Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Someone sent me these. You think they real? Photos belonging to the same person? There are resemblance though.


(click for larger image)

I thank you back for this letter. It makes my day.

Monday, January 29, 2007


It is a sensitive topic to touch on, because i am or soon falling into this category. But i have to rant.

Yesterday on straits time someone complained that at 50, he thinks no one is serious and interested in hiring him despite his vast work experiences.

Having been involved in Recruitment/HR work for almost 10years now, i always try to be as impartial as possible not to judge a candidate by his/her race or age. Sadly, it is a usually a self-fulfilling prophecy where a certain type of worker has more tipah-apa work attitude and another group prove to be more skillful liars.

It is not that i don't try, but when it comes to more mature workers, they clearly lack certain qualities to fit into the exuberant entertainment culture. 1) you have to look/dress/behave relatively hip because "you represent the party". 2) then you have to be fit and healthy for all the zipping around from event to event (sometimes even to help carry bulky equipment and stuff). 3) you have to be relatively commitment-free because you have to work late nights and weekends. Finally, you have to be resourceful and keep up to date simply because clients are getting more sophisticated.

Recently, we recruited back an ex-staff (S) who left us 8 years ago to then venture on his own, to now replace an outgoing operations executive. Back then, although not exactly a super-competent staff, he was younger, fitter and hence could assist in, amongst other things, equipment set-up etc. I had very little recollection of how effective he was because when i first joined the company, the staff strength was smaller and S was one of those pioneers who went thru thick and thin with my boss who had just started out the business then.

So this time, naturally, on his return and seeing how young the work force is, he behaved like a senior (a general manager to be more precise) and apart from demanding a more attractive remuneration package, he laid down conditions of not wanting to perform certain tasks he used to do, like the manual work. Fair enough, we don't want him to break his forty-something year old bones either. Just as long as he can organise people (part or full time staff) to do it, which is his primary role anyway, we are ok with that.

A week before he started work, he came down to discuss details of employment, introduced himself to colleagues, ordered me to do a few things including ensuring his name cards were printed with the correct designation, and shared his vision for the company with new colleagues. Very impressive!

Few days into the job, I noticed he hardly used the computer, he just kept copying notes on some scraps of paper. He looked lost. On event site, he didn't know how to operate the equipment anymore, he didn't even know how to coordinate a simple event. While my boss and me just gave him time to settle and adapt to "new" situations, the younger and more driven staff couldn't care less to talk to him nicely. When they realised S was enjoying a glass of icy cold beer during one of our events, they just decided to task him with no-brainer roles like open ballroom door for guests and fetch game props.

1 week into the job, he wants to quit, citing differences with the younger staff. Not surprising! The younger employees of today (not all though) can multi-task, including marketing roles, coordination of events, carry and set-up equipment, some can even design cards/posters using adobe photoshops or powerpoint, flash, edit videos etc.

No differences la. I think it is just his self-esteem diminishing because most things he doesn't know how to do. Neither does he feel comfortable consulting others because he already set his "I'm your senior" aura. I try to emphatize, i spoke to him, i was even willing to give him a second chance. I was utterly disappointed when he turned me down. I asked him what he could do for me, he said he will recruit someone to replace him. Ok, set, for once i don't have to do it myself. The next time i checked with him the recuitment process, he said he placed a small ad in classified (not even semi-display) which garnered only 3 responses and cost $70. Again, only a reflection that he is living in the past. For $70 i can place 3 job street ads that last 3 weeks or a little more a whole month ad in jobsDB. Obviously he hadn't even heard of these recruitment portals!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's my nephew's 7th birthday.

So nice to look at. But can't say the same for the taste lah. But no choice, sis explained cake must be hard enough to tahan the weight. I ask her why never order a separate
butter cream cake for us. Hee .

Later in the evening, I was treated to a Teo-chew dinner and had what seemed to be the best Or-ni ever from Swa Garden at Macpherson.

It was indeed a day of indulgence after 2 weeks of hard work,--5 pole shows, 2 MC jobs and several suzie wong and belly fusion shows in total......

Saturday, January 27, 2007


I know, VB's gonna say "How come no pole stunts?"

I agree with this one, i think she should at least learn 1 fireman spin or something, if not people will think pole dancing is just walking round and round the pole.

Anyway share another spider joke (friends only). This happened last night:

Tarantula showed Spider a handphone picture of her dog and lovingly declared "My baby"

Spider showed Tarantula back a picture on his handphone and replied "My baby".

This ..................................

Thursday, January 25, 2007


These are not best pictures of me but just want to share this amazing new product.
See that a slight tinge of pick on my cheek ? (quite faint on photo). It's not blusher hor! This a new cream called "pink magic", supposed to be made from natural rose extract and just need a small small amount to blush up the skin immediately and stays like that for 12 hours. Cannot be wiped off.

Only the size of a tube of lip gloss and cost about $80 something. Friends interested let me know i tell you where to get.

I know, it sounds scary, I was skeptical too. The seller shows you some kind of lab test done in hongkong to declare no lead, mercury blah...blah. What to do? Woman my age needs all the help i can get. Supposed to be able to apply else where to give a pink effect! didn't work for me leh! Hahaha.... I'm talking about the LIPS lah!


...............hosted by me. It's was so beautiful and relaxing I don't mind doing it again.

But that is subject to God remaining that merciful for the great weather during this wet season.

Hmm..............maybe can have a wedding here!


Extracted from last pole video.....amongst them, these are my favourites

See the kick? Almost an "yi zhi ma" man. Woo-hoo

Both the knee hold and knee swing getting stronger, can arch back more...takes a lot of abs strength! So again, woo-hoo! Don't complain that there are so many favourites, I'm just trying to console myself for all the lovely sentimental pictures I had lost during the recent virus attack.

Here are the rest, if anyone interested....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Is it a case of lack of commitment, upbringing or educational system these days that are different. Or is it because there are lots of job choices?

I had a 24-year old coming to work 3 days and decided that he would not come on the 4th day. Another 23-year old confirmed starting work today to only sms me this morning at 12.30am to say he had decided to continue his studies. Duh?

And it is not like I had never warned them the demands of the job during the TWO interviews i conducted with them, the abominable boss, and they had nothing but only disilluionment of the glitz and glamour of this industry had to offer in the beginning.

Now I also have to deal with the emotions of another returning 40-something year old staff who feels the junior staff are not giving him enough repect. What the...... ah........whatever, as if Im not busy enough to have had performed seven shows in seven days last week.

Ok, so here goes, my last week's pole performance and first time ever for a heartland crowd. Nevermind some who were there to take a peek underneath the skirts. The majority of the audience were sincere, appreciative and simply adorable

Pardon some of the typo errors, if any. I have to get back to work to conduct my "human relations" role

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Or is it the other way round? Whatever! You gonna love this, especially if you love either Bollywood or pole dancing......enjoy!


Strange! the guys didn't seem to like the first mafia girl look. They preferred this one. This a 2-nighter event so i tried out different wigs.But both nights the pole shows were hits and I'm so happy! Except that on the second night, some people stole my bottle of acohol wipes to clean my pole (to prevent slipping from grime and oil). Some drunk fella must have thought he'd found cheap booze!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You know the recent viral attack wiped out even my address book, so if you can please drop me hello email so that i can save your emails into my address book again.

VB, you ok? Not heard from you lately and i lost your email.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Did a gig tonight, suppose to be mafia girl do pole dancing....but think i look more like Victoria Beckham wannabe......the lian version lah (in case that sends you puking!) Hahahaha!
Yes, these are the first pictures i loaded back into my C Draught, er I mean drive, so it's an achievement! I got to celebrate, now jumping on my pole to practice!

Thanks all for you love and concern over computer. 3A gurl, i will learn how to use extra thick and safe protection (3A gurl...hahaha). But not sure if i know how, never really had to take precautions like that before.......bwahahaha

Monday, January 15, 2007


.............Hack other's computers?

First my blog was spammed, now apparently someone has hacked my computer and deleted everything from my C drive..........YOU HAPPY NOW?

Sigh, guess won't be updating for a while. Even after re-formatting, lots of info will be gone and have to re-load things bit by bit. Besides, this week I have gigs almost everyday, so see you probably in a week's time.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Actually i didn't want to bore you with this video. It's a pole practice on spin mode and i don't think it's very good yet.

But because i discovered this video platform when loading MEOW''S restroom adventure video, i thought i just load some videos to fill my account since i don't see many pole dance videos like how youtube has become.

I'm truly surprised with the encouraging viewership. This morning it recorded 1710, just some 10 hours after uploading. Now another 3 hours later another 1000 people have watched! Huh? Wow!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yes, it's 2am, and was researching some latest youtube additions to pole dance videos, came across this awesome move by a nypd instructor....Ooh, I just had to try it!

It's nothing new. It's the bow and arrow, something I learnt some months back.

But she did it with such a nice split I just gotto try.

After 3 attempts of finding the best hand placement................ah, got it!

Even did a video

Happy now.............going to sleep

(shhh........ yes, this is wat i wear to bed!)

Sunday, January 07, 2007



1) Why clients are so resistant to my pole show if they think this is what it's all about
2) Pub/club restrooms have gone sohisticated.........
.......but not the users...hahaha (the incessant laughing at the background belonged to Meow) No, and i'm not talking about me, I'm talking about the 'Ah huays'. The restroom was nice but pee was all over the floor as though they had p*nis!!

Friday, January 05, 2007


it so deserves............and you know I'm talking about pole dancing.

i have 5 pole performances this month, which makes about 25% of my performances, compared to previously about only 10%.....what does that tell you, audiences are beginning to appreciate it.

some people i want to attribute the gaining popularity...........people who provided my first performance opportunity exactly 1 year ago (meow---shall we laugh at the first video again?), people who bothered to watch my videos after videos i posted here (right from the start-u know who u are) and gave me reviews and encouragement. My sis who so proudly shows them off to my nieces, nephews and my pa & ma. UWeekly thank you too!

but, while I'm rejoicing, gotto pray hard that i have good health. today i was sick and already find performing my normal singing shows difficult.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yeeks! Some people have posted leaked footages of Saddam's hanging! The cellphone is such a dangerous weapon! Go search it yourself, i too chicken to post it here


Woo-hoo, not bad for a brand new start of the year....

Far from perfection, but at least held on enough to snap a picture.......
..........ladies and gentlement....nearly a handspring

I know for some of you, all inverted stunts look the same to you, but please don't mistake the handspring with this


You see the second picture still has the body to lean on the pole, and the 3rd again is using another type of hold. But for the HS, it's stictly your hand grip and core strength and this the one that cause my wrists to injure.

Anyway, still practising to better the move. Another challenge i posed myself yesterday was to conquer 7 linking stunts without dismounting the pole

50cents TEH-C

at the commonwealth hawker centre. Tell me where to still find?

Monday, January 01, 2007


First, I did something really untinkable on 31 Dec 07---watching fireworks, counting down to the new year with 60, 000 people at one fullerton. Just like the other singaporeans and foreign workers, i stood, i waited, smelling their bah-woo (U--you probably be reading this, so better admit i'm using your term-haha) , braving the drizzle--quite some challenge!! After my effort, i HAVE TO upload it just to convince myself all the puching and shoving were all worthwhile. (video will be deleted in a few days)

This only a fraction of the people I'm sqeezing with

Remember months ago when I performed my FIRST POLE DANCE SHOW I already attracted potential copy cats (sorry I'm still at this topic)? I have just been informed on the first day of 2007 that this same person has during one of my performance sneakily taped my entire performance so that she can duplicate my show (actually no need, my shows are all uploaded on youtube silly)....Woah! I know I know, VB's gonna tell me copycat is the best form of what what flattery....(aiya, forgot the exact term) has it that this person will try to do the pole stunts herself (how? she doesn't have rhythm, and btw, did you see my handspring blooper, the fall, the bruises, the suffering???? with your fair skin and all, you think you can afford that). Apparently if plan one fails for her, she will hire dancers and send them for training and do what i do.......wah! I'm so afraid.......Looks like i have to take up new skills already---aerialism perhaps?