Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hope that tells you something

Thanks all for nice words from my last post. Some have even emailed or smsed me showing concern and offering advices. I hear you and i appreciate.

Gotta tell myself there is something that i must be doing right to:

1. be performing at 2 out of the 4 events taking place at Swissotel tonight. The other 2 that did not involve me were weddings.

2. be performing all 3 different shows tonight., 1 Suzie Wong, 1 Belly Fusion, 1 Pole Show. Super jia lart, i had to change from one persona to another, hair, clothes, songs and everything.

Incidentally, contrary to the client who had ditched me in the last post, another client had wanted me to host their corporate dinner at the same place in the same week, but this one i could not make the assignment due to prior engagements. The latter had wanted me because i can 3-in-one (host sing dance). So last friday i decided to give a courtesy call to see if they had found someone else. She said no, because it was "either Suzie or nothing". They didn't want to get just an MC, they had wanted someone who can also perform. So they said now they will just have dinner.

Well, feel better already, we artistes are very emotional and downs very easily!

Anyway, just wanna show off a new uber duber ultra micro mini skirt for my pole show. Picture taken from reflection of inside lift looked funny (i had only from B3 to level 1 to snap this) so i edited to only show you the skirt. Will have more pictures next time. VB will know where i bought this.

Oh yes, and for all the cake orders....i hear you too...haha, will try to accede to all! Hee.Didn't lnow can be so "luck-koo"

Friday, April 27, 2007


Don't read if you have no time............just lots of ranting & some nonsense....

I haven't been in the highest spirits lately, partially because of the incident in the last post.

Amongst other things, there's also a colleague, someone whom i've seen grown since ORD, who is leaving the company. It is funny how people perceive the company will do things to deprive them during the last month and vice versa.

Another problem is there are several MC requests that i have to turn down because of prior assignments. The real downer is for one of the available nights, i was close to getting the deal of hosting an incentive dinner when the client decided to check out my website and got a little, er.....overwhelmed (put off, if i may say) by my pictures. I guess she must be referring to the pole-dance ones.

She was quick to ask the event company to provide her someone else because she needed someone simpler and more corporate!

My first reaction was........maybe I should look at revamping my website to reflect a more corporate image. I don't realise how many may have been "frightened" by my big hair, skimpy clothes and thick make-up. (website should come with a warning---not for the faint hearted)

But on second thoughts, why don't people think that if I can conquer the tasks of being all these, especially pole dancing, shouldn't they think that i can handle their simpleton event?

Anyway, no hard feelings, still cannot get over the perceptions people form. I have chosen to portray this image and i think it should stay...... can't please everyone. Do Ah Lians actually have websites and maintain blogs?

Another thing i don't get it, people are there for the few days of seminar, why not let them let there hair down on this dinner party? Why still must be corporate and serious?

Anyway, lastly, i just wanna share how pole dancing lifts me spiritually. Last night at pole class, about 5 of us advance students were practising for some upcoming performances. It was our first time practising group sychro moves and we would do like 4 to 5 invert tricks at one go. We have to climb high up the pole and at every bar of the song we will change pose, while still up the pole. We videoed it and there were 2 clear evidences. #1. I was having a ball of a time, one of of the few moments in recent times you can hear me chuckle heartily. #2. I was clearly one of the stronger ones in class (and being the oldest--yeah, the next younger one is like at least 9 years younger than me ok, youngest is 16 years younger than me, fwah, i good or what...hahahaha) because at every transition move, the rest will drop a few inches to a feet until by the time they reach the last trick they are almost at the floor....hahaha, it was hilarious.

Oh and before i forget, there is a request to post my (er....not mine actually) latest attempt of Butter cream cake, this time over a sugee.

This requester has now request for a "Princess cake" for her baby's birthday....wah too much, she really thinks I am pro...........hahaha. i told her i will open a Me cafe next to Le cafe

Ok, I feel better now. Now off to practice more pole dancing................wee

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SO, I don't understand lor.........

So many things i don't understand.

Now that i have paid TWICE for it, i still....

  • Don't understand what's the big deal about this phone. i learnt from this incident that it's a PDA cum phone, cum radio plus blah blah. don't understand why it's not like my hardy Nokia who survived the most abusive falls i had succumbed it to and still faithfully serving me. In fact after this whole BS I'm even more convinced that i should never rely on all these all-in-one gadgets. I like them separate, thank you.

    . Don't understand how your stupid ear-piece got stuck in one of those circles of my killer boots without my knowledge and when i stood up and
    walked, the phone got dragged onto the floor....

    . Don't understand how that damaged your phone big time when the drop was so gentle. But still, I offered to send for repair and bear the charges and whatever misc cost. But you said no, you want a new phone.

    I offered to pay for a new one, you told me it's a limited edition and you tell me money can't buy.

    I offered to pay fully for an upgrade and you told me you only want back this model because it is 'white'.

Don't understand why you had to make things so hard when there were obviously option 2*.

I offered to look for one first thing the next morning and i did. I found one last set in Harvey and went to pay for it and delivered it to you all in less than 24 hours from the incident.

Now you accuse Harvey of selling me a pseudo new piece and you want me to pay for the NEW set you ordered from your bro-in-law* (dah?)

Don't understand why didn't you do option 2 in the first place.

Don't understand now that even i agreed to the second option, you still had to yadda yadda rant rant. When i asked you why are you exuding such extreme misery over a phone, you pulled the stunt that it is a ROM gift from husband. Oi, char boh! No wonder you so miserable, Is that all you are worth to your man? A pda phone?

What i'd probably understand is.......
this phone is doing you no good. The radiation of this phone is probably frying your brains, that is why you are reacting like this.

So now I have paid for a second set, YOU HAPPY NOW?

The next time you delay my show, I'm going to charge YOU twice for it! NO DISCOUNT! YOU UNDERSTAND?


Remember my SDU story? I still received their quaterly publication, Duet. They always feature success stories of couples getting hitched from participating in their activities.

Last night i was reading about this couple tying the know after 15 months. They met at a trip to silk route (wah) organised by the love-making, or sorry, match-making organisation. Obviously a couple of few words, they almost only provide mono-line answers (which are not much of answers) to most questions.

For example :
Q: What do you like about him?
A : He is very helpful and considerate.

Q: How did he propose?
A : He said "I think we should get married. We are fated to be together." (It's true, that's what she said)

Q: How do you iron out your differences.
A : We believe in talking it out and resolving any differences

Lastly, when i was reading this part to my 8-legged friend,
Question to the girl : "How did you decide on him"
Her answer " I had several suitors during that time, but i still chose Chai Hong (guys name)"

In the most feminie expression and tone, Spider imitated " I still chose Chai Hong because the rest very Ji Hong"............HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Monday, April 23, 2007


I can't stand it, I have been practising this for months....the Handspring.

It's a Bl**dy difficult move. Almost there, i practised it at KM8. When i load the video, you can see a guy behind said "Wow"!

Don't mistake the handspring with this. This handspring is solely relying on the arms to hold the my entire body weight whereas the latter, i still have my belly on the pole.

For now, this is my goal

This is Gwendy from Belgium

But my ultimate aim will be to look like THIS (picture is Katie Coates of Vertical Dance ). This is like her signature move.

-----------------added later, in response to vb comments----------------------

Thanks VB, on good days i have done (head parelle to the pole) it before, just that this picture is too dark

But still, it's not a consistent move, plus the way i get to this position is still not the correct way. the right way to to spring up to this position straight, whereas i still have to wrap my legs around the pole first!


I have always liked the mini cooper....but i want it exactly like this. This was displayed at the walkpath towards KM8 yesterday.

But then again, maybe not. The promoter probably thinks i can't afford it, because she only cared to give out brochures to the ang mos, most of them who paid more attention to the volleyball game ahead of them. Despite me going so near to check it out and take picture, she totally ignored me. Well, maybe i can't afford will remain a dream car.

Friday, April 20, 2007


The Bodytalks pole-dance girls (including me) are going to be at KM8 Beach Bar at the Sentosa this Saturday 21 April.

Heard it's some kind of charity event but it is opened to the public. The girls wll be free-styling sporadically from evenings til night. Come'on down and party with u and who knows, you may pick up some pole dance skills and techniques from us.

If you want to know more, contact the bodytalks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


MY ONLY problem with maintaning a blog is that it makes you realise how quickly time passes by.

Some events are re-curring, like after a year, but it seems like it was just last month it took place, eg.the World Gourmet Summit.

This year I attended the brunch at the night safari ulu ulu. Sigh, i only had an hour and that's about all i savoured....but the coconut ice cream is quite unforgettable...........

Ice cream and pineapple served in young coconut

The cup of latte is prepared with so much love

Mushrooms and rice in chai sim or something like that.

Again, thanks my love Kit for the invite. You are so sweet even now you have your own darling...hahaha...

And I would like to officially say hello to Ckay, who has been secretly reading my blog. Congrats to your coming BIG DAY!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


This is the 3rd attempt since i first learnt it.
I must say, the butter cream's getting tastier although the sponge is still in the experimental stage............ 3 casualties on second attempt and 1 today!

Now that I can bake my own cake, have to watch my weight. So, must pole more.

This my latest pole practice....check out the rather impressive new move at about 2m 24s.

(Oh Oh! Losing my waist and 6 pack....tsk tsk....too much butter cream, better stop making for a while)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Caught the movie DREAMGIRLS while i was on board a flight. When i heard the powerhouse Jennifer Hudson of her delivery of "And I'm telling you", then i recalled a while ago i posted a Bianca Ryan singing the same song, and so I had to watch it again....awesome.

As i scrolled on to watch the other people who made their renditions of this same song, i can't help but smile when i see this girl


It's been a year since i last vacationed there, time flies! Work not counted. Never tire of the place.

But this time lots of indulgences in food, and less shopping, thanks to VB. Amongst the many yummies she took me, this was one i digged most..........the sze chuan food in shen zhen.


The Chicken

The Beef

The Fish

THAT'S HOW THEY LOOK AFTER..........hahahahaha...all look the same, all so spicy! I was on fire!

Of course she has to take a picture of me with my infamous auntie trolley bag..........i was prepared to shop mah!

Sure i have to take a picture like this to show i'm on vacation mah!

Then you remember last year i had the 'Sai Tor' (Chinese French Toast) at Stanley market? This time i went again and was greeted by THIS SIGN! WAH LAU, so disappointing.
Getting around on the MTR makes me realise we Chinese really know how to make money....can advertise on ANYTHING!

Hong Kongers yum-char-ing on a weekday 3pm? Don't have to work one meh?

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Awww......have you seen this?

My laptop is hospitalized again! Think i need a new one soon. Uurgh! So no updates on yummy food pictures yet, they all in the laptop now.


I came out of the ladies rest room and this cute little being sitting alone on the steps outside a chinese restaurant courted my attention.

I went up to say hello and immediately we became friends. We managed to communicate despite him speaking mainly (only) in baby language. He even posed for me when i asked if i could take a picture of him.

It wasn't long for him to warm up to me and before long he was running around and giggling. I think the din caught his father's attention and he came put of the restaurant to check

When his father saw me, he coldly spoke: "His name is 'G***'. He is looking for a girlfriend. Is he your type?'

You tell me who's cuter?

Friday, April 06, 2007


Afraid not, I back came more tired than before because of all the ...................SHOPPING & EATING........hahahaha. I want to go again..................

Yes, now that I'm back, will be updating soon......especially some photos of very yummy food, thanks to the very sweet VB for bringing me around to places i wouldn't normally go on my own.

The photos will have to wait as they still in my camera.

Anyway, all i did after i came back was to upload some videos of shows i did just before i went away. The youtube uploader was giving some problems so i have them in another site.

This the latest pole performance (watch if you are not 'sian' of my poling yet). Although the show format pretty much the same, but there are some new things added.
Notice my arm still in bandage. And those darn boots (previously i wore the white ones, remember) very hard to dance in and point toes, uber high!

On the other end, just to show you I can be a serious singer too, this a song for 'Green Summit'. You can probably understand better now the outfit and the song

Sunday, April 01, 2007

PLEASE DON''T CALL ME............

I'M ON VACATION...............w.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e.e

Anyways, no la, not one month.....not even one week! With a vampire boss, that's all i can afford to be away. Just a few days, or I'll get incessant calls from office.

Still.......finally, after the months of hardwork, performances.....pole dancing, singing, christmas, new year, chinese new year.....

Finally i can clean the polish off my toe nails to let them breathe .

Finally I can rest my injured elbow (was still pole performance last night) and vocal chords

So, nothing to update, don't need to come back and check til later of the week.