Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Honestly, I woudn't say I was very happy with my drum solo but I'm gonna show you the video anyway. I edited just a short part and uploaded on Youtube. Here's the link . Are you goning to think I'm crazy to upload on such a public site where there are so many superb belly performances? The truth is I donno how to upload here in blogger so the only way is to link. There are lot's of crazy people in Youtube anyway. Hahaha....yeah I'm hooked on that site

Monday, April 24, 2006


It was a whirlwind weekend juggling so many things. I did some hosting, singing gigs and mostly, i braved my first drum solo. Well, it went ok, but nothing to rave about , so not sure if I would put up the video. Maybe after i edited some clumsy parts. Ha!

Of course other than my regular work, gigs, church, I still managed some time to catch the last bit of my mum's opera performance on Sat, had supper with her & dad, celebrate her birthday on Sunday,

visited foot of bukit timah hill and east coast park and had dinner at the ECP hawker centre on Sun with a friend. My sis always asked me where i get my energy!

I chanced upon "Hindhede Road" situated at foot of Bt Timah Hill, when leaving Autobacs at Bt Batok (supposed to get something for my car), and I remembered I once had a secondary school friend, Penny who used to live in her granny's zinc house there. A group of us would go there after school to do projects at her place and after that, run out to a stream near by to catch tappoles. It was really scenic, serene and totally natural. Today, the place is so transformed with rows of modern town houses and terraces occupying the place and scores of people were there to either climb the Bt Timah hill or see some show houses. But what really amused me was that the place is now heavily populated by my other family.................

this .....................

Hahaha, there were so many of them you wouldn't turn a corner without bumping into a family of them, complete with papa, mama and babies. I thought this one was cute because she reminded me of how I look in the morning (did i tell you I was born in the year of monkey and I like swinging on a pole??) This chap just stared straight into me unperturbed when I snapped the first pic, than yawned, scratched her ass and got down. What happened next makes me regret i wasn't armed with my new nokia phone with video. While she calmly strutted away, another fella just came from behind, grabbed her rear and humped her like 5 to 8 times and then they parted. SO SCANDALOUS!!!! Hahaha. No wonder there are so many of these

Later in the evening, I went to EC Park for dinner, not before i practised some pole stunts at home ( inspired by my fellow siblings climbing up and down the trees). Have you heard about the new Cable Ski Park? Gosh, it was a pretty sight at night.Don't ya think?

To end the hectic weekend, I treated myself to my favourite salt-bake crab (Yim Gok Hai) from a favourite stall at the hawker centre. Sis, you want to know where you can find this also?


Thursday, April 20, 2006


Nothing much happened cos I had a nice 2-week break .....with nothing much to do, no gigs, no singing, no hosting and no pole......and I had a really nice Easter weekend spending with family and friends.....and lots of eating. Re-count what I did....I had:

1. cakes and coffee at Canele with Meow --the Caramelo.....yummmm...
2. spotted this cute giant easter egg and bought for my nephew & niece

3. Had easter lunch at green house at the ritz carlton with family and dinner at the no signboard at ECP
4. Took chubby niece to bakerzin. See how happy we were (altho meow says i look tired....geez....coming from someone who always have sleepy eyes! cheh!)
(Oh by the way, finally bought a new phone, the Nokia 6280, these 2 pictures took from the new phone)

Don't I just look so BLISSFUL??? Huh? huh? Meow?

5. And last but not least.....I got invited to more feast at the WORLD GOURMET SUMMIT "meet the stars" The celebrity chefs were the stars...but i know not them....I was only interested in the food! Thanks my darling 'K' for inviting, you the sweetest!

At the party were also Darryl David, Mark Richmond, Hamish Brown.....sorry no Tatler-type photos...I was busy savouring the food. The invite says Dress Code : Casual Chic but......

????Maybe she came from a Ball.....

Anyhow, it was enjoyable and I pestered my way to be invited next year (wink).

After all these feasting, finally will be back at work this weekend. Will be performing for some 100 delegates at a welcome dinner at this nice exclusive 2-level office pent house. Nice not? Will be attempting my drum solo!

It's double storey, the steps leading up to the 62nd storey!

That's me recce-ing the place!

Hope to post some pictures after the event, and if possible, video too.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


After watching so many inspiring belly dance videos on Youtube, I have finally gotten down to choreograph a drum solo, which i will be performing next week.

Previously i avoided drum solos because you got to know the piece really well in order to execute the accents correctly. I just stuck to veils because can 'gasark' a bit, like this one. Just lots of figures 8, myans, snake arms and some shimmies

Anyway, time i do a new choreography, but you know it's so difficult when i have to juggle between memorising songs (utimately i'm a singer right?) and now that t'm also doing the pole!

These photos from a recent event.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Did you all find the results a little hmm....mixed up? Anyway, I wanna kill myself. I was there watching live and I DIDN'T BRING THE CAMERA!!!! So no pictures to post! I was still living in the era thinking mediacorp does not allow handphones or cameras into their studios but so many people were clicking away...brr.....

Anyway, everyone was there, Sandy Chua, Bernice Wong (previous winners in case you don't know), Denise Keller (judge), Pierre Png (naturally since the wife was hosting). But I think the steal of the night went to the twins-May & Choy. Heard about them but first time watching them, and live somemore, and I must say they are georgeous with lots of youth and a touch of Christy Chung bambi looks and class. And my.....can they really memorize their lines. I guess that's the forte of MTV VJs. Both of them rattle on their lines flawlessly, alternating between each other (and mind you, live recording means no NGs and no re-takes), without a glitch. You can see that even the charismatic anchor Adrain Pang fumbled at certain parts, but he made it up with his loads of wits.

Anyway later at the post reception I got to really see everyone up close, including all the finalists. And I must say Denise Keller is really beautiful, even though I'm not a fan of hers. But you know what? With Denise, May & Choy and some of the socialites strutting around, I just wondered how come some of our Ms Singapore finalists cannot be even half as georgous as them. Theses should be the minimum standard.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Download these 2 videos......very nice dancing......one is graceful and subtle and the other one full of vigour....but both very nice.

1. Graceful Belly dancer
2. Aliya

Stumbled upon this when I was trying for fun to download my pole dance video clip on You tube (didn't know it was quite easily done). Can you believe that, within the 1st hour it attracted some 300 over viewers from over the world ....wow! Didn't even have that statistics in one year from my website.....haha....

Just type in the word 'belly dance' in the search and you see loads and loads of other videos.....don't have time to watch all cos some are like 5mins long. Think even got some from Singapore.....they dancers look familiar and have some funny comments too. Ignore other nonsense clips


oh ok, so I think I've embarassed myself, i'm the swah koo one. As i watched on and now see some REALLY familiar faces, I figured many already familiar site way before my discovery!! Haha.

Anyway like to welcome my new reader, my little friend Sarah! Hello!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hosted an event 2 nights ago attended by the Thai ambassador and Governor, so had to don on a Thai outfit. For a long time I had not had to rent a costume because I own most of the stuff, but this is one I really did not have....so I guess a Thai outfit will make it to my shopping list of my next Bangkok trip

Since this is a rented outfit, as you can see, it didn't fit me so well and i actually look quite fat

This another wig I bought from HK, but this only a hair attachment piece where you 'kiap' it to your own pony tail (not a good idea, caused a lot of hair to drop). Couldn't resist taking a picture in the loo again

The event featured also some real Thai dancers, very very sweet ladies, in fact some are beauty queen title holdersAm hesitant to post the photo I take with them cos afraid I will pale standing beside them......but aiyah.....what the heck......post lah

Ok la, I not so bad hor.

It was an official event, so I had to be careful with my words. But I attempted a Thai song to relax the mood, actually got some people singing and dancing along, so I guessed they were thrilled with my song. Anyway, was glad it all turned out well, because you know how all those protocol things just stifle the poor MC.

Last night I did another job which had a much more relaxed atmosphere, a sales conference welcome dinner attended by only 40 people. No photos because although only 40 people, I was juggling everything, the games, the MC, the entertainment!