Saturday, May 27, 2006


Ok, ok, I will give you guys a break from my pole dancing...i know i've been at it too much already. If you think I'm addicted to the pole, you are wrong.......... I'm OBSESSED!!!!! Hahahahaha

Tonight I did a retro party. Suppose to be ala Connie Francis but think it turn out more to be "Chan Po Chu" or "Nancy Sit" Period Movies type. Haha......but client like....While I was dancing with one of them, he shouted to the rest of the audience "She's so pretty I want to kiss her" Woo-wee . Well ok, it has got to be a mature man to say that

Wah seh, this last picture really obiang pose man!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Similar to the last one, just that this one is more professionally edited. Courtesy of ADAM TAN, oh whom I owe 2 rib eye steak

Did i tell you i have gotten another booking for my pole dance gig in June..Woohoo...Its' all looking up nicely, a compliment letter for the show, more bookings....THANKS TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN ME

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Here's some videos on pole practices on some new stunts, hopefully will be using them for next performance.

Your saw this picture when i first achieved this pose. Practised hard for this.

If you interested, here's the video

Finally, just to show you that Suzie is NOT just always posting glam pictures, successful shows, let me show you some bloopers when i was trying out this move again......see how i crashed.....and ouch! (not about to paste it here, i still have some pride, but if you are in for some laughs, than click on this link)
Click here to watch 'Botched-Bow--arrow'

Finally, some proof of the hard work- bruises sustained on arms and legs after these videos.

This on the arm
And this on the inner thigh.
Gosh my arm and my thigh are the same size now!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Woo-hoo, finally got this move, albeit needs a bit of shaping up, both me and the pose. The attitude is slighlty wrong, suppose to arch back more but i don't seem to be able to do that now. Trying to stay put without sliding down the pole already a huge challenge. Anyhow, I figured the trick to this, you gotto be a little sweaty and sticky to stick to the pole! Haha.

Another latest photo. An outdoor show at bl**dy hot, that's why you see the grease and grim on my face....don't look very glam, but somehow i like the and aura and the stringy skirt flying all over the place.


Ok, no big deal this one. Just that my pole dance lessons will take a short halt for about a month (teacher going UK to receive further training so can train us somemore) and i decided to do some home practises. Routine and singing a bit raw but i will post the link anyway (vertical forum ladies, it's the same "Don't cha" one i posted in the forum) . Watch only if you are absolutely free and have no stiff neck cos the video is tilted to accomodate the long pole in a small room. Video takes a while to load.

Also practised new stunt (no hands type---wah soon can join jacky wu sunday's show liao hahaha). Will post the pic later cos forget to bring camera cable. Grr....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Yeah! I'm so happy..... happy client from my previous event gave me a compliment letter. Received in the mail sent to my boss today...woo-hoo!

I know, you may think I'm a pain to post this up, but you think I care? Haha. Nothing means more than having client appreciate what i created, all the sweat, bruises and injuries that comes from learning the pole (not forgetting the investment). I particularly like the second para. LONG LIVE POLE DANCING....i love you all, my new found pole dance community at and not forgetting, the wonderful

If i can post this anywhere else, I will.......YEAH!

Monday, May 15, 2006


I have some new pictures to post.

I was all these in 1 show

Guess I have to just pose my last picture 1 more time cos i simply adore this pose and picture, have it in my handphone. Call me self-glorification, it's ok, I very proud of myself actually for being able to do this...hee!

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ooh......I like muscles.

Photo taken with Nokia 6280

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The video is clearer, i think my dance is slightly better than the first video, but I'm definitely having more fun with video editing and the Youtube....just discovered i can paste it straight and not need to link. Haha!

This is just a rough edit using my new handphone software. My colleague, Adam will do a better one and maybe photoshop to make me slimmer. Hee! (yah, like put on weight hor)

I've also signed up with this thing called myspace. See what I have created for myself I think very soon i don't need a wesbite liao.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Wah, Gomez the hammer now even hotter than Tammy the NYP liao. Here's the news on his detention on you tube.

James was my course mate in NUS Political Science. Pretty serious and aloof guy way back then. Then he looked like this, but never quite seen him smile like that.

I took political science for fun, well, not actually.....was actually thrusted with it due to no better options. But because it wasn't quite my cup of tea, I studied it candidly, picking easy units, memorizing them without much thought, just so that I can be awarded my degree. Guess that's why I never made friend with James, he had other reasons for taking the course!

Many people must have felt unhappy and think very petty of the Elections Department. I'm not here to judge but somehow I'm probably one of the few who can share the sentiment of the Elections Department. This whole seemingly trivia saga reminds me of my last Shanghai Hotel experience.

Remember my Shanghai airport saga (read
here if interested in long story)? Prior to the ultimate saga, I was accused by the hotel reception of owing them the room charges, when the full bill had actually been paid during check in (just like the Election Dept accused of misplacing the minority form). I had to ransack my luggage to find the receipt (equivalent to going thru the CCTV) to proof my point, and when I did, the stupid hotel staff just took a glance, key some stuff into the computer and said "mei shi le, mei shi le" (no issue already, you can go now). WHAT? I didn't even get an apology, at least James did. At this juncture, just like the PAP, I felt that this "mei shi le" wasn't good enough! I wanted to pursue....I went after the dodging staff, separated by the counter, and kept asking him "why huh? why you say I didn't pay? Explain....explain lah". Haha, so you see my point? Someone makes a mistake, when discovered try to push responsibilty and than when cornered, just "mei shi le, mei shi le" is not good enough. He was lucky I was rushing to the airport. If not I could have gone on and on "huh...huh..." probably until the security have to stop me. I ask you, you TL or not when someone tries to discredit you?

Anyway, if you still don't know what i mean, download this Mr Brown's
podcast. Many people heard already, very funny. Must be patient, takes a while, but worth the wait. For an account on what happen at the Election Dept, check out this link. Anyway you can find loads of news about the otherwise unknown James the Gomez.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I dont' have to poll on this Sat, my estate's a walk-over, but instead, i have to pole......have a pole performance on that day, conincidence? So today I try to get some practice before the show. Have been trying to perfect some moves, by now the stunts getting really 'chim'. Anyway, it's been less than a year since i started so I'm giving myself taps on the shoulder. Look....

Same move from different anger and height, see the second I started higher, means I had to climb higher.

A variation

The next one's called a pole cat nazi , judging from the picture, think i need to work on it some more.

The 2nd one suppose to push away from the pole...eeeeeah...... no strength.....will try again next time.

Anyway, most of these moves not executable yet for my next show..too dangerous. Hopefully i can get hold of some nice pix and videos of the show to upload

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It was a maddening week again. Had to work through Labour Day when everyone partied to the long weekend. Originally had gigs on Friday and May Day so supposed to have Saturday off and was looking forward to Caramelo (CAKE) with Meow on Saturday but received a last minute job on Saturday, so cake session had to wait. ....No, no, not complaining, I really enjoy performing.

Despite the schedule, I still managed 1) a brunch on Sunday at the Shangri-la's Line, thanks to my generous sister
2) attend my colleague Adam's birthday

the one with the cake smashed on the face is NOT the birthday boy! Haha! That' s Gary. I made sure they cut a clean slice of cake for me before the smashing. Smart eh! After the smashing, the rest of them ate the cake....eww...with grease and grime from the face. yucks!

This weekend's polling day (holiday) again i will be working....and a huge event somemore, hope to have new photos. That's all for now, I'm so tired liao.