Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Can't wait to belt my "Long Ban, long lau", will be leaving for Shanghai by tomorow midnight and these 2 days will have some serious packing to do. If not for the fact I have to return by Saturday for a local show, I would have continued on a romping escapade either in another part of China or somewhere else.

So after Saturday's show, just like everyone else, I really really want to get out of Singapore again.....I think half of Singapore's population is leaving the country due to the very luxurious week filled with 2 public holidays. I calculate already, those who don't work Saturdays, they can apply 3 days leave for a 9-day trip spanning from Sat til the following Sun.

I'm not planning for anything that long, just a 3-4 day thingie to neighbouring places but the problem is .....everywhere's fully booked! Not unless you don't mind going tsunami and terror inflicted places....which naturally most people want to avoid (including me). When I called most agencies and mentioned the dates and my (& everyone's) fave places HK and BKK, i can almost hear them sniggering under their breath like "hello, they were fully booked since half a year ago". Of course they offer alternatives like Penang, Phuket and BALI!

As if I'm not convinced, I log on to Zuji travel website and type in Sin-Hk and Sin-Bkk respectively. Sin-Hkk tickets were going for $700 plus per return ticket for some flight timing that takes you there by midnight and over $2000 for return morning flights. Siao! Sin-Bkk better still, they tell you they can't find anything that match my schedule, please widen my search options. Haha and Sigh! Guess I will stay home unless anyone can give a good suggestion.

Monday, October 24, 2005


At this age, it just suddenly occurred to you that you have just signed up for any darn anti-aging talk. I have already been to cosmetic surgery talks (not that I have that kind of 'tai-tai' money to spare but always good to know my options when I have), MLM anti-aging products trials etc etc. Would have gone to a botox party if invited to one.
I have stopped being a sucker for any new products that appear on the Guardian or Watson shelves ever so quickly because these products DON'T work quickly enough. I have even spent thousands on these stupid oral vials (can't remember the name) that you break and pour the essence under your tongue and let it slowly seep and absord into the nerves and suppose to be super potent it gives you a mighty boost to the collegen. Don't even see this brand anymore and in retrospect, I was so gung-ho to have tried it. i remembered asking the MLM girl (her name was Angeline) who sold me this thing, but she couldn't answer, so her supervisor, what will happen if anything goes wrong with me since, it's oral consumption right? She has the cheek to tell me I was insured for one freaking million dollars if anything goes wrong. Like duh? Where's my insurance certificate? Who diagnose? Where to claim? Her answers to these are simply.....incredulous......hold your breath, she said "the receipt is the certificate, anything wrong come and find me". Applause, didn't know she is a doctor, insurance comapny, maybe even pathologist all rolled in one. But, can you believe who is the bigger fool? ME, because I still went ahead to try the product.

So naturally, I would RSVP when La Mer (pronounced La Mare) invited me to a Sunday afternoon tea talk. I used to use La Mer but stopped because of its exorbitant price. Frankly I can't tell if it works but its widely publicised historical origin is very impressive and most of the Tai-tai singing students I have have a jar of it sitting on their dresser, and Jlo is said to use this thing on her entire body! Hmm, worth a try again and these talks usually have discounts or feebies. You notice that La Mer counters don't usually have giveaways like other brands? I suppose they don't need to have freebies since its clientele is very targetted.

I went and am not disappointed. Of course I went there prepared to spend a little and resume my beauty regime with La Mer. I bought my usual 30ml jar of miracle mosturiser
and was given a free 15ml

Than before I left, they handed out a door gift which contains another small jar of 3.5ml. See, so cute, ahaha, like papa, mama and baby.

So you know what that means, I have a total of 48.5ml of it, having only paid for the 30ml jar.

Hmm...very contented. By the time I left, these were my possessions

Sunday afternoon well spent.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


So finally tonight I plucked up the courage to take some pictures of my pole dance class. I'm too embarrassed to even ask my teacher to take for me because my movements still kinda uncoordinated, so mostly I set the camera to self-timer (it counts to 10secs) which explains why most of the time I'm already nearing the floor when the camera snaps on it's own. You see when you twirl round the pole, you normally start somewhere in the middle than slowly slide down to the floor as you still spinning. That's for beginners lah. When advance you suppose to be able to manouvre or jump up and start higher. So, here goes...but don't laugh, they are alot harder than they look.

Angelina, I know you will be reading this and probably laughing in that cosy and messy little cubicle of yours. Are you going to change your mind about hiring me? Haha. Eh, don't pray pray ok, you see the way the hair swinging you jolly well know got "kang hu" and they not stagnant moves hor. Anyway if I so good I already join the Miss Pole Dance liao, still sit her and blog meh?

Anyway the next move a bit more impressive cos they seem further from the ground (Psst...cos this one posed stationary one)

Wah, but this one kiap until very painful.

I'm just gonna show 1 last one of me. A bit unglam but thought I saw the same pose by Mediacorp's Jeff Wang at the Cancer Fund Raising show trailer. Not bad for me that I can do this too, ahem. Suppose to spin but I kind of stuck!

Anyway, Angie, I know the pictures don't do justice to my dance and look far from appetizing but wait til I put on my killer platform boots (haven't try yet, think the person I kill first will be myself, already so much injury wthout them) and my spit-fire, cleavage revealing (!?!?) outfits. bwahahahaha.

Didn't get permission from my teacher to put this in the blog but guess she won't mind.

So graceful.

Last but not least, the next person sure won't let me post this picture one. But Ju, I promise not to reveal your full name and also picture CANNOT see your face. But you did this so well I'm so inspired (Ju is co-teacher but she just learnt this move)

Wah, shiok ah. Today aching all over. Got one month break to next semester, so how? Maybe must really practise in MRT.

What a way to start the morning....to be told by a colleague we lost a deal......no mood to elaborate, but it's totally moronic.

While I thoroughly enjoy my work, inevitably there are these people, these incidents that will spoil it all for you. Someone just forwarded me this and I think it helps...share it with you, called "Office Prayer"


Lord, as I enter this work place,
I bring Your Presence with me
I speak Your Peace, Your Grace and Your
Perfect Order into the atmosphere of this office.
I acknowledge Your Lordship over all
that will be spoken, thought and decided, and
accomplished within these walls.

Lord, I thank You for the gifts
You have deposited in me.
I do not take them lightly, but commit
to using them responsibly and well.
Give me a fresh supply of truth and beauty
on which to draw as I do my job.
Anoint me creativity, my ideas, mad my
energy so that even my smallest
task may bring You honour.

Lord, when I am confused, guide
When I am weary, energise me.
Lord, when I am burned out, infuse me
with the Light of Your Holy Spirit.
May the work that I do and the way
that I do it, bring hope, life and courage
to all that I come in contact with today.
And, oh Lord, even in this day's most stressful
moments... may I rest in You..
In Your strong and powerful name I pray

.....ah, feel better already. looking forward to thise evening's pole dance already....

Monday, October 17, 2005


Barely 2 weeks after that clan dinner, last weekend another one was organised, albeit smaller in scale, and was held in a restaurant in china town. These uncles and aunties really know how to enjoy themselves. So, I thought small scale means no frills and one would just go and 'makan', but guess I was wrong. When nearing the restaurant already heard wayang-styled crooning of cantonese pop songs. Wah, they really start early man, they were karaokeing even before cold dish was served, and if I thought these avid singers would stop when dinner starts, I was grossly mistaken. They didn't stop singing til the last guest shook the hands of the clan president and the line of board members at the door macham wedding dinner style.

My mum is obviously one of the designated performer, but minus all the opera get-up .

Then it was me...... as expected, I wouldn't be spared, being the only so-called professional singer. Without preparation whatsoever, I just selected a song from what few disc they had and just belted out a cantonese number as quickly as possible so that I could get back to my spinach with mushrooms.

See the husband-and-wife duo. They performed complete with showmanship and all a catchy cantonese number "Qun Hiong Kong Lang Lui Dor" means "Pretty Women in Hong Kong".

Very cute one. The song is about a man telling the wife how easy it is to spot pretty lasses on streets of Hong Kong. The wife pretends to partake in the discussion and tricks him into elaboration and before he knew it, she lashes out in jeolousy on how he has been eyeing other girls. In the middle of the song, they even have this bickering dialogue. Than they made up and...........what else, live happily ever after.

And finally, if you remember, my chubby niece. Her last experience (debut) made her realise she has no aspiration to be a singer like "Ah Yee" or karaoker whatsoever, so this time she just came to indulge in the food.

She confided in me why she wore a hood over her head. She said the last time those uncles and aunties chatted, she could feel their showers of saliva all over her head. Ee....ww...., so this time she comes armoured. Haha. she's so cute.
Ok, so tomorow is my last pole lesson for the 1st term. Think I'm ready to take pictures.

Friday, October 07, 2005


W..A..I...L.....I spent my final moments with my baby pajero mini last night.....this morning it was sent for slaughter already!!

Sometimes things are just so abnormal. It was giving me so much problem even after the engine overhaul I couldn't wait to rid of it. But when I finally decided to, my heart bled a little. And when I drove it for one last time before the dealer took it away, somehow it seemed to have the best engine! Sharks! Have you ever had this kind of feeling? Like you can't stand your hair you want so badly a hair cut and before the mirror at your stylist's saloon you actually look good with that pre-cut hair?

But what the heck, my brand new lancer arriving soon. I feel so infidel, just because they loan me this car during my baby in workshop, I fell in love with this model. But better buy new car that now new car prices have fallen. Did you see the papers front page this morning? Car prices have dropped to pre-COE days?

Ok, my last pictures of my PM before scrapped. I'm gonna miss you baby.

If you are a 4-D punter, don't buy. Any numbers related to me, pager, handphone, house etc. never come out before. I'm that sort that can put 50 coupons in some Best Denki draw and never even 'tiok' consolation prize. If you still want to go ahead, good luck, don't say I never warn you.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Latest Show & Latest Pictures

Check this out. My favourite photos by far

Albeit with some visible love handles, I think not bad la huh, considering a body of my age, of which I'm not telling, unless you are my friend and only people like KITSON who knows my IC number (hrng, tao yen!) will know.

Well, and for those who think that I only have the pink cheong sam for my Suzie Wong persona.....WRONG!

See, I have blue one ok? In fact I have several other colours, just that the pink one is big enough for me to hide another outfit so I always end up wearing that.

For this case, my client requested that I change so I picked one that matches their corporate colour as you can see from the background text and logo. Pro right? But this picture the mannersim so 'san gu liu po', but cannot always pick the nice nice pitures.
But what awed me for this event was the bext cultural performer. Look!

So pretty hor. She was all poise, elegant, and those eyes can kill.....but I later found out she's actually a HE!!!! Wah liao......mana tahan.

Before I return to work.......so finally, I'm getting a new car after all. Update when transaction done. Angelina, happy?...And guess what car.....

Monday, October 03, 2005

Shanghai Soon

Shanghai...here I come.....so I am going after all....bwahaha. Thank you Kitson (he made me say this on my blog) hee hee hee. Yes, Kitson is the guy who got me this contract. He is big time on overseas corporate events. M.m.muak! Always nice to get away.

And thanks Joanne, Lily and Angelina for giving me feedback on the blog....at least I know some people are reading.

Ultra busy today, gotto go soon, update later, got some new pictures to post later.