Saturday, December 31, 2005


Yes, blame it on my new toy (birthday present I got)!.....a DVD handycam. So now I go around with it and forget about taking photos, so no new pictures to update! Haven't learn how to upload videos yet.

Besides, need lots of time to upload all these stuff and I'm still in my busiet period. And the good news is...I have a gut feel the Dog Year is gonna be great for me....I already have good bookings and assignments lined up for the new year Woo..hoo!! Besides, the chinese character "wang wang" for dog barking also means double prosperity. Besides the Dog, God is also super good to me.

Here's wishing all those whom i love "WANG WANG" in the new year.

My latest show. Wah, got abs from side view if you see very closely! Hee !


Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Can you imagine? I did some 10 events last week and i have nothing to update? Boo-hoo. That's because it was just plain crazy shuttling from one venue to another, beating the massive x'mas jam and trying to reach each and every show on time, let alone have time to snap pictures.

Every year come this time, I'm extremely stressed out I keep having nightmares, nightmares such as forgeting to bring my costume, my make-up ruined, I overslept. Then either I wake up every hour to check the clock, or suddenly jolt from bed, breaking out in cold sweat thinking if i had missed an event. Anyway, with all these stress, I'm thankful I still get to do them. I think I will sweat more if all my shows are done by my pirated copies. Hahaha!

I used to have this kind of similar nighmares during exams. Like reaching the exam halls with no stationary, or not being able to locate the hall until the exam is almost over, or arrive at the right hall but realise they have started the exam an hour ago and you have the wrong time table, or more realistically, you never study for the subject. Haha, doesn't that happen all the time? That is why i never go for those post-graduate nonsense, those 15 years of education (17 including kindergarten, but that one no nightmare lah) exams and torture IS enough.

Ok folks, in case i don't update again, MERRY X'MAS to all those who read, especially those who leave comments, Ms 3a Gurl, MS Sin, Ms 9898 anonymous (btw, ms 9898, next time cannot show you photos b4 i blog, wa lau can complain old news some more, you try bogging lah, take 2 hours to upload those pictures you know) , and my sister who has an injured toe in Tokyo. Party lots and belly dance, exotic dance or just eat log cakes and be merry!!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Time to update some Shanghai pictures during my last trip, so that after that I can remove them from my hard drive. Thanks blogspot, this is brilliant, or esle my hard drive will be so full to store all these photos. Call me primitive, but I don't how else to load them on external hard drive, frienster, yahoo pictures etc, .....I shall just stick to blogging.
Shopping in Shanghai

The day market (xiang yang shi chang) versus high end shopping (heng long guang chang-I think).
The former has become such a harrass to go. The minute you drop off the taxi from opposite side of the street, the 'copy' touts will rush towards you and stalk you all the way, trying to show you their albums featuring the copy goods, use their bodies to navigate you to their stalls and you just want to 'siam' to avoid body contact with them until it's like playing "lau ying zhuo xiao ji" (eagle catch little chicks). Their up market shopping quite chic, I think in some ways more so then ours. I saw this cinderella skirt so pretty. Branded one, but can't remember which brand, but think cost thousand over sing dollars.

We feel so violated by the touts so decided to depart the day market and find food. While walking, saw some Chinese students leaving school. I always like to check out other countries' school uniforms, they are always so different, sometimes nicer.

While walking to find makan, see what I found? Fwah, one of my favourite dessert-butter cream cone. The cream very very buttery and I like! Thought I would buy it for dessert later but finished before i reached the next junction! When in primary school, my dad used to pick me from school then proceed to Monk's Hill to pick my sister who used to have her German language class there (her 3rd language, she the smart one), I never fail to buy at least 2 of these cones from the canteen. Eat one while waiting for her and save the second til later...yum.I can't find these anymore but people always tell me have, when I ask them, they always give you this labyrinth direction until you think it's non existential. So anyone who knows please tell me in simple terms ok?

After that, we (me and DJ-that's him in the picture beckoning to settle after walking up and down undecidedly which eatery to go) walked through this little backlane full of small eateries.
So much for choice, we sat down, looked at the menu, not what we wanted and left for another. We found another more decent shop, went in because by now our feet hurt, looked at the menu mostly with curry and rice dishes and realised ....IT'S JAPANESE! Wa lau, walked so much, choose here and there and eat Japanese food while in Shanghai, somemore first meal! Whatever, didn't want to walk anymore so just ate la! Not cheap somemore.

Shanghai Night Scene
Come nightfall, my DJ friend went out with his Shanghai-ed friends so I went Xin Tian Di alone. It's crowded on a weeknight.

Apparently there was a fashion show earlier. Check out this huge stage and nicely lit runway complete with tall trusses and pars. DJ was still spinning when i was there but fashion show already finished. But while in the loo, i caught sight of a few i suppose were the models. They are very tall, lean and pretty

Xing Tian Di was fun as it is host to side walk cafes, restaurants and all kinds of bars-jazz, canto, latin and top 40s. Needless to say, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Mc Cafe compete for business from coffee addicts. As early as 8pm, the bars, side walks and restaurants was packed. You might not be able to see very well, but the next 2 pics are one of the cafes (think you can see the starbucks sign) and the canto band. I visited the jazz, top 40s and finally the canto band and left when my stomach couldn't take another drop of coke!
Much as I loathed my recent experience there, I cannot deny Shanghai is nice at night, and this not even christmas yet.

Finally, on the day i depart, i found the taxi drivig past several bridges, and when I turned around, I managed to snap this. It's pretty awesome but don't those 4 chinese characters make you feel like you are departing some hellish gates, which probably explained my hellish experience in the airport after that. click here if you wanna read about the saga

Monday, December 12, 2005


How's that for the record, probably have 10 next week. In case you think that's all i do and the number is no big deal, may i remind you I still hold my 9 to 6 job (all these events are at night or on weekends) still do my pole dancing and teach singing, and still have a bit of time to pak tor (date)! Today I was Emcee for an RC event and I practically worked from 9am to 10pm, and woke up at some unearthly 6am to slap on those ultra thick make up that supposed to last whole day without smudging. Still have to get to work on Mon morning. Anyway, I'm quite a workaholic, have always been and I started doing holiday/part-time jobs since 14 and did that throughout my secondary, jc and varsity days. I was just telling a friend who has 'quit the job and currently taking a break' how i have never done that throughout my 10 over years of career. I mean go holiday got la, but not like 'take a break' in between jobs. It has always been quit today start new place tomorow! And school hols I world work right up til school began.

Anyways, back to the copycats topic. You understand after a week's grufilling(gruelling and fulfilling) schedule I already lost all interest in flaming the person, but since supporters of my last post suggest I expose the fraud, i only scanned 1 page of the brochure to show you.

Not sure if you click on it you can see a larger image.. But can you see the first line which i bordered are worded the same? The second line that says "the sultry singer has a voice...blah blah" is also lifted from another linked website which I wrote for another entertainer. There are other parts here and there but, aiyah, never mind la, got better things to do that to expose word for word. But the irony is, in retrospect, now I actually cringe at how I used to write (maybe 5 to 6 years ago, that's how long i have had my website) but other people actually think it's good enough to plagiarize. I have always wanted to spend time to re-write and change web design but procrastinate, but I guess no point spending so much effort when there is piracy!

Let's talk about my last 3 events. I gotto show you this joker who impersonated a Diva at his company DnD's idol contest. No prize for guessing which diva and his gender! Aiyoh, he was hilarious.

Then i did a kid's christmas party (hospital staff's kids) . Kids mah, so i wore a more modest Santa rina outfit, the 'toasty' one will freak the parents out. This little boy so cute, dressed up for the party. He was wearing shirt and vest and when i suggested photo, the mum quickly don on his jacket.

Then meet angry spiderman, Actually thought he looked more like 'sun wo kong'- legendary monkey god'

Then finally, the RC event. RC event was pretty typical, cultural dance, lion dance and wu shu performances, everyone nervy and tense during MP's arrival, but what striked me were these young ballroom dancers who did a beautilfu job.

Finally, check out these 3-yr olds, jumpstarters of montessori. Aiyo they so cute and clueless on stage, they were so fun to watch

Ahaha, they are so cute, you should see them live. They totally messed up (see the girl at second row and 2nd) and they are always looking ar each other for cues. What was cuter was there were double the number of people downstage right in front clicking cameras or videoing away--their beeming parents!

Ok, probably update again 7 to 10 days later cos it cost me 2 hours to post all these pics!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Another blogging draught......Ooh.....again i haven't had time to blog. I've been working almost everyday, and night, which is a good sign. Good especially when i realise (or at least i choose to) I'm still a 'branded good'. Because only branded goods have imitators, i.e copies

Yes, I'm crossed that these people don't have a life, no freaking ideas. All my shows, my performances i create people just conveniently copy, but at least, i beg you, do a good job. They do a bad job and people think it's me! Some event companies, come on, the clients ask for me you give a cheaper fake, just get someone dress like me, sing the same songs, change outfits like the way I do and you think you can get away with it! For those pathetic souls who agreed to put up the fake, have some dignity, you only making a fool of yourself!

Then you know what, i received a publicity brochure from a female MC, marketing her services as an event host, and her introduction (and some lines in between) totally plagiarized from my website. And she has the cheek to send the brochure to me! Joke! I'm gonna scan and post in next blog!

Have some standard lah, plagiarize from the big stars, Madonna, Jlo.....Tsk tsk tsk.

Ms Sin lady, wah, you know when i flame like that I'm totally anal!