Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It does look like it's lots of fun

It does look like a lot of fun, and we at Acro Polates are having so much of it.

Many (especially those who have sort-of given up pole due to the pain, bruises etc) have written to me to ask if aerial hoop and silk are easier or less painful. My reply : looks can be deceiving

Aerial Hoop and Silk Classes lauching January 2010


Monday, December 28, 2009

This is a little overdue

But I thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts for my birthday.
and this year instead of a birthday cake, I opt for these lovely bailey and lychee martini and chocolate rum cup cakes, some went missing before candles were blown

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ooh-yeah I finally get to meet me mascot

Remember I was supposed to have my own "Celebrity Doll"? Don't pray pray ok, she just arrived from UK ok? And tonight I meet her for the first time. Gosh she's really a mini me.

She comes with her own pole, but yeah, we can also do doubles

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I so like this?

I'm actually quite a softie, but always wanting to act so tough like that. While I quite enjoy reading "emo" posts on other's blogs, I'd rather not make my emotional soft spots known, not unless I'm extremely upset with something /somebody I'd blah it out on my blog

Today Daniel came for one last pole practice before he took the 2am flight to Europe for some six months or so....I'm so gonna miss practising with him, but I just won't overtly show or admit it. Yes, that last hug almost brought a tear, but I'd quickly rattle some jokes or nonsense to distract myself. It was the same when Kelly left for good for Melbourne. I chose not to send her off at the airport because I knew I was gonna cry buckets. I regret not even taking some farewell shots with her.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New Pole Mats

Our new Acro Polates Pole Mats with improved design.....fit snuggly around the pole and made of dual-density foam

If you wish to purchase, enquire with Acro Polates Pole & Aerial Fitness School here

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Tonight was a rare Saturday night in December without a gig, an indication of either the recession is stil looming, OR, I'm just getting lesser engagements.

Whatever the reason, I chose not to sit around and brood, but instead, spent the time bonding with family. First, I took mum & dad to grocery shopping and then a simple yet yummy dinner at amoy hawker centre. Since dad's discharge from the hospital, he is forbidden (by us) to drive and he had been having real poor appetitite. So i became chauffeur for the evening and took them to a supermarket so then they can stock up supplies. I know dad has been craving for slice fish mee fan, the kind cooked with milk, instead of choosing a fancy restaurant, I took them to Quan Ji at Amoy street, which serves one of the best fish head mee fan. Dad, being a frugal dad will enjoy his food more knowing we did not pay a fortune for it. True enough, he heartily gobbled down the mee fan and soup and kept raving about how value-for-money it had been.

Then I drove them briefly passed crowded Orchard to enjoy the lights, and stopped by at "Ji De Chi" at Liang Seah Street to purchase 7 bowls of durian puree with pomelo for sis's family & us.

Then it was a slow drive to sis's place to eat the dessert. And dad, although did not tuck at the dessert, clearly enjoyed the company of his grand children.

It was a heartwarming Saturday evening. I want to do more of this. I've come to realise that dad and mum are not young anymore, they need us, they want to be around their children and loved one. I want to take more time out from my busy schedule to be with them, I don't want to regret not seeing them enough. I hope I can do it, I want to do it.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Aerial Fitness

Acro Polates is so excited to start its 1st AERIAL FITNESS course very soon!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Moth! Run!

Moths, especially the huge ones with patterns, terrify me.

I remembered once when i was a kid, I almost drowned in a pool doing my front crawl. My head bobbed out of the water (to take a breath), and one big moth was floating in my direction. That was the last time i swam at Singapore Island country club.

Someone recently stuck a poster in our lift. Just now as I entered the lift, I thought someone had added a sticker on the poster. And as the lift door was almost closing to a complete shut, I suddenly realised that it was NOT a sticker, but a huge moth lightly fluttering its wings and probably ready to terrorise me when I alone with it behind the lift doors.

I muffled my instant desire to scream but instead let out a soft but very petrified"OH MY GOD" and stuck my finger between the lift door which was by now just an inch from shutting, and literally pried open it.

I ran to the next lift, and still shudder at every sound produced by the lift motors. When the door eventually opened, I felt my knees had turned jelly.

I thought it would help to quickly send friend a text messsage to warn him so that he might not get a fright when he gets home, presumably in half an hours time. Instead of thanking me, he said I probably frightened the poor moth! Bleah

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A quick update : My birthday

Lots happened during the week, little time to blog. So just a quick birthday update.

What's my party without a pole right?

Ok, me and more me....courtesy of Celestine who took the pics..thanks cos I realised, as usual i was running the event til I had no time to snap pictures....last year i had a professional photographer and ended up with some 600 shots!

Instead of traditional cake (I can't believe I ditched my fave butter cream), I ordered cupcakes, baileys, lychee martini and chocolate rummm......yummm..no regrets! As you can see some already missing before the candles were blown!

I can always count on Daniel & Marla to fill an empty pole platform.

This year I even have a Daniel wannabe, Nicholas from Seremban, he's only 16 and loads of poletentital

Got special guest perfomer, Ella.
A simply fulfilling party.....I'm so blessed
those who just read this and wish to sendme a belated birthday wish, just help me click on my nuffnang ad. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fabulous Saturday

It was a rare Saturday in a November without a gig.

Instead of wasting my precious Saturday, I met up with good girlfriends, Sinlady, EDPJ and Wildgoose for tea. It was a marvellous 3-hour of catching up (i.e. gossiping..lol). Then I went on to attend Animal Lovers League's Fund Raising Dinner and did my small part towards the course of saving the abandoned and homeless cats and dogs.

Then it was a little pampering of my fingers and toes, something that I find so hard to find time to do if not for the fact that some nail palours open til 2am.

Finally it was a pop-over to listen to my baby play...oh gosh...still sounding so good!

Turned out to be a meaningful, relaxing Saturday...and re-charges me to face the stressful week ahead

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let' talk business

I thank my Boss(God) & my partner (Eunice) for making this a record month for Acro Polates.

This the month we:
1. sold MOST number of poles
2. sold MOST pole dance wear. Lots sold within the 1st 3 days..woo-hoo, love you all! for those who pracrastinating, some colours are limited edition ok? not kidding
3. achieve highest number of pole practice attendees.

It's amazing when you do your tasks with passion and when you trust the Boss.

On the events side, ok la, I can also count partner Pang to have closed the most number deals this month....haha..... laughable but true, can't complain!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Tops and Shorts for Pole Dancers

Our crop tops and shorts are popular, I won't dare say we have expanded our range but just added new colours

Enquire @ Acro Polates

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my newest pole stunt

and learning more extreme stuff

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Appreciative crowd

I really like the way Instructor Eunice's dances, very mature, sensual and enticing..No wonder this guy in front was totally smitted

Thursday, November 05, 2009


We are so excited that Acro Polates will be the first here to offer


Stay tuned for details and schedule soon

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am a true entertainer

Today i made a BIG boo-boo during my performance but i still managed to make a recovery. In fact the incident was rather hilarious.

You know how for my "Suzie Wong" showtime I would wear a cheong sam or qi pao (oriental outfit) and later in the set would peel it off to reveal a sexier get-up? I do this at my own accord for variety, not requested by anyone. But for tonight's event, I was specifically requested to do that to suit the theme, something to the effect of "from old to new" transformation sort of thing.

Several songs after, I stripped down to a partial sexy, partial cutesey outfit and while trying to do a backbend on my knees, my hair wig got caught in the rough stage carpet and it came OFF....Oh My OUCH, l bet I looked really silly, I heard sniggers from the audience. My hair bun held up with lots of bobby pins is now revealed, rather unglam.

Well, since the theme was about transformation, I gave it my all. While still holding the microphone and singing, I started using the free hand to remove the bobby pins, removed the hair net which held the hair bun in place, undo the by-now the pony tail by removing the elastic band...ruffled my hair a little and BOOMZ (oops pardon me can't help it..lol), I am now truly transformed into a vamp, singing and performing with va va voom hair flicks which i usually could not do with hair artificial hair pieces

I could tell by now that the audience was rather convinced that it was deliberate and part of the show. When I was done with the show, I picked up the hair piece lying somewhere on the stage and quickly got off stage and started laughing uncontrollably! I was still laughing when I was driving to my next show, thinking, darn, now i have to painstakig put my hair up all over again!

Friday, October 30, 2009

This Sweetie Really Loves Pinics

The minute we laid out the pinic mat by the beach, this cutie PLONKED himself on it. Then he looked eagerly upon us as we descended next to him and he started snuggling up, playing with us occasionally with his paws, chewing our fingers affectionately, and at times rolling onto his back to solicit a tummy rub. About half an hour later, he tired himself out & started snoozing amidst the cool sea breeze.....Ah boy is one happy pet!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Tell me if there's a better term for it, for I really don't like the word camwhoring. But was exactly what I was doing before my show.
Can put this picture on top of a mooncake box....got a bit of that aura
I guess the slightly dampened economy has left me with a bit more time to do stuff like that since less rushing about from show to show.
This is after the show, and showing off my new top

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Acro Polates in Culture X

We recently appeared in a 30sec introduction of a program called Culture X, aired on Mediacorp TV 12 (Okto), shot by Third Floor Pictures

Brief but well-shot

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We made these shorts because polers find it quite hard to buy appropriate shorts. They either not fitted to the thighs or some are too expensive.

Since we started making our Acro Polates shorts, we have sold them mainly to our students and occasionally to their friends or sisters who liked the design. They are however, mostly sold during lessons, usually there and then when they decide that the shorts they were wearing were not conducive for pole tricks. So every now and then, Instructor Eunice would peer into my office in the middle of her class to announce "someone wants to buy shorts" and she would leave the follow-up to whoever is in the office.

So today when Eunice made her usual "somebody wants to blah blah" announcement, I just did the usual, took out a brand new piece and handed it to my colleague incharge of sales & admin, thinking to myself, someone wearing wrong shorts again.

Then I heard an unfamiliar voice asking my colleague about "sizes"...I looked up from my desk and saw an even more unfamiliar face.....she's not a student. I walked up to her and offered my assistance. "you buying this for pole dancing?" No, she replied that she needed a pair of black sports short and thought she would drop by buy!!!! Cool!

After the successful sale, my colleague laughed and remarked "wa! can open retail shop already!"

Pssttt: Ms Su Lin, maybe she saw the pole mascot wearing it, too nice...hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

we love THIS responsibility

A friend recently remarked, with a slight frown "so, it's now a responsibility for you both to take ah boy out every week?"

responsibility yes, but little does he know it is a responsibility we both take great pleasure in & treasure.

For story on how ah boy became my adopted pet, just type the words "ah boy" in my blog search and you will find many posts.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah! I Suzie has her own Polefessional DOLL!

You know how some celebrity have their own Barbie Doll Collectible, like this Diana Ross one right?

Now, Suzie Wong the Pole-fessional has HER OWN DOLL!


Woo-hoo, Best part is, the 2 images you see --it is the SAME DOLL ...

CORRECT, that means , you can change the pole positions! woo-hoo

Don't get jeoulous, want to know more about the creator? http://www.su-lin.edicypages.com She makes these dolls with socks!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Depressant becomes stimulant

I need to start getting back to bed earlier. This coming week there are at least 2 mornings i need to wake up earlier.

So last night I asked friend to fix me a drink so that I can, hopefully go to sleep with ease. MISTAKE! Must have over estimated my achohol tolerance. Five minutes of downing that 'cocktail', i was not only completely flushed, my heart was pounding. I measured my pulse, it was going at least at the rate of 90/min. I tossed and moaned in discomfort, when i used a mechanical device to read my pulse rate, it read 99!!!! I yelled "I needed a depressant, not a stimulant!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Come'on, show support

Today I read a newspaper article about how Singaporeans are not supportive of local talents who make it internationally, they complain and compare everything from looks to age to originality..etc.

Haven't I already had a taste of that? Not even reached international level yet, just on national home ground, already have parents complaining that we are morally wrong , to people complaining about our looks. What about our time and commitment? They don't care, do they?

It was the exact reason of fear of being jeered at that prevented me from wanting to take part in this International Competition . What if I am not selected...marlu (emabarrassing), I told myself.

After some persuasion, I decided to give it a try, I'm no longer bothered by what people think. Whether i get in or not, it bothers no one except myself and people who who VOTED FOR ME. Those who scoff are probably people who are jeolous of how much guts ( i wanna say balls) you have anyway.

So PLEASE, CAST YOUR VOTE FOR ME if you are proud of the 1st Singaporean even just for trying her luck at an international pole dance competition.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lame, but just have to do it again!

The sound of explosion was loud & shattering, but Staits Times described it as a "popping sound". When Jean, my friend read me the news from her iphone, i exclaimed "popping"? It was a... BOOMZ!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I've been stalked

yesterday i received a call from a guy who said he saw our pole dancing videos from acro polates websites and he thought we did really well. He asked when he could watch us at our next event and I politely told him we would that any public performances will be announced on our website.

5mins later, he sms-ed to ask if we could be friends. I ignored it, than another 5 mins later he smsed "hello, are you there", when i continued to ignore it, he called another 4 more times with a 5min interval .....scary! Have not heard from him yet but...and hope he got the hint.

Anyway, to digress i have quit making LOW-life "BOOMZ' jokes because everyone's doing it, radio personalities, newspaper, blogs, idol judges etc. but can Ms Low PLEASE stop making a joke of herself, I can't stand it that today that she's still trying making allegations of others backstabbing her. Come'on she has already shown the world she's been a liar and cheater...you think what she says still holds any water? Media please stop giving her what she craves for..ATTENTION!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are adding 2 new modules to our syllabus:

1. LEVEL 5- POLE-FICIENCY....Acro Polateasers who have graduated from Level 4 can now look forward to work on even more advanced tricks at Level 5, starting in November

2. POLATES CLUB....For those who would like to add a little dance to your pole tricks, Polates Club is the class you should look out for. Teaching you choreographies jointly developed by the Pole-formers team. Our next class concentrates on a cutesy dance item incorporating cheeky moves and level 2 and 3 inverts...see the performance here:

Will be taught over 6 x 1 hour sessions

For more info on our other classes:

Level 1 : Basic Pole-gram
Level 2 : Pole-gress
Level 3 : Pole-tential
Level 4 : Pole-fessional


----added later------

anyway if you wanna watched the contestants' performance at the pole dance competition at Super Import Nights, they are available at Razor TV.

Kelly's video , a product of Acro Polates, we congratulate her on coming in 2nd

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Superb Super Imports

Simply superb, let the video & photos do the talking

The Acro Polefomances at Super Import Showcases

Sophie & Gazalle's Exotic Belly On Pole

No Boundaries Duo Item (cthong & v-lynn's version) -pardon the sound quality

No boundaries Duo Item (ming & eunice's version)

Kelly's 1st Runner Piece

anyway in case you want to see the studio's practice verson and my solo version (warning: all same song ah), there are here respectively



Monday, September 21, 2009

It's over

It's been stressful & tiring, all the rehearsals, preparation, planning, organising. BUT so so satisfying and so much fun.

Can't wait to post all the pictures and videos to show you all..............for now i just need to rest and catch up on OTHER work.

But before i log off, i wanna whine......about some rich people.

The day after i performed at this event, I received another call from someone who attended the event. She's planning a birthday party for her hubby. I don't get it, she has the money to throw a surprise party for him at Four Seasons with over 200 people but has been haggling with me over some small amount, over 12 emails, over a 3-day span.Think I'll just ignore her for a while.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Import Nights Updated schedule

Needless to say the, pole-formers were a big hit with the audience made up of mainly avid photographers some armed with some really serious SLR cameras. When load our videos you will know what i mean by the incessant flashes.

  • 20 Sept (Sunday) 3-4pm
    Duo Spinny Performance by Nicole & Eunice
    Contestants Preview-Melanie, Alicia
    Guest Performance By Groove Dance School
    Group Performance by Hui Yi, Jean, Jo & Melanie
    Duo Pole Performance by CThong and Dawn

  • 21 Sept (Monday) 3-4pm
    Group Performance by HuiYi, Jean, Kelly Sheree
    Duo Spinny Performance by Eunice & Nicole
    Duo Exotic Performance by Sophie & Gazalle
    Duo Performance by CThong & V-Lynn
    Results of Competition & PrizePresentation

Friday, September 18, 2009

Professional vs fanatical

The entire choreography was worked out on a static pole. It is a beautiful piece I couldn't wait til the part of the evening where i can show it off. It was meant to be a duo piece for the next few night's performances but I wanted to experience performing it alone tonight.

The truth is I had waited the whole night for this one piece. Tonight I was hired by someone from the elite group to entertain only 23 guests with 1. belly dancing, 2. lounge singing (live with piano) and 3. Pole dancing. So you can imagine how confident I was to assume role #3, it was all in a night of surprises for the birthday lady.

But just as I was changing outfit to take on role #3, I saw the 2 guys struggling for a whole 8-min to lock my pole into static.......they kept turning the pole, the nut, the pole, the nut, but nothing would lock it in place....i knew they panicked without realising the weird sight of 2 grown men, bending down trying to fix it for a whole 8-10mins in full view of the 23 guests...I was uber frustrated, i mumbled some expletives and told them to just leave it, I would do a spinny. I wasn't sure whether it was the music that drowned me out or they chose to defy my order...they were still at it for another few minutes until I gave another stern warning.

They finally heeded my order. The music started and my heart palpitated, I didn't know what would be the outcome. I went on to perform, changing almost the entire choreography, doing whatever came to my mind. I was so weary I would end up flinging myself off the pole and landing on some expensive vases or antiques. Thankfully that did not happen, and although I was awfully sure some of the guests could not tell the difference, I was utterly utterly disappointed.

I was disappointed the party had not ended they way I had planned or wanted, I was disappointed that guys being guys, they always think they knew it all...when u want affirnation that they know, they always reply "easy", I was disappointed they did not feel my disappointment, they did not share how important this gig was to me. I was disapponited that I have had so much anxiety attacks lately, and they had to add on more..

In my angst, Spider friend reminded me that I should not have risked my safety to deliver. Ah well, I started performing pole after learning my first invert the night before, what do u expect?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acro Poleformers Schedules at Super Import

I have been so busy I have not had time to :

1. fax back show contracts
2. issue cheques for my car insurance and road tax
3. prepare for my own thursday show (I'm suppose to do some serious singing, belly and pole dacning! woo)
4. buy my facial soap-this is by far the longest I've not been using my usual soap.
5. shop for additional costumes for the poleformers which i intended to.
6. to check on what infection I have to cause an enlarged lymph mode

Regardless, now at 5am, i am going to update you on the first 2 days of the Acro pole-formers scheduled appearances at the Super Import Nights Acro Polates Showcase cum Pole Position Pole Dance Competition

18 Sept (Friday)
8pm - Group Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers -Hui Yi, VLynn, Eunice, Sophie

8.10pm- Duo "Exotic Belly Pole Performance" by Acro Poleformers Sophie & Gazalle
8.15pm - Contestants Preview-Appearance of 3 finalists Jessy, Nurul & Azalia
8.45pm - Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers CThong &V-Lynn

19 Sept (Saturday)
3pm - Guest Performance by Getai Hot Pole Babe, Lin Zi Yi
3.10pm- Duo Spinny Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Eunice & Nicole
3.15pm- Contestants Preview - Finalists Esther & Trina
3.35pm- Guest Performance by Groove, Renee & Eleanor
3.40pm- Contestant Preview- Finalist Melissa
3.45pm-Group Pole Perfomance by Acro Poleformers Hui Yi, Jean, Jo, Dawn
3.50pm -Duo Pole Performance by Acro Poleformers Ming& Eunice

Remember, only $10 to support us

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This coming week.....

The Pole Position Pole Dance Competition to be held at the Super Import Nights is merely a week away,

I'm so busy finalising details while trying to juggle other stuff

Judging criteria
Overall choreography & suitability with choice of son (30 pts)
Pole Tricks & Execution (30 pts)
Showmanship/Costume (30 pts)
Originality/Creativity (10 pts)

In the meantime back in the studio, the Acro Pole-formers team is yet again rehearsing twice weekly for the upcoming performances...back to pre-NDP schedule.

Catch Sophie and Ghram putting up a spectacular exotic pole item fusing belly dance and exotic movements...super chio..................
The other pole-formers

Entry to Super Imports is $10