Friday, November 12, 2010

Acro Polates featured on ST hot spot

You will find on our WEBSITE:


1. Our Instructors are the FIRST to be IPDFA certified and the school is the ONLY Singapore school accredited by Pole Dance Community UK , alongside some of the world's top names in pole dance fitness. Our instructors are hardworking & dedicated.

2. We are the FIRSTcombined Pole Dance and Aerial (Silk & Hoop-yes like those circus acts see in Voyage De Lavie) Fitness In Singapore. Watch our practice and performances videos. There are tonnes in here

3. Our Pole Dance Team performed at the National Day Parade 2009

4. Our Aerial Instructors are the 1st local aerialists to perform at a local Government event Heritage Fest 2010 (CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO), organised by National Heritage Board. The next stop is an overseas performance.

5. Even though we are currently the only IPDFA certified and PDC approved, we offer the best rates for our Static & Spinny Pole and Aerial classes.

6. The studio is conveniently located at Waterloo Centre, near Bugis, and we are the only studio that designates a whole night (Wednesday) for student's practices from 6.30pm to 10.00pm. We could have easily slot in more classes to make more money, but no, this is our commitment to our dear students.

7. Our instructor, Karen Ng is SGPolestar Champion and is competing in Tokyo in Dec 2010.

8. Our instructors are handpicked by Pure Fitness to conduct pole classes in the newly set-up studio.

9. We use original 45mm and 50mm X-poles, leading poles used around the world

10. We conduct monthly FREE trial classes. Next one on 18 Nov6.30pm, Register here
Perhaps we should add an 11th reason, Acro Polates DOES NOT FORBID students from posting the lesson or routine videos on youtube or facebook. They pay for their course, they can do anything they wish with their new found skills

Saturday, November 06, 2010

If you wanna try out Aerial Fitness, this is the best chance

limited time only
anyway just to share, these are all from pole and aerial fitness

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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