Sunday, July 30, 2006


It just came to me.......

and i registered it ........


nice rite?

Yeah! I'm an owner of Pole'fessional Entertainers, now i sound like a Hongkonger

Friday, July 28, 2006


Just this week, i chanced upon 2 interesting gift shops...of different nature.

They were interesting enough for me to whip out my phone camera......(ok, maybe i just boh liao)

The first one, a little neat shop tucked at the second story corner of Odean Katong (where's dat?).

Was closed at that time but still managed to buy 2 pairs of nice beach slippers through the neighbouring shop for $10. ask how since it was closed? See, the slippers were placed outside the shop, I asked neighbour's shop "hello, they close ah?" She replied "oh! maybe go toilet, never mind which one you one? You take, i help her collect the money" Somemore, give me plastic bag from her own shop to place my nice.


Late last night, i dropped by Holiday Inn Atrium for a massage, while waiting for my masseuse to return from an errand, i walked around the Shopping Mall side and saw this big poster

Gotto be the "Greatest gift of all to some MANkind............."

Check out some of the pictures......don't pray pray, got go studio one

For the next picture, not sure if you can see the prints at the bottom reads " The course of true love never did run smooth"...........?????? Wah!.....

Thursday, July 27, 2006


4 Aug (Fri)
day -- showtime-luncheon
night -- Host (roadshow)

5 Aug (Sat)
whole day -- Host (roadshow)
night- showtime (National Day Dinner celeb)-just added

6Aug (Sun)
whole day -- Host (roadshow)

10 Aug (Thurs)
morning -- Host (conference)

11 Aug (Fri)
night -- Host (gala dinner)

12 Aug (Sat)
night -- Host (DnD)

14 Aug (Mon)
night -- showtime (DnD)

16 Aug (Wed)
suppose to host a show in Vietnam but client decided on a cheaper alternative, claiming can do everything that i can. My judgement? Host? Yes! Sing? Can't even lip-sync own recording type lor! Ok lah, but younger than me, but than many people are! Ok, ok, stop! Now who sounds like the loser! Tsk Tsk......

18 Aug (Thurs)
night -- Host (DnD)

24 Aug (Thurs)
depart and arrival in Hong Kong

25 Aug (Fri)
night -- Host+ showtime in Hong Kong

26 Aug (Sat)
noon arrive Singapore
whole evening to night -- Host + showtime in Singapore (DnD)
(and a pole show after than in the pipeline)

27 Aug onwards get to rest...til start of Sept (another rewardingly gruelling month in Sept)

By the way, all these and i still have my day job. Am i darn pia (hardworking) or what? But I LOVE it... Eh, i work very hard for it ok?

So............ time for Sat home BBQ
Meow.........don't think have time 4 profiterol
Wild goose.......... won't even dare think of viewing roomful
Ms halumi cheese and definitely no BEANS (can't afford to fart too much during shows...hee.....but we SERIOUSLY ENJOYED THAT VERY VERY MUCH!)

Any free time left will be spent massaging, foot-reflexing, lazing, cuddling, pole dancing......and perhaps basking in actors' corner listening to other people jam and observing wannabes.......

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yes, it's later part of August. Going there to host a D&D! Woot....thanks Kitty Baby.....muaks muaks!

Anyway......side track a bit..........

You know how all these celebrity bloggers are either going for plastic surgery or photoshopping their photos to make themselves more marketable?

Sure I'm not about to go under the knife, therefore, i asked my beloved colleague Adam to photoshop my photo......

.....his masterpiece.........






Did you read the Sunday's article about a Thai man marrying twin sisters?....yes, both of them!

So Chan Po Chu said to Loi Kay "What's so great about that? Want to marry also marry different one la, every night see the same face"

Loi Kay replied " I don't mind having two of you"........


Greed or Compliment? Compliment lah hor?

Monday, July 24, 2006


A concert featuring current students and the alumi.....obviously i belong to the latter. Oh, btw, this was at the university cultural centre foyer, not the theatre.

*The program line up included:
*3 groups of dancers (talented current students)
*Me singing
*Sorry Not in video -- 2 media corp artistes who belonged to the alumni
*The Almuni Band

The student dancers are very talented

6min video, takes a while to have a ben & jerrys first!

CAIRO CAIRO-A Celebration Of Egyptian Dance

A rare opportunity not to be missed.....a chance to learn more about this beautiful Egyptian dance form from internationally acclaimed dancers, choreographers and teachers!

A concert and more (workshops and gala dinners as well) starting this Friday 28 July 2006 at the University Cultural Centre, same venue as i performed last weekend.

Feauturing both popular dancers from Cairo, as well as local dancers.

You can get all the information you need from

Sunday, July 23, 2006


.....MUAKS TO YOU..............

You left many nice comments on my blog and you make my day!

My last 2 hosting events and especially today's NUS Home coming event went super well. Very tired now, but happy. I still managed a cake session with Meow tonight.....think i deserve an award....for energy, dedication to friends...whatever...just need some recognition!

Just a quick update, another job coming up for me in Hong Kong soon.....weee........but only thing is i have to catch the 1st flight next morning to be back her in time to host another event that starts at 4pm! Help me! Remember my last Shanghai saga, aiyo, MUST make sure WON'T happen again!

Will be doing some photos and editing of the home coming let me catch my 40 winks first. I will also update on an upcoming cairo cairo concert. In the meantime if you interested, check out Blingalicious blog (at the side link) first.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Tonight I had a hosting assignment so had to give pole class a miss. Teacher called to confirm I won't be attending class, and then declare no lesson lor! Fwah....I big time or what? Did i tell you because at my advance level, I'm the only student left? Haha.....sure Lin, Jul and Aud and I practice together but except for me, the other 3 are teachers of the dance school. Don't get me wrong, there are many students, but mainly junior levels. Needs a lot of determination to reach advance, if you recall my bruises and bloopers

So yes, i am quite busy with hosting jobs tonight and tomorow (and meow only knows how to complain i never eat cake with her--sigh). And on Sat, I am invited to sing at my alma mater, NUS Home coming concert cum party, and I'm so looking forward to it. It's going to be at the expensive Cutural Centre which is, i heard, very very nice. I graduated long before this was built, so never seen it. Surely will do videos and pictures. I heard 1000 people turning out....see if i can bump into any old flame, maybe they now podgy and thinning hair....hahahaha! I want to impress....i want to perform Shakira, JLo, Spears, BUT was requested to do retro...duh!

Tonight my gig was at Tower Club. Nothing much except for this photo i tried to take--the night scene from 62nd floor. The best i managed

Must hint for new camera already

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I may be busy (hosting and singing for next few nights) but i have time to find these clips to entertain you. This has become so popular in Youtube

And this next one.....very sexy n NICE.....and guys, don't you just wish you were the bus conductor!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Saw this Euro bungy the other day (you must have seen it some time back at the open space next to UOB Orchard and opposite Specialist Centre where people strapped on the a harness and started bouncing on a trampoline).

Was just thinking to myself.........what luscious poles, and had an urge to climb one of them.

My thoughts were interrupted when the bungy operator climbed at least 12 feet of that thing in lightning speed to dismantle on of the stringy rubber that strapped to the harness. Wa! So macho and and he did it in jeans! Did i tell you I need a lot of skin to climb that thing without slipping?

Friday, July 14, 2006


I have done myself yet another favour, by putting video links of some of the recent shows at the side bar.

Altho i have done it many times, as you can see from the date, this Singing Belly Fusion Act took place only last week. A very nice youtube person has very kindly commented that my singing was crap, yes, i don't disagree. There were no monitor speakers for a big hall like that. So i can't tell if i was yelling or going off-pitch. Anyways as always, i (and the audience I think) had a good time and that matters. These is a testimony:

Wah, i was even ousted to the far corner to give way to them

OMG, look what I'd found:


Anyway, Suzie will be too busy to update for a while. I have various MC and singing assignments in the next 2 weeks and have so much to prepare. No new pole tricks for the time being, so be good, til my next update

Thursday, July 13, 2006


There was a request to post other pole dance pictures here. Ok, i get the hint, you seen too much of me. Ok, so here goes.

There are many nice pole pictures of international polers, but these are by far the most beautiful ones i have seen. She is Elena Gibson (Miss Pole Dance UK 2005).

Funny how i can do all these poses but they just look so bl**dy different! Oh, oh, i know what's the difference. I just read that she started pole dancing in 1997. Ok, so i have 8 years to catch up! But anyway, she is classically ballet trained so even in 80 years i will not have the poise, flexibililty etc. What i love of her is she is very versatile, from her other pics, she combines pole-ballet dance mix to various themes, eroica, broadway, ala james bond or charlie's angel, sexy pop chick, caberat moulin rouge type. My favourite was a black vnyl tight top and slacks and kick-ass boots and black sun-glasses, very chic (sorry i don't have the pic, you just have to imagine). And who can pole dance in those pants baffles me.

So Elena, i hope you are ok for me to post them here, these pictures are beautiful i just have to share.

Monday, July 10, 2006


OH, the slide works, Brilliant! (sometimes-due to some html error, takes a while to load, there r about 10 to 12 pics)! Pics blurry because extracted from the video (video is in the last post)! If slide doesn't work for you, i've also uploaded it

SO, you may think i am obsessed with myself or something....the fact is i AM quite pleased with my last performance. If you have worked that hard in less than a year, you would too. I started learning in september 05, so effectively only 10 months of poling only. By my 1st year anniversary, i will treat you with my 1st pole photo.....very laughable......hahaha.

OK, promise, next post will be something else or pole pictures of some other people, just to prove to you i am NOT egocentric..haha...i have just some of the best pole pictures of a poler called eleana coming up next.

Friday, July 07, 2006


So i contemplated everyone's advice and worked on them:

1. wear a skirt--appears sexier (i did)
2. straighter legs (sis, i tried, but not successful always)
3.slow down movements and dance more, and exude sex appeal (i tried, your verdict?)

thanks everyone and i hope you see my effort:

4 min video, so please be patient with download.

Small audience but you can tell we had a POLE LOT OF FUN

Thursday, July 06, 2006


You know how i hate the fact that in pole performance you have little control over your physical state, how slippery the pole can be due to air-con weather whatsoever. Unlike singing or belly, even if you are vocally tired or physically tired you can still pull thru a show.

Ok, so i have my next pole performance tomorow (was all the while yippee about it) and i thot of doing some practices. Just before my singing cum belly gig tonight, i felt physically good and by the look of my improved teddy bear(yes i wanna show off this video now that it's higher up the pole and the dismount is nice--but pardon the unglam wiping of the armpit), you know i feel soooo strong.

But after my gig tonight i came back exhausted and i couldn't do any nice moves. You know how the bloody pole seems too smooth for any stunts when your muscles are fatique. And i keep doing the same spins. Grrr.

Ok, I'm not goning to practise anymore. Gonna rest and just do my best tomorow. Funny how i get this jitters for pole performance and yet i so badly want to do them!

And Nguy, thanks again for the compliment on my no-more-than-3-ft legs...haha. And you cheer me reading your comment. Agree about pics, i'm actually very ah lian ah huay

Monday, July 03, 2006


To Nguy who has been visiting my blog and commenting, i wanna say Thank You.

To your comments, I totally agree, no arguements; which explains why This

Trust me, i'm more anxious to work on being more exotic than anyone else.

But I must admit the being able to execute new stunts gives me the adrenalin rush. You have no idea how empowering it is for a woman of my age (I'm not telling, but not young) who have no acrobatic, gynast, not even ballet background to discover the ability to do all these. Honestly, in real performances, most of these moves are not very executable anyway. For example the next one which I just managed over the weekend called Teddy Bear (looking at it, you will understand its name...ooh Kawaii......

....Again, not the most flattering picture that's why I post small small pic.) This move is relying solely on the grip of ONE ARM-PIT and a little of the back of the thigh. A performance of this nature inevitably will activate those sweat glands, including at the underarm, so how to do this move?

Anyway Nguy, by looking at some of my sexy mama pictures in my performance slide, i hope you have faith that i CAN be a little bit more sexy than my practice video..Hahaha.

Anyway, really appreciate. HUGS to you.