Sunday, May 06, 2012

Quite Funky huh?


You know how the pole/aerial world is constantly evolving, improving.Practically every other day someone invents a new move or a new combo.

At Acro Polates, we don't stop either, our certified instructors constantly explore new ways/methods/techniques to help you get better. Coming next term starting the week of 21 May, we have made several changes to our syllabus and incorporated new stuff

1. We are adding Level 9 (Polevocative-Static Tricks)-learn more impressive tricks and combos from Instructor Eunice (Mon 7.30pm)

2. Our Open Class is now renamed Pole Conditioning & Stretch (PCS) and suited for all (any level). Instructor Karen will help those who aspire to improve strength and flexibility to better execute that pole trick (Sat 1pm)

3. By popular demand, our Aerial Fitness is now divided into Aerial Hoop (Sat 10am) and Aerial Silk (Sat 11am). Learn a full Aerial Hoop or Silk Routine in 8 weeks from Instructor Lydia. Does not matter if you are a beginner or have previous knowledge, she has two rotuines catered to different levels.

4. Without a doubt Aerial Fitness provides one of the best form of strength and flexibility training. We are starting Aerial conditioning classes in this beautiful gym on Sundays 1pm. What is amazing is the conducive environment, fulfills your childhood dream of being in a circus.

Call or visit our website today to book a slot for your favourite class today