old birthday? No, it wasn't him who made me feel this way, it was his son, who hired me. I think he fell in love with Suzie Wong. After my set, I was packing my stuff when he sent the banquet captain looking for me.....My first thought was "got hong pow is it"? Nope, no hong pow, instead, he dearly held on to my hand bringing me from table to table to "yum seng with his guests" and introducing them all to me??????Machiam like wedding anot?

As an entertainer, I had to put on my smile and after a few tables, I pretended to be tipsy and sneaked away. I went back to the make-shift changing area and contunued packing my stuff..The captain came again "he asking for you again". I replied "tell him i in the ladies purging la". Captain left me and in less than 5mins came again "cannot, he kept asking for you non stop, if you not coming along i also don't dare to go out" Wa kao, win already lor? Wait, there's more. when his throng offered me their drinks from their cups and i politley declined, this admirer of mine can offer me his saying "it's ok, this is mine". Duh?

Never mind about how i got out of it, spare you details of more tug of wars before i managed to call it quits, but the bottom line is "NO HONG POW".....#$%*@..

I was so stressed I had to chill, so dropped by at actors, my fave joint. Along the way, found a trishaw who offered me to sit on his Harley for a photo opportunity.

Oh, I like the short, so retro right? Well, think that's what is appealing to him! Bah!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Sigh! Poor me.....I have been practising so hard but some pole moves seem to just elude...because......


I've been trying to learn this move called the HANDPSPRNG (Gwendy, borrow your pic if you happen to be here and you do it so well, also see the link fo the handspring pose of one of the world's most renown pole teacher).

Of course than beisdes building core strength blah blah ( this move is harder than a handstand from floor) , you need a good grip. Look at my hands!

Can't even wrap round the pole! I don't care! Even if it takes longer than usual, I'm gonna learn it someday!



Anyway, latest addition (available at side bar also), my link to sin lady's blog and my latest home pole practice (nothing much but you notice now i can complete 4 over min free-style dance without repeating stunt and without editing video, so it's good!)

Also, having some interesting performances coming up, tonight for an 88 year-old birthday-over 500 guests! Wah!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Don't really know how this works but i lit some candles anyway.

Please show your support http://www.lightamillioncandles.com/

I have come across porn, but child porn? No! So after lighting a candle i just typed in the word to search, thinking that i won't be succesfully, imagining that these idiots will be very discreet. I'm wrong. A completely revolting site popped up. I cannot imagine these people being so blatant and i'm so distrurbed now i think i have to skip dinner!

So, please support, I hope it works!


..............binging home-made

And I mean Binge with a Capital B, because between 7 of us, Ms Sin and hubby fed us 10 pizzas, with each measuring 10 to 12 inches! That's why can tar-pao somemore.

But they were really really good. Because they are home-made, down to the dough......mixed and kneaded from scratch, with love! Thanks to our sexy mama Sin_Lady

How sis? Tempted to buy the thing or not?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sorry, back to pole dancing........See how quickly pole dancing is advancing else where (and to think some of our local teachers here still teaching pole humping kekeke)....While here i am still struggling with moves, stunts, coordination, other people already advancing to duel pole dancing....

Watch, totally no sleaze, no need for G-strings...just athletic, fun and very entertaining. I love it

Monday, October 23, 2006

What i like about VIVO CITY

Have you seen the place? I think half the Singaporeans were there on Deepavali, with the other half either out of the hazy town for the long weekend, or celebrating Deepavali..... or, they might be Suzie's family or blog friends cos i know you guys were not there.....Ms Sin defo not there cos I received her smses while i was shopping, haha. Meow is one of the lucky ones touring China now, and my sis and her family will never want to be caught in that frenzy!

You can expect it to be impressive....the 1 million sq ft shopping scale is mind-boggling and insanely huge....and i think it is basically a congregation of every fashion retail brand, every coffee joint and every eatery outlet you can ever think of.

What also impresses me is that many of the familiar brands took a lot of pains to decorate their shop space, giving Singapore's shopping an image lift. For example, Kenko the foot massage place now looks a spa wannabe. Swensons is now called Earle Swenson and took a big unit with a nice Sentosa gateway view. And Crystal Jade spots a refereshingly new look (similar to its Hu Chui branch in Ngee Ann City but incorporates a Sentosa view also) which beckons me to go back another time (yesterday's crowd was just too mad for me to want to dine anywhere in that gigantuan building).

You got to experience it some day. But before I let you do your own exploration, i have to tell you how impossible it seems that besides the wide choices of eatery available under one roof for a very small country, they also have Kopitiam and Banquet the food courts side-by-side..!!!! Siao or not? Nevermind, when you take the escalator up, there is yet another food court called FoodRepublic. I'm am so impressed with the Food Republic concept as the whole place is decorated in old wood, mosaic tiles floors and even the servers are dressed to the theme

Look at the door they use!

Ok, Ok, I know I'm not suppose to blog......i"m working now ( ngiao company ) but I'm in holiday mood.....so again if you have missed my greetings.......SELAMAT HARI RAYA everyone......woot!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Generally, people still have a pretty augmented view about pole dancing....

When i tell them I'm learning to pole dance, most will give a wry twist of their lips or brow as if to say "why"? Until I quickly whip up my phone to show them all my pole stunt pictures and explain that it helps in my fitness and flexiibility.....

Usually that will derive a certain expression of relieve and awe......but still some not-so-impressed people will ask " Why don't learn Yoga?"

.....For those who ask ..........................this is for you


Friday, October 20, 2006

Hmm...TOO BAD!

Did you know about this?
I was euphoric when asked to be involved in the launch, even if it was only in a small way...
No, no, the lighting truss ain't gonna be a pole substitute!
Too hazardess with the diagonals and some wires from the lightings!

The idea is cool tho....ah...but too much risk!

Thanks Les,

I'm sure there will be other times....


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I just finished my usual 20-min set at the Palawan Beach, the band Enigma took over.....

I was partying with a band a little cos they were quite good. I got the audience to come to the dance floor. Suddeny staring in my direction were the square metal trusses flanking the stage .......i had to show off......
Ok, the people on the dance floor are not watching cos this was a 2nd go. First time not equipped with camera. I was amazed i could climb it cos this darn square truss measures 4inches vis-a-vis usual pole of 2 inches in diameter.

Save me! I'm an addict!

Meow, i didn't call u back cos i had a show.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


No, not at Morocco, but at Clark Quay......this multi-tasking gal provided one-stop entertainment, MC-ing, Belly Dancing, and singing.....

but i think i had fun.........................

Monday, October 16, 2006


I'm getting peeved all these life-style pastries and coffee joints' incessant price increases have made themselves more expensive than some 5-star coffee houses (do you realize that?) I hate it more I cannot afford them as my regular indulgences like all these young people (how come they have so much money to spend?)

The price of a small TCC latte is now $5.85 (when coffee bean increased theirs from $5.10 to $5.20 i already reduced my consumption by half). I thought i used to pay $5 plus for a slice of Big 'O' in NYDC (wasn't it, Meow?) and last weekend i choked on the cake when i saw $6.95 for a significantly reduced portion (defo smaller now) and that price is before all the plus plus plus. That's freaking $8 after all the pluses for a slice of cake and we are not even talking Hilton! Meow, I'm NOT going anymore.........I don't remember having a pay increment matching this kind of inflation rates!

But that night, i'm just too happy to have stumbled upon this place at Riverwalk, and I'm will make it my next chill out place. Reasons:
First, the pastries ARE nice.
Second, the ambience is great, it's an Italian restaurant, not coffee joint, so got some standard.
Third the price of the the latte is very reasonable, below $5 and one
full cup somemore.
And lastly, which is the most impotant of all.....................bwahahaha, the pastries goes at half-price after 9pm........wah, perfect for me!
I know this picture doesn't do the warm moist chocolate cake justice.....but it is indeed "ooh-la-la" complete with a scoop of cookies n cram ice-cream.......heavenly........!

I also "ta-bao" a tiramisu home......before i even sink me teeth in it....i already know it's authentic....

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Do you know that Marche at Heeren is now Vilage (Vee-lar-je)? Most things like the concept, the food remained quite unchanged (the cows are still there but repainted). Only some things like the chairs, perhaps the price are not the same. Don't know why they bother changing the way they phrase the terms on the card used.

Flip it over and that's what it says.....

Quite salah right?

Saturday, October 14, 2006


This blog is NOT just about me me and me. Love the fact that by now, some of Suzie's blog friends have gotten to know each other better thru photos, videos, comments etc....(thanks all). So here again, if you have missed the threads they are here.....

Sin Lady


My sis, represented by boy who looks very much like mother

And during one of my posts i egged Meow, my loyal cake kaki, to send some pics (aiya, you so PMS last few days.....must siam!)

This morning i received this from her in my mail......................



AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA..............THIS MAN IS CHINA'S KING (QUEEN?) OF DRAG......Men out there beware..........don't get fooled, always check their ID!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


This is s.o.o.o.o.o fun you gotto try:

You can use different pictures and see the celebrities you resemble...My better pictures came up with a myriad of some rather flattering results. Amongst some of the faces that show up in search of my lookalikes are :

Jolin Tsai (woo-hoo!)

Joey Yung and Kareena Kapor & Rani Mukherjee (i always suspect i have some indian genes), Namie Amuro (double woo-hoo), Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson......

The other photo i used
didn't give such desirable results.....guess who shows up......Monica Lewinsky (slap me) AND..........................


If you don't wanna sign up, let me know i email you my password to use, on condition you tell us here who you look like!


...tomorow, so thought of doing some research on Moroccan Belly dancing and came across these:

Gosh....this one so good

For the second one, damn good (very Aisha, but Ms sin, i know not quite your type) but i put to show you her skirt....so nice lor, especially when she turns.....think you can find it at PR?

And VB, that's what i mean that i like unconventional belly costumes than those typical ones....maybe these even cheaper, like curtains. Did you see anything like that in turkey? I WANT!

Lastly, you just gotto watch Shakira in this one......damn......i hate her for being so perfect!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Used to have a cuppa of branded coffee at least once a day. But the incessant price increase (still kopi) puts me off. I'm happy with my 90c teh-c from cofffee shop.

But this evening, after a hard day's work, thought of pampering myself with an aromatic cup of latte.....damn...the price now $5.85 for a short latte is way beyond my financial means for daily indulgence ($5.85x30=$175.50) That's equivalent to 3 weeks of car fuel.

Took it away and as i was driving (alone) didn't drink it right away. When i pulled up at the carpark, i couldn't wait to savour it, so took it out of the bag even before my bum departed the car seat.

Weigh it on my palm, it feels very light leh !!! Did they give me expresso instead? Opened up. Nope, not expresso, got foam.....

Wah! So little! What happened? .......did i spill? Nope, brown paper bag was dry.... And foam and cocoa powder all in tact, evidence of no spill.

See it against the light and where my fingers are, wah, slightly more than half a cup only, and THAT'S before stirring in the sugar ......i swear after stirring in the sugar and the foam subside, really left half a cup. I figured that if i sent these pictures and give them the feedback, they gonna say they ran out of the small cup so they served me in a tall cup. So i took the picture against my car key...there! the cup is barely the height of my car key only.

What a rip off! Give me my teh c please!


Today i received a call from someone whom i met at one of the shows (one of those available at the side link videos). He put on his most charmng voice trying to sell me an opportunity to perform at a charity concert, as though it's a chance of a lifetime for my big break..

I politely told him I'd love to do it, but let me get back to him on the "charitable" rate (lower than my regular rates) i would be charging.....than there was silence.......and when he came back on, he was telling me how he was doing it without getting paid..

hmmmm......I love doing charity,....in fact i am a very charitable person. I show it in different ways...i'm one of those, besides other regular donations, who will walk up to visually impaired people to buy tissues even though i already have 5 unopened packs in my handbag from my last purchase (i'd say purchase because i think they would like to feel that they are conducting a trade)....but hello, can anyone see I'm singing for a living (well almost). Even the ex-dialysis CEO get paid, well paid!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


She sent me this from Turkey, isn't she sweet?

My sweet, there are too many nice pics in the link, i don't know which one to choose....can i share the link here? I'm sure Ms Sin will love to see them as she had been there before too.

Looks like all suzie blog friends are revealed one by one....meow, when's your turn?



Poles are so.o.o.o versatile!

Oh btw, have you watched my latest pole dance practice video? Updated on the side link if you not sick of the pole yet--latest home pole practice "feeling good"...not bad lah, at least now i learning to dance to slower numbers.

Monday, October 09, 2006


The poor kids (and their parents) thot i was mad!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Please comment to make the (typical) mum happy lah...ok, I'll be the first....

Anyway, i have 2 posts today because first time in weeks i have a total saturday off....no office and no gig....BUT THE BLOODY AIR OUT THERE SUCKS! Damn forest arsons (yes you peole are arse-sons) make the haze so thick I can't do anything.....doesn't help much either that my throat is so dry! Sigh!


First the Tom Yum Goong...go thailand must eat tom yum rite?
Then next the grilled (BBQ) crab (think that's what gave me the sore throat....but what to do? Smells too damn good to resist...just eat first la!
And meow.....next comes the sharks fins
Let me close in on the chunky fins........ooh....looks horrible in this pic......so
.......... second day went back again just to get a better picture ( ya, rite! haha) Price? About S$12 for the claypot thing...in Sin, easily have to pay $28, and you think have big chunks like this? And finally for desert.......ta-dah....birds nest. Ate the S$12 equivalent one...have cheaper (S$4) and more expensive ones (S$21 and S$42)
Ate from this shop because don't trust the road side ones to give authentic.....the last trip had road side ones and looked a little like agar-agar......

I wanna go again!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


After a holiday trip, long or short, the words "office or work" sounds so evil.....In moments like this, you wish you were Ms Verybelly or Ms Sin (Ms Sin works, but only for like 3 days of the week? The rest of her time spent lum-cing or travelling) "Hor miah"! (Good life)

Ok, i have piles of work, so this is all i shall update today.

A nicer photo of my last achieved stunt-the back bend knee hold. Fyi, the arms blurry cos picture self-taken with self-timer camera.....10 secs only to get in this pose.

Then see what i found in Bkk, er but the girls inside do quite different things from me lah (Ms Sin should know this)!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Wah, didn't know so much transpired about uncles while I'm away......

Yes, sis, don't know which ex-boss but the grey hair is like the T. T. lawyer like that.

Anyways, I came back with some nice stuff for my shows and can't wait to show them off....no, not big big items, just some knick knacks for embellishment.

Mostly, while there, I took Meow's advice to not go Bangkok for tom yum soup (she the makan expert), but go there for Birds' nest and sharks fin.....so i did that for both nights....will load some really nice pictures of the food in my next post.....

Also learnt some nifty moves from the pole dancers in go-go bars....Ok, you may think what's there to learning (in VB's term, they only "hump" the pole)..But Ms Sin told me to give Long Gun a (at Sukhumvit) a shot, and yes the show is refreshingly spectacular unlike the rest of the clubs...Too bad, not video-ing or i risk thrown out by them....But their pole dance really quite different and but nicely done...but still, they have to end up in a strip!

So here's a short clip on the new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport which just opened 28 Spet 06. So I must be one of the first people who seen it and I must say it's way nicer than ours for now.

Watch it now if it interest you as i won't be keeping it for long. Thanks to youtube, this better than take photos. Later i even tried to give a verbal commentary (but not very clear lah)