Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I miss blogging and reading your blogs

Finally i have some time. It has been a busy week, and it's not over.

Firstly I was involved in this relatively huge production, some kind of pageant thingie.

The size of this production wasn't the problem, it was them making me learn and memorize a Siti Nurhaliza song in a week because there were some important guests from Indonesia that caused me sleepless nights. Try memorizing a language that you have no clue what's it's all about and you know how I feel.

Then besides my own regular performances, we finally debut our Group Pole Performance (Big Spender) at a birthday party. Here's the video. The 3 girls are Eunice, Me and Linna.
Again, it wasn't the performance that freaked me but the logistics. I don't want to dwell into the details, but let's just say that our performance is the only thing I enjoyed that night.

On this same night (prior) to this, I actually did one of my own regular pole-singing performance which was attended by a Minister. After the event, Minister asked if he was going to see me at the National Day Parade! He said he didnt know Singapore has such talents. Wah! Haha

Now I have 2 more days to conceptualize an amazing race concept at the Sentosa for a group of NS boys this weekend. When you have a relatively new team of colleagues, it means Auntie here has to do everything down to planning the clue, the score system, the route, purchase materials....everything.

With my regular office duties, I have been putting in 10 to 12 hours daily and weekends not spared. OH, one more thing. I have recently been enraged by another Youtuber who called me ugly in another of my videos (I so jia lart meh?). Somemore this one worse than the last. This one from tak boleh country called Kare El (KL), sure kenna terok terok from me. Our cyber bickering had pushed this video hits to over fifty thousand liao...hahaha.....

Monday, July 30, 2007



Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ok so i wasn't sure if it was dangerous brian or brain, but i choose to think it's the latter because i'm literally hanging by the ankle while inverted. It is REALLY dangerous to the brain if slip!......(the second move after the transition from the first which is called bow & arrow.)


If you don't enjoy my video, at least enjoy the 'Ella, ella , ella song by Rhihanna" i downloaded for this video lah!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Years ago i used to give an elder person singing lessons, sometimes up to 3 times a week. Then he was already in his 70s, semi-retired, a very successful business man. He mentioned he had wanted to pick up singing during his younger days but was stopped by his uber schedule of building his retail empire.

Don't expect a seventy something year old man to sing well, for he took each session as a means to enjoy his favourite songs, and improve on basics like breathing, intonation, and voice projection.
The lessons gradually reduced to nought when his health suffered. Then recently I received a call from his long-serving secretary to enquire about lessons again. He must be in his 80s now, for i haven't seen him for a while. I had procratisnated due to my busy schedule (and laziness on my part as he usually wants his lessons at 7.30am) but this morning I relented as i could almost hear a plea that he wanted to see me.

When i arrived, I was not surprised he sat on his chair, almost invalid. The domestic helpers needed to force open his eyelids to let him see I was here. I greeted him with a big smile and like clockwork, i put on his familiar songs, karaoke VCDs that were covered in dust. Slowly he started to clap along, softly mumbled along. It was very moving.

When I was leaving, I heard him utter "I'll call you again". Just as I'm typing this, I received a call from the secretary again to say he wants weekly lessons! I have to wake up early once a week! poof, but, I guess I'm willing.

Boy , was that sobering. Now to change the mood a little, let me show you another talent of mine. Recently at an event, after my performance, i was asked back on stage to give an impromptu dance demo so that the best dressed partcipants can emulate.......hahaha totally unrehearsed but see the result.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Jac, you really know how to capture the best of me lor!

(click to enlarge, but you may not want to do that to further shock yourself)
No wonder clients are calling up to look for a comedienne

OK, but the next one is nice, i like the----MUSCLES! Woo-Hoo


The actual performance reduced to only 5, but the best 5. Again, the blue skirt girl (her name is valerie) is the all-time winnner

Friday, July 20, 2007


Remember her?

Think I have found her a match in HIM

Take some time to watch some of his other videos....this guy is a real talent, can sing and can beat box and you gotto watch the kungfu one......lmao. And I thought I was talented.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's all about passion

It's no wonder i feel tired almost about everything everyday. Picture this:

  • daily about 9 -10 hrs work (altho when got gig i get to leave office at 3/4pm)
  • 2 gigs last friday
  • a more than full day event at sentosa 9am to 2am (the kid's choreo event)
  • a gig on tuesday at midnight
so exhausting!

But come every wednesday night (pole practice night), you can see the va-va-vroom in me.

And this practice was from 9.30pm to 11.30pm, after slogging in the office from 10am to 8pm, still managed to steal an hour shopping at toysrus for a party this weekend (ahem, researcher yes you!lol).

Now I'm just wondering how i'll survive the rest of the week with weekend gigs and all!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So I finally did it too....

the Personal DNA test...freaking 11 pages of tests! Only if you very free, or for my case, very sleepy at work.

Anyway, result is accurate

I am an
Attentive Analyst. Has it ever occured to you what are the first four letters of the the word analyst? Think we are very anal people....hahahah

Monday, July 16, 2007

Suzie tries out a song from Dreamgirls


Totally fell in love with this song after watching Dreamgirls. Thought it made quite a good closing for my show.

I have a penchant for the slow to fast thingie, just like my "Sell broken bottle song"...(right VB?) heehee.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Don't expect much of a choreography, we put this together in less than 2 hours, including making of the pom poms (yes, some of them made the poms poms themselves)

click HERE to watch the video

You may only want to concentrate only on the 2 stars in front (ignore the backdrop especially the older girls who evenually dropped out). But the true star and the most enthusiastic of them was the little angel next to me, who obviously wasn't meant to be part of the show! Kekekeke.

Anyway, teaching & practice was difficult as it was intended to be a kids session only (parents were suppose to have other itirinery). See how many kia-su parents were lurking around which made my job so difficult, as the kids started to be clingy, distracted and embarrassed.

Friday, July 13, 2007


These 2 days I shall be very busy. Apart from having to entertain at an army mess and another d&d tonight, come tomorow i will be a nanny of all sorts. We have a whole day 'family' event at an island (yes whole day from 1030am to 1030pm). I'm nanny of 82 children, choreographer of 15 of them and another 9 Heads of Dept of the company. And come evening during their dinner, i'm going to be their 'back-up' singer during their 'karaoke' session, to 'save' those who croak!

There goes my GLAM days!

I hope to post the children's item, i think it's going to be very cute

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


picture : contributed by VB

bwahahahahaha. hot eh?

Monday, July 09, 2007


I showed him videos of three incredibly talented pole dancers....

1. Michelle of Gravity Plays Favourites
-burlesque artist

2. KTCoates -owner of big time Vertical Dance, pioneer of Pole Fitness

3.Elena Gibson-World's Pole Dance Champion

His pick?--1st one, and i can understand why.

Oh btw, if you click on the right-my latest pole dance performance video, I have added a little montage at the begnning (rest of the video from old source so can skip). It's a bit corny but took me hours to do it using my windows movie maker .......lol! I'm very tempted to invite comments, but pls be kind if you think it's silly, cos I'm actually quite proud of it. Haha

Sunday, July 08, 2007


It was so long ago I can't even tell when was the last time I visited a proper spa. Sure friends of mine know that i go massage often, but they are usually the chinese reflexiology type. Cheaper and less time consuming, suits my schedule and wallet just fine.

But that day i had one of those opporuntiy to pay just $38 and get a real massage at a real spa.

When i arrived, i was greated by an entourage of intimidatingly well dressed spa consultants who looked like they all ready to pounce on me to commit to a course after the session. (another post I tell you how i made my escape).

An attendant led me to the bathroom to change. and yet another attendant IN the bathroom handed me a tray of stuff including a robe, disposable undies and this.........................

I stared at this for a while!?!?

Did they give me a garter?!?!

I fondled with it for a while, and then realised it can be peeled apart...

Like this? What? What? Female condom?

Ah, alas, It is a cap alright, but, a shower cap....hahaha

Ok, yes, confirmed! Shower cap!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Currently, I have 28 videos in my youtube account, of which 26 feature me, mostly pole dancing. I have garnered 235 subscribers to date, mostly (60% maybe?) made up of polers.

Usually I would thank some nice comments. Nasty ones, if I can bear with them stay, but I don't usually reply. Extremely lewd ones are deleted.

Somehow, I'd just wanted to be cheeky with this one. Think I made him/her quite angry...hahaha!

nicntim15 (2 days ago)
The moves, the pole, and the music are the only good things in the video. Too bad the girl leaves much to be desired with looks!

mingassuziewong (2 days ago)
Hi hello. You talking about me? You think I'm ugly? Haha. Thanks. Whatever you say, I'm happy, I have a skill, and i have a life! What about you? Post a video of yourself and show us what you are like?

nicntim15 (1 day ago)
Wow I can't believe I actually logged in to read your comment! And I said you had good moves and you ARE talented, but you're not the most attractive pole dancer, that's it! And honey, I do look better than you, so don't even go there.

mingassuziewong (1 day ago)
I'm so happy for you. Oh did i sound offensive? Sorry! Thot i thanked you!?!? Lol

nicntim15 (23 hours ago)
Good god! Why are you still talking??!?!?!

mingassuziewong (18 hours ago)
Why not? this is my account? No one to chat wit u on your account? lol.

nicntim15 (23 hours ago)
And if you must talk again (God forbid!), learn some English!! WTF is "Thot i thanked you?!" Is "Thot" supposed to be a misspelling of that guys name that was on America's Got Talent?!

mingassuziewong (18 hours ago)
Oh by de way, tanx 4 keep cumming back. tink u like here very mutch.....Lol-stands for luffing out lowd

(no reply yet)

Anyway, the comment is for this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vsAmcNCfL4 . But you need to be logged on to watch or read as someone has flagged this video as inappropriate for below 18 (duh?) but incidentally this is one of my highest viewed video, over 40,000.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


It was meant to be a dinner ta-pau (take away) for me, but the area was so cosy i decided to sit down and enjoy the surroundings while I have my prata and teh tarek. Yes, alone.

After all i needed to familiarize Evans Road as this Sunday i shall be performing again for
NUS homecoming (so fast 1 year already), except this time will be held at the Bt Timah Campus , which i'd never been.
(pictures taken just now after dinner)

Sorry, digressed.....back to the dinner...

After I gobbled down the cheese prata and had a sip of my teh tarek, i got greedy and ordered a tissue prata with chocolate and fresh lime juice.

But before my 2nd helping arrived, the traffic guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere which saw a few of us illegal roadside parkers dashing out to take our cars away to safe areas. As i was not very familiar with the place it took me quite a few minutes to locate a legitimate lot.

As I was walking back to the prata cafe, it don on me that i have not paid & I have no one left behind to pay. They just trusted that I'll come back, after all i already ate 1 whole cheese prata. I could have gone, and had a free meal. Just a thought, you know Suzie won't do that, but they won't.

But when i returned, wah, these were already on my table. So nice.

Not only that, for all that i had, 2 delactable pratas and 2 drinks, only $7.50, no GST, no service charge.

Side track......Oh-oh, these cars kenna already!


I so swear by pole dancing. I'm happy how fitter I have become. Watching back a casual free-style video from last nite, it is apparent how strong my arms & abs are . Can you even tell I'm lethargic from a whole day's work and (shh...having cramps of the month?)

Anyway the reason i'm saying this is that the school is trying to organise a pole dance competition, skewed towards fitness (i know we should say pole fitness competition but then not sure how many people we can attract this way, pole dance seems more plausible) in conjection with a sports council event.

If the plan pulls through, we need lots of work to be done within a very short time, inlcuding getting the media and sponsors, judges etc. Really not my forte, especially the sponsorship department. So if anywone with any suggestions, reccomendations, sports, fitness, or women beauty organisation that i can approach will be very helpful. Please leave a comment here or email me suziew@singnet.com.sg

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

2 years on.....

My blog is almost 2 years old now..... while trying to look for some older pictures of my 'little' niece, i just realised my first blog post was in July 05.

My family celebrated dad's 70th birthday last Saturday. All the guests, some we've not met for a long time, were raving at what a fine beautiful young girl my niece has grown to be. When you watch someone grow up, you don't notice these changes, although of course in my eyes, she has always been beautiful.

So i dug up my old posts in search of her past pictures....... & here they are


Niece in the background with me.. Foreground--the cheeky nephew.
More pictures of my cheeky handsome nephew 2 years ago, you'll soon see him now

Can you even recognise her?

Niece is on my right. She's now taller than "ah yee" already (but than again, many people are taller than me...but but, she's only 14)!

And see the hip ah yee's tut-tut skirt, refusing to grow old!!

The niece's mum also no different la (right)

Me singing with mum and dad, again with nephew stealing the limelight, complete with stylo mylo tux!

Conclusion! We're such a cool & hip family! Heehee

(p.s. sorry pics blurry as they lifted from video. p.p.s I'm gonna miss them being small & chubby)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I wonder why are we doing this, not like they will give us a discount, not even absorb the additional 2 %. I'm talking about giving free publicity to these unrelated people on our personal blogs and increasing their businesses.

I was out searching for dinner last night as my usual Monday auntie who bakes the best crab is away on holiday. So I remembered Sin Lady's graphic presentation of the crab bee hoon and I found myself heading that way -no other choices. Altho the Sri Lankan crab weighed a bit too much to feed 2 not very big eaters, which detered me from ordering, the bill still came up to no less than $80 for a fish, veggie, pork ribs and 1 bamboo clam. They have Sin Lady to thank.

Last Sunday, i had a craving for yam ring. I have had many versions but most can't come close to Dragon Phoenix's. I reminisce over the days they were at outram. A search on the net took me to their current premise at Novetel Clark Quay, and yumm.......they still do it right!

Sorry picture cropped as i already sanked in my teeth before i remembered to take picture. chiong ah.........that was how much i longed for this dish

Monday, July 02, 2007


I received an invitation by some ladies card i maintain with a local bank for an interest free loan.

Interest Free? Sounds too good to be true. And best part there's a column that I can fill in my own "requested amount" subject to a minimum of $500.

But read the finer prints, besides some of the understandable & acceptable terms like "loan is subject to the approval of the Bank blah...blah, it also reveals:

upon approval of each application, a non-refundable processing fee on the Approved Instalment Amount at a rate determined by the Bank at its absolute discretion will be charged to and debited from the Card account specified in the application.

Sure they need to process, but why not be more specific about the rate eg. for loan amount between $500 to $2000 loan, the flat rate of say $60 or 1.5%p.a will be charged or something?

Best part is, if i terminate the facility or make a pre-payment (i.e pay up all before the final instalment plan), i get penalised "$100 or such amount as the Bank may from time to time at its absolute discretion determine." But for the bank , it is "entitled at its absolute discretion to amend, vary or modify the terms at any time without notice and such changes shall be binding with effect from such date as the Bank may determine".

And within the 11 terms & conditions , the word "absolute discretion" is used no less than 7 times....

So insincere, I'd rather go hungry!

Btw, I have heard of sole discretion, but when i do a search of 'absolute discretion", both in legal dictionary and wikipedia, it throws up nothing. "Absolute" means complete and without condition.....so? what does that make of? Legal sister???