Sunday, March 30, 2008


Us at last night's Oosh show! HahahaBesides being a magnate to younger men (:D :D :D), Suzie is also so lucky to have great friends.

This is one of the many gifts Suzie has received from
Sinlady (this a Paul Ropp shorts). Thanks, I love love it

This is a gift from Wildgoose she bought from Tokyo. Yes, it's sitting nicely on my belly now, WG.
And recently, and finally, I managed to shop for myself a handbag. I've been using the same one for past many years until the straps are split.

I finally made the effort to change when recently a fellow worker commented that I'm a frugal person.....ok got the hint, time for a change, so I went to Tangs when it recently had the 12% rebate (see I'm indeed frugal) and bought myself this
Guess what bag is this?

hahah, didn't know there is a Paris Hilton handbag! I feel so bimbotic.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I was a high class podium dancer...

.....last night.

It was an event themed "Shibuya" for a company that markets mainly high-end stationaries at Oosh (Dempsey).

The client wanted stylish podium dancers and have specifically instructed that we dress like those models at CyberJapan (the models/dancers are usually very chic, even if they are wearing lingerie, they are so overly embellished that they don't appear raunchy.)

Funny how in partcular they sent us this picture and instructed us to dress like this!

Obviously Suzie DOES NOT look anything like the above model, so the best I could do was this:

sorry the original video is much clearer than this, I think youtube has lowered resolution conversion due to its popularity. I shall start search for clearer platforms.

Notice nowadays I always have a watermark imprint of website or some form of identification? That's because my earlier videos without have been copied and uploaded everywhere, and usually under the heading "Sexy Asian Dancer"! Quite flattering, not no thanks

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Living up his name....

Did I tell you Ah Boy was fondly known as "Satay Dog" when we first knew him?
This video shows you he still lives up to it! Lol...

Btw, these clips were captured by my Sony Cybershot DSC-T200 8.1 megapixels, super steady shot. (ahem, let me do some selling since they have chosen my blog to advertise) It has a cool touch screen function, and together with the 2GB Memory stick Pro Duo, I can store many many videos & images. For clear & convenient way of capturing your live, check out the advertisement on the right. The original video is a lot more clearer before loading up; inevitably the conversion has affected the clarity.

The value of pole skills (not)

Today an agency called me again, in fact this is the 3rd time they called in 3 weeks, probably after checking rates elsewhere

They needed someone to round up a group of pole performers to pose for an ad, like, the next day. After at least half a day of negotiating the requirmements, including looks, costumes & what not, they asked if we could be paid with copies of the pictures!?!?! Duh? Furthermore, the deal was there will be no credits and names, because after all, this IS a paid job (huh, with pit-chures????). And...and what more, costumes our own! Hmm....not at all a lucrative deal.

Being a pole-fessional, it was quite difficult for me accept the barter, no matter how pretty the pictures! I compromised on a small small rate, just so that everyone could have some fun working with a reputable agency, and hopefully pocket some transport money or get compensated for taking time off from regular work.

Despite the compromise, I didn't land the assignment. But that's not the point!

The pont is, to those who agreed to their terms, may I tell you that they allegedly pay the "award winning" photographer THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS , that's why there's nothing left for the pole models! But ah well, at least the pictures are guaranteed to be good!

Another point I need to mention is, if they agree to pay us that peanut package, then no pictures hor! Pictures given ONLY if no monetary transaction! Ha!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He's famous now

Thanks to Ms Researcher for the tip. Woo-Hoo, he's famous now!

Anyway I've removed the original post. No need now, since you can read all about it here .

Friday, March 21, 2008


Now that we've gotten a series of handstand variations, I'm getting the team to try some headstands

The getting into this pose is really quite pretty....wait.... let us perfect already than show you video.

Anyway, thanks hot jasmine (our latest addition to the cool pole fanatic) for the photo

Found matching tops!

I work fast mah! Haha, :)

On a sombre note, I'm a little downcast. Something I'm embarking on just seems to have unending obstacles........sometimes I can't help but ask myself why am I doing this? I just hope that I'll see light soon! Sigh! Tomorow holiday, I just wanna chill!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Me so ingenius

Can you see that I'm wearing 2 skirts? Lol!

Why is this, you may ask. You see I was shopping for more costumes for the Pole-holics performers. Found the skirts but no matching tops. So I thought I would go to Arab Street to purchase the same silver tweed material to make tops.

Just to make sure it will go well, I tried on the skirt as top. It actually turned out quite well :D

The Pole-holics Race Queens ready to............

va va vroom......roar..
thanks for bookings or enquiries, keep them coming ok?

Oh, we even have a little promotional video

Monday, March 17, 2008

I have addtional activity on Sunday............

Come Sundays, besides taking Ah Boy for his weekly jog in parks, feast & all, I just found an additional chill out activity.
After sending Boy back to his base, friend asked if I knew there is a fishing pond a short drivie away from Boy's home. I insisted going to take a look, and it ended with me trying "prawning" for an hour!

All smiles for camera at first.

Bored after 20-mins, no catch.

Then someone gave me some 'live' baits and my luck changed.....hahaha. Biting Biting....sorry picture blurry as I was fighting to bring it up!

There! hahaha. It's huge ok, but I know you can't see it on the pciture! At the end of the hour, caught 3 (almost 4, but i guy didn't "shang diao") for 12 bucks, haha could have bought them from market.

Better still, I gave them away to a nice uncle, who helped me when one of the prawn tried to clamp me with its pincer.. fun, additional activity...........I gonna be so busy on Sundays!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

continue from last post

stumbled upon comparisons between Ms Janina & last year Ms teen USA

Then saw this spoof, though a little mean and morbid, but somewhat hilraious...

just for laughs, don't take it too seriously


This is so cute I have to highjack this video from Alvinology's blog.

she won leh!

Friday, March 14, 2008

WHAT DA........

I'm very busy now trying to handle a zillion things, I'm gasping for air BUT i NEED to b*tch cos I'm so fuming!

I just had a conversation with an event company, they have an overseas MC assignment of which I might not be able to fulfill due to to other pending bookings locally. Event Company ask me for an alternative in the event I can't do. I recommended this other fellow veteran female entertainer, who is largely managed by her husband/manager. I have little dealings with them but we are generally cordial when we bump into each other at events.

I called the husband/manager to enquire her availbility & rates of working outside Singapore on the said date. First I was met with a rather unappreciative "NOT AVAILABLE" thing he said : "Ming, you have been checking her rates and never use her. ARE YOU JUST COMPARING RATES WITH HER?"

You know the chinese saying "wu ming huo chi"....i.e. the fume rises out of nowhere.....that was my exact sentiment. Anyway I've never spoken to him for over a year! The last was when I had an event and I DID engage her service!

Sometimes not worth being gracious, next time I can't do I'll just say "Sorry can't do, no reccomendation!"

Grrrrowl! (p.s thoughts added later....more b*tching....being nice to my Ah Boy so much rewarding than being nice to these human...hahahahaha"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By who? By2 !

You read? They are on the front cover of today's Newpaper.

If you missed, you can read here

As a performer myself, several reasons why I would be interested in the article......

1. I knew these girls. These girls were like me, started out as gig performers albeit they started way....way... earlier & younger. I recall seeing them, together with their parents at events, mostly at Family day events when they were just half this age.

2. Their dedicated parents provided them all kinds of lessons and preparations one can concievably imagine.....hip hop dance, singing, violn, dance, their performances were amazingly "variety" in nature.

3. I'm happy that the parents' efforts paid off, because it was clear where they were steering the girls towards. Secretly, I'm sure many people are jeolous, I would be if I were at that age. It was like a case of an Asian making of a Britney Spears or Christina aguilera unfolding. Just hope they end up more like the latter than the former.

But I won't blame people who are not in my line to understand. So to the blog author, this was my comment :

"As an (old) artiste myself, I applaud the parents for it. I know it does not sound right but really such opporuntities don't come by often or at all (I never had, that's why I'm still only a gig performer at some grand old age). That is if the girls are really ready for it. I happen to know the girls and the mum and they were really dedicated in steering towards this. Whether right or wrong only the girls will know at later part of the lives."

Monday, March 10, 2008

All was forgiven

As if my mood was not foul enough yesterday (something I am embarking on not going quite well), friend had to select dinner place at this uber crowded place called Seng Kee or something at East Coast Rd (they don't need further advertisment so go check it out yourself).

We couldn't understand why ever so often this place starts filling up from 5pm. Last night we thought we were extremely lucky to find a small table until the downpour created a small mayhem with everyone squeezing under the limited canopies.

Our food had not arrived yet so I kept pleading to just go to the next door empty kopi tiam to finish a simple dinner & go. But friend was adament to try the food to ease the curiosity.

So, this was last night's menu : Crab Mee-suah on banana leave, double boil chicken herbal soup, kai-lan

We ended up there again tonight, and tonight's menu: Blachan French Bean, Salted Veg duck soup, Ortah (already sank my teeth) and Deep fried prawn roll with mayonnaise (furthest).

Need I say more?

Friday, March 07, 2008


We are no ordinary Race Queens, we only take the POLE POSITION. We have the costumes, we have the pole, and we have the Formula!

For performance enquiries, email me at

Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's good (better) to be a pet

My Ah-Boy's co-sponsor friend currently drives an old car.......really old. So old there's soon no more COE to renew; so old that even his best friend "insults" it and family menbers refer to it as his "Fellali", so old it does not matter that Ah Boy poo-ed & pee-ed at the back seat on his first trip from the AVA to the vet (maybe that's why Ah Boy now sits so "zhai" (steady) in the car cos he knows it's his territory!...hahaha......but no no, he doesn't poo pee anymore.

Friend while currently shopping for a replacement car, his consideration is all and only about Ah Boy! He was particularly impressed with one model that the back seat can be pulled foward to be slotted into the leg space. He felt that was excellent for Ah Boy so there'll be no way Ah Boy can be jolted to slip into that space (as he sometimes still would), Ah Boy will have more space to walk about at the back and without the car seat cushions, Ah Boy can have more stability!

So thoughtful! Ah Boy so loved!

But to those who thought his current car trashy, friend has this to say "Oi! My car drives like a car ok, now all the modern cars when you step on it, it's like stepping on a sewing machine!" Hahaha, funny remark!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Ah Boy goes 街街

For non-chinese readers, 街街 (pronounced 'gai gai') literally means "street street" in cantonese..i.e. strolling on streets.

Ah boy was a rescued stray and is now living in a pet villa sponsored by me & friend. Imagine he was literally a kampung dog who knew nothing about shower, getting into a car nor pet behaviour. His only instinct then was to hunt for leftover food & run to nearest shelter at nightfall or when the weather turned nasty. He had no home, never been a pet. Read all previous posts about Ah Boy here, here and here.

Now Ah boy is a healthy, loving dog and loves to go out, just like any other pets (previously he refused to get into a car and when he did, he'd fall all over the back seat....poor thing). If this story touches you, go and adopt/sponsor a dog, make a donation or just go visit them at the Pet Villa (animal lovers' league) 61, Pair Ris Farmway 3.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

GOT A GIFT TODAY................

I suppose for, "loyalty"...............please tell me what would you do if it's something so.o.o.o expensive & it's something you won't use or put on?