Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We wil be at Zouk 24 July 2010

Acro Polates is a sponsor of the PINK PARTY in support of POWER OVER CERVICAL CANCER Campaign.

Not only can you catch the Acro POLEFORMES performing at the event at Zouk from 8.30pm to 10.30pm, they will be at the bazaar to explain the benefits of pole fitness for ladies, how it helps tone muscles, build strength, help keep you healthy n fit without having to go to the gym. Discount vouchers for those who wish to sign up their 1st class

FREE ENTRY but register at www.pocc.sg or email rachel@oasiscommunications.com.sg

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cozy Cot Polates Offer

if you are a cozycot member and have never tried pole fitness, check this out, only 8 hours before THIS awesome offer expires

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time really flies and we are into our 7th week of our current term. Our new term starts on the week of 26 July 2010. Book your slot now to ensure you get to continue to pole:

6.30-7.30pm Basic Pole-gram 1
7.30-8.30pm Pole-tential 3
8.30-9.30pm Pole-gress 2

Tuesday :
6.30-7.30pm Advance Open Pole Class
7.30-8.30pm Pole-ficiency 5
8.30-9.30pm Basic Pole-gram 1

6.30-7.30pm Intermediate Spinny 1 (Choreography)
7.30-8.30pm Pole-fessional 4
8.30-9.30pm Pole-fection 6

Friday :
6.45-7.45pm Intermediate Spinny 2 Choreoreography)
7.45-8.45pm Aerial Fitness 1 (Hoop & Silk)
8.45-9.45pm Aerial Fitness 2 (Hoop & Silk)

Saturday :
2.00-3.00pm Basic Pole-gram 1
3.00-4.00pm Pole-gress 2
4.00-5.00pm Pole-tential 3
Above all courses $200 for 8 sessions except for Advance Open Class

Practice Times
Wednesday :
Pole Practice from 6.30pm til 9.30pm, one hour per session

Saturday :
Pole Practice 5.00-6.00pm

Friday : 9.30pm onwards Aerial Practice

What is Advance Open Pole Class:
Open pole class is an open practice session for Acro Polates students having completed at least level 5 and above.

During the open practice session, a “move of the day”* will be demonstrated by the instructor, and it is practice-til-pole-fection by the participants.

The “move of the day”* can be an advanced move, a routine, a combo, can be on static, on spinny or first on static then spinny, can be a move dependant or independent of the previous class/other classes. If the earlier, the instructor will make known to students,

Simply to provide therapy, stress relieve, interact with students of various classes/ levels, while shedding some calories. It does not and is not meant to replace any of the other structured classes Acro Polates has designed for you.

As such, you can purchase single sessions or in clusters of 4, 6 or 8 sessions in each term. Needless to say, you save more when you purchase more sessions per term. Single or additional sessions can be cought at $30 per session but priority are given students who pre-purchase the sessions in the event of a full turn out.

The studio/instructor does not guarantee
1. a minimum or maximum number of participant in each class, the more the merrier but as the class grows too big, Acro Polates will open more slots

2. that it is a brand new move each session. Take it as practice and challenge yourself in getting into it faster or with more grace and ease if that move is not new to you.

3. That everyone will achieve the move at the end of the session, but the instructor will tailor the level of difficulty if the need arises.

What is the difference between Open Pole Class and Pole Practice
1. Pole practice is for all levels and everyone practising different moves at their own pace. There is no instructor during pole practices to ensure that you are getting the moves right.

2. With everyone trying to achieve the same move during the session, the challenge is heightened.

Class Rates (quoted per term)
1. Single class –come for class and purchase $30
2. 4 per term (pre-purchased) $100
3. 6 per term (pre-purchased) $140
4. 8 per term (pre-purchased) $170
For 2) and 3) additional slots can be purchased at $30/session

The studio reserves the right to turn away those who did not pre-purchase in the event the classes have full turnout.

For more info on the classes, please refer to
Acro Polates Website or contact instructors or Ryan/Bobee at 6334 2382