Saturday, January 31, 2009

DREAMGIRLZ Valentines Photography

This coming Wednesday's Pole Practice (4 February) will be turned into a Dreamgirlz Valentines Photography Session. For only $150 per person, you get a professional studio photographer to snap up to 6 pole-latable & a-pole-tizing pictures.

Use it as a gift for that special someone this Valentine's day.

Check HERE for more info


Today's Highlight

When my physiotherapist sms-ed me about 3 weeks ago, telling me that he saw my picture at a prestigious club in Singapore, I replied that I knew I was performing for the event. BUT, I didn't quite expect that I WAS the HIGHLIGHT...haha

Friday, January 30, 2009

I met the Emperor

On the first day of Chinese New Year
And gosh , THIS was my little niece 3 years ago, and here's she now!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Suzie at Nephew's Birthday

Every year about this same time, my sister throws a birthday party for my nephew with lavish kids' activities.

This year, besides bouncees, she added the velcro wall, as the kids have now grown bigger, probably can appreciate stuff like these better.

Well, she was absolutely right as it made THIS BIG kid very excited.

Here's me putting on the velcro suit.
I had a total of 3 you can see, this first one wasn't very successful.

2nd attempt I decided to jump and turn around for the camera!

By the 3rd, I had wanted to throw myself so hard and do a inverted one, but it proved to be a lot harder than I thought. I only managed to be horizontal! uurgh! Video from 10sec onwards!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


we had

this :

this :

and THIS all in a week! It has been a fairly good year since we started. SO, make your new year resolution to get fit with ACRO POLATES (haha, some advertising here)


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Suzie on OktoLIVE

Someone beat me into loading it, I'm at the beginning

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This show caused me sleepless nights

Will tell you more probably in another post if I have the time.

Anyway, Sinlady, was wearing your green birthday earrings and bangle! very matching..thanks

There were 2 parts of the show, Below was part one of the show, guests just arriving, thus the noice:

If you like the music, it's arranged by my special friend! No prize for guessing who

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glue is for...........

It's quite common that when I get the chance to perform out of Singapore, no matter near or far, i get a sleepless night trying to ensure I have packed everything I needed.... Always happens that I will leave out some stuff, but thankfully, it's usually the smaller stuff like eye liner, comb, lip gloss, thank goodness never once the bigger stuff like dresses, boas, heels, hair pieces etc.

Tonight I had to get out of Singapore to perform in an ulu town. Only when I got there and started putting on my make up that I realised I had my fake lash but not the glue for lash. I tried my luck looking around for a Watson's or equivalent but all I found was a forlon looking stationary shop with most of the items collecting dust from months of being on the shelves. Spider pointed out to these 4 bottles of glue that cost an equivalent of 50cents (for all 4). I bought them and they worked for all of 30mins........just as well that was the length of my performance anyway!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

I forgot its friday today......

....because I have to perform at a luncheon at Fullerton, so naturally i woke up thinking it's the weekend.

Assuming that shenton area will be empty, which it usually is on weekends, i decided to put on my full costume make up and drive to the show, saving some changing time when i arrive at the set. it would be quite safe not to be mistaken as someone from outter space as i usually take the highway all the way, exit prince edward and shortly i'll arrive at fullerton, and people don't usually stare at you on highways and on quiet raffles place on weekends.

Little did i expect i was gawked at by lunch time pedestrains and drivers pulling next to me on the numerous traffice light along busy friday shenton! haha, what to do i just smile back lor!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Team ever

Tonight we had our first pole show ever performed at Mediacorp, OktoLIVE.

I have the BEST team ever, seriously without them agreeing to lug the pole prop to Mediacorp studios, there will be no pole show, for that matter there will be no pole shows anywhere without them. They know the inside out of setting up and tearing down the prop safely for me. Ryan, Mor, thumbs up.

Even though I had such a small part in the show, we had so much fun la. After my performance, we sat behind the set to watch the rest of the program and chill. We entertained ourselves testing out the live know that kind that you pay 30c to sms to seach sentence with the word "rox...or rawks......."! So we wasted some 90c by sms-ing "Suzie rawks"3x and only once appeared.....hahaha

This the cast/crew . The guy in green on the right is darren, project supertar winner and the young people know him leh!

Next week I suppose to have another shoot...hmm...not sure if my best team want to help me again???!!! (innocent face)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We had our first shot together

Our rehearsal for a performance caught the attention of a production house and they have requested to film it.

The three of us got together, did our make-up, don our costumes and had some fun putting it together. I know, the styling etc is usually provided, but it doesn't hurt that we had to do our wn and can't help it if we are such!

Check out our POWERFUL ending! This is so gonna be Kelly's signature move..the jade. I think it's the BEST JADE in Singapore!

Anyway, Kelly is so sweet, she just got married over the weekend and agreed to do this. Anyway she's going on a little honeymoon tomorow before she gets back with loads of assignments! ENJOY KELLY!

Our finished product

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tune in to OktoLive

Tomorow (12 Jan) there's a program coming to Acro Polates to film some classes from 6pm,

.....followed by Tuesday 13 Jan at 8.30pm, Suzie and the pole will be featured live on
Oktolive channel. Do tune in to show your support. And I'm appealing to anyone who subscribes to the channel to help tape it down can?

These 2 weeks leading to chinese new year are packed for Suzie aka Polefessional! It turned out to be a pretty good 丰收年for Suzie! Let's hope that continues into the year of Ox. Yay!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Acro Polateasers know how to make usually boring ROM fun!

Yesterday was Acro Polates's Instructor Kelly's ROM (Registry of Marriage) with beau Eric.

She chose a garden theme and had her marriage solemnised at a Changi chalet.

Before I arrived,, various groups of people were engaged in different activities, mahjong, makan, another group was discussing the plot of Little Nonya and singing pantun.

The true POLE-FESSIONAL just knows how to bring the pole into the picture

First Daniel was made to do the challenge after several drinks

The bride ngair ngair must try also, cannot resist the pole! The best part was, as a "Mrs" with immediate effect, she had to ask hubby's permission...tsk tsk!


Daniel challenged me to do the scorpio on this blardy thick pole

Sorry Daniel, I delivered above and beyond! bwahahahah!

--------added later----------

Responding to Dancingbunny's comment....yes indeed. in fact these are the nicer pictures he took of me

Thursday, January 08, 2009

People were dancing with poles long long time ago

Thanks to pole buddy Boomoulou for showing me this

It's so beauiful you gotto watch; the magic starts about 1m55s.

Here's another one how come people don't dance like that anymore?

While I'm at the topic, gotto brag about my latest feat, called the twisted grip handspring. It's crazy, everyone's in the pole universe is practising this. And again, I'm probably the first Singaporean to get it, not unless Malaysian boomloulou beat me to it, we're probably the two most fanatical poler in the part of earth!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I want to keep this a secret

but I'm so excited about this....think it's gonna be nice!

I've got great girls!

I've reached the Diva age

When you have arrived at my age and still performing, you either a) choose to behave more humbly and pray that you still have performance bookings or you b) get into the Diva mode and not care!

I don't deny that I am afraid of the a) but still sometimes I choose to be b)

A new company which I've never worked for had been ding-dong-ing enquring about my show and even asked me for a goodwill rate, and finally sent me this, I'm only posting the ghist:

Hi Suzie,

Thanks for the video!

My client is skewed towards into confirming you today and I’ll let u know by end of today.

May we kindly request that you do not repeat your style for both events as we are afraid that the same group of customers will attend both dinner and luncheon.......and be

- elegant
- classy/proper
- no hokkien
- no coarse language
-You don’t have to be too CNY

-u can also sing the latest Chinese songs to entertain the guests as well.
-Do you have a long cheongsam

-no feather boas please. A fan also can..
-do u have also a song repertoire or any rough ideas that you will be doing for the luncheon? My client would like to know ya..

I hope I'm not being too kwai lan (pardon the language.....) but my reply these days are "if you not confident about me, please find someone else!" (pst...I have lasted 16 years doing this)

----------------------Added later after Sinlady's comment---------------------

yes, these clients don't understand:

I eventually landed this job, not after 3 event companies looked me up for the same quote. There is ONLY ONE SUZIE WONG!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Fun Belly Rings

I'm selling them...from Korea and USA......range from S$18 to S$25
For Chinese New Year
Cocktail, Margarita, Rainbow Anodized Titanium Dice

Top Load Butterfly-available in 3 colours, Amethyst Purple, Blue Zirconia and Scintilatting Pink

And lastly, the cutest of all...


Very limited, pictures don't do justice, must see real thing!

Spent 1st day of 2009 Rejuvenating!

I totally deserve this break and thanks to the Brunton's for taking me out on this lovely day, on this lovely boat, with the most lovely company!
Many nice pictures, but above all, I received this in my inbox, entitled "Can't miss a day without my pole"....hahaha, witty!

What a great way to welcome the new year.......and I caught a small small fish which we put back to the sea......a great sign to tell me my years to come are definitely gonna be "年年有魚/餘 "!