Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Kind of loving it for now, but who knows for how long......cause ultimately I DO like the sexier look with long fringe.

I told you in the last post that I NEVER had short fringe for like over 20 years. As you can see from my past pictures they are either left handing down or clip to the side. Tonight is the first show after the new hair cut.

I think it appeals to different people. All I know was after performing for a huge fleet of taxi men and uncles tonight, as I was departing, some of them called out & waved "Suzie.......suzie". Some even stood up and with hands like holding on a steering, they gamely offered "You need a taxi?" hahahaha, so cute!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

(badly in need to feel) YOUNG AGAIN

You know recently when i posted this picture to tell you the story that I was often mistaken for some other ethnicity that i suddenly realised that Suzie has indeed aged (of course I know it all along but was in denial). That was hardly "the best" picture but if only you have known just how many I had deleted off and still..................

I have had rebonded hair for quite many years few years back and it did help to emit in whatever small way some youthfullness. Later I started to resent the rebonded look when every 20-something girl on the street was spotting the same look (no offense to those who rebond hair), so I started to perm my hair and when the curls wore off I let the natural waves took over thinking I could carry off the sultry look.

But the sad truth was, not only was it constantly messy, I dreaded the fact that no matter how I styled it, I just looked............OLD!

So tonight I decided to straighten the darn hair again and even decided to risk a bit of a fringe, something that I have not had for 20 odd years. I hated fringe because it irritates the eyes & you have to constantly trim it......................but sigh, what to do, but at least I think it does help to take (or hide) 3 or 4 years away.........

what you think?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Suzie at M.O.S

Had the chance to perform at the main areana of Ministry Of Sound, M.O.S. Clark Quay, one of Singapore's top night spot. (the few previous times were in the private function rooms, so not counted).

Only one word.......happening!

Friday, February 22, 2008


After months of trying this move, I finally got it. Must be because of the pilates Linna made us do today! Haha....

I am so so so so so elated! This is like the real handspring. Previously what i did was somewhat fake, like see, previously, I had one leg still leaning on the pole. The real thing is the body and limbs are completeky OFF the pole, which means to say the strength is entirely on your arms, abs and lots of core. don't believe, watch the video.

I didn't get into the move gracefully, I know. But, it's a freaking difficult move, so I'm euphoric already. It's the ultimate move for us polers! You get major respect for achieveing this. Anyway there are many variations, so I stil need to practise really hard.

Besides this, I am embarking on something fabulous (almost I'm NOT getting married) and I must say everything has been turning out rather nicely for me so far. Forgive me friends I can't tell you so much now, but i promise to unveil more when time is right. But i just can't contain my excitment.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pole-holics CNY party

When we, the pole girls (& guys) got together for chinese new year, we feast, we sang, we watched a Stephen Chow movie together (Chow Sing Sing, we ALL LOVE YOU), we did all except pole dance....Haha....

Watch our goofing bit!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Woodlands to Tampines to Tuas

Suzie was singing them Chinese New Year tunes "Gong xi gong xi gond xi ni", apart from the usual dinners. I wish it will be like that every year.

I thank God for a busy and good start. I heard that this year the 4 greatest zodiac signs to benefit from rat are the Ox, Dragon, Monkey & Snake. I'm one of them! "HUAT AR"....hahaha

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lonely Valentine's Day

While every conceivable couple is probably snuggling up somewhere or dining in some fancy restaurant, I was all alone eating pasta and sipping camomile tea at pastamania Funan, after a much-needed facial. Somemore can read newspaper and even bought myself a present at THIS FASHION glam!Not sulking, just that I have either been gigging or poling, and will be for the next few days, so tonight while there is no pole class since Linna is away, I quickly made an urgent appointment for facial . My facial lady sternly warned "Miss Leong! The last time you were here was October"....wah! no wonder the biiigg biiigg pores!) Anyway it was extremely quiet and peaceful at facial, I mean, who would choose to go facial today right?

So friends, happy valentine's day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My family, so artistic

The last time you watched my fabulous mum
This time round, I proudly present my NIECE

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Suzie the non-chinese!

After an afternoon luncheon event, I went to ta-bao (packet) "chap chai peng" (mixed veg rice) at a near-by hawker centre before heading back to the office.

It was close to 4pm and famished so I must have exuded some kind of "chirpiness" when merrily placing my orders. I remembered I said something like "Fan da-bao" (packed rice in box), "fan bu yong jiang duo" (less rice), "ji, ru dan & shi chuan cai" (chicken, soya egg & sze chuan veg).

At the end of it, the hawker commented "Wa, ni hua yu jiang de zhe me hao" (your spoken mandarin so good). I was thnking to myself "what you talking about, I just hosted a chinese new year luncheon which I conducted 40% of it in mandarin).

"Ni shi na li ren" (which part of the world you from). Then it don on me she thought I wasn't chinese. To cut the long story short, she refused to believe I am "ben di ren" (local chinese).

Think my sis will find stories like this very familiar.Lol

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dealing with the calories

After 2 days of chinese new year binging, Suzie feels a dire need to sweat out those calories.

So woke up this morning, 3rd day of CNY (near afternoon actually) to work it out on the pole. Did this short short routine about 3 times, ah......feel much better, can feast some more tonight at sis's place :D (anyway sis, my routine will probably look something like this if your thing is on).

Pardon the attempt to do the slow part, cos I'm no ballerina, so I know it doesn't look too graceful

7 changes 1 event

My record, I think, 7 changes in 1 night

You're probably thinking, only 6 what! The 7th one is Suzie Wong in cheong sam, of which I don't think i need to show you by now.

Oh btw, in case you wondering, what am I doing with that silly pink hair in picture #2, er...I was suppose to be "ang mo", lousy attempt eh! heehee

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I was thinking how to wish all of you, my dear friends......

Hey! It's the year of the rat, isn't it?

Here's wishing all 鼠年快樂 新春愉快,
Everybody 2008 鼠來寶

"Huat ar!"

(psst .....researcher.....anything looks familiar? :p)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


The themometer showed this when i pulled it out if the mouth.I panicked! Downed some paracetamol and many other stuff and went ahead with the pole show tonight. I did it because of a nice colleague. He had offered to tell the client to remove my show and refund the money to them. He said it's not worth it if I injure myself. I told him "no" I would do the show for him, and I did. Even receive accolades from the client.

Actually it felt quite good after sweating it out :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

A visit from Ah Boy

I was hit by a very bad viral infection today. It crippled me so badly I couldn't get out of bed to go church, nor have my meals/shower, and worse of all I had to skip my weekly visit to Ah Boy. That disappointed me as I have been looking forward whole week. Friend proceeded without me.

At mid-afternoon, I was woken by friend who said "Guess who is her to visit you"!

I jumped out of bed and exclaimed "AH BOY!"

"Ah boy, lying on my floor"

Aww...that was the sweetest thing. This must be the 1st time boy is in an apartment ever, as he seemed uncertain about the surroundings. Regardless, he was still very very loving. I sayang-ed him, fed him before he had to be brought back.

Hope (I must) recover tomorow as I have to perform pole!

Measure of FAME


While Hollywood has its Walk of Fame or Madam Tussaud, HK has its own measure of popularity, I think.

You know how recently there has been rife scandals of Edison Chen (Hong Kong actor) & partners and if you are like me, have no time to follow, you can sort-of read the summarised version here.

Out of curiousity (it's true), I visited the links posted on this site, and soon i found my way to another site that read "HONG KONG PORNSTARS PICTURES" . While many of them (most) are obviously doctored and some look really ridiculous & ludicrous, you can't help but to wonder why people bother to go through the trouble to do that, i.e. match their expressions to "superimposed" poses.

But one thing for sure, (as I shared my thoughts with friend), you've got to be famous to be in that list!

Disclaimer : Visit the links at your own risk, especially the last one. writer cannot guarantee that the sites are harmless, but so far nothing has happened to my computer yet!

Saturday, February 02, 2008


I remember telling you about the online purchase of this little red dress last year.
Since receiving it, I have not had an occasion to wear it. Last evening, I was supposed to host an event as "Suzie Wong". I promised the client a traditional qi pao (or "cheong sam") ensemble as it was supposed to be a chinese new year thingy.

After going through my wardrobe, I decided to don on this. But to play safe, I brought along my qi paos (not one, but several) to change out if I sense the client's disapproval (I have been warned that clients are wholesome and no-nonsense people) But surprisingly and thankfully, clients loved it and they ordered me to remain in this dress throughout the event.

So this is the thing about Suzie, whether you like my fashion sense, when I am delivering a job, I make it a point to wear appropriate clothes, shoes, hair & full make-up. To some, I may be out of date. But I cannot understand the younger generation. Yesterday afternoon I was singing at another event when i spotted this young, pretty, slim, leggy female mc in tight jeans, flip flop (I know it is suppose to be very fashionable, but I'd wear it only on casual), she had documents sticking out of her back pocket, and she was chewing gum throughout. Don't get me wrong, she may be very cool in the eyes of your audience (and she was a relativey good mc at that young age), but it's just something suzie won't wear even when hosting in casual a family-day sort of event. In that sense, I'm so like my mum!