Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Improve your grip for pole dancing and other sports


ITAC 2 (Available at Acro Polates Pole Fitness Studio S$14)

Total Absolute ControlThe revolutionary new sports grip that will give you the extra edge
From time to time we struggle with our grip and control of our equipment whilst playing our chosen sport. This can be fatal to your score and can be the difference between winning and losing.

Itac2 invested a lot of time and money in research and development. Using the latest technology in water repellent micro waxes and grip enhancement materials, has developed the ultimate sports grip to ensure you achieve better control.Beacuse each sport is different, Itac2 Sports Grip now comes in 4 innovative grip levels. Grip levels 1 (low) to grip level 4 (extreme). No matter what your sport is, amateur or professional, there is an Itac2 Sports Grip suitable for you. You will be amazed at how much better your game can be.

  • Contains natural Australian Beeswax Itac2 is a low Allergy Formula Easy to apply Over 50 applications per jar.
  • Four Grip levels to choose from for your sport
  • Gives you a water repellent surface Long lasting Grip Better control and accuracy Conserve Energy Low tac high grip Use itac2 for all weather and field condition (Normal, hot, sweaty, rain, humid etc) Washes off with Hot soapy water Directions
    Take a small amount of itac2 and rub on to your hands and or finger, wait one minute for itac2 to activate.

MIGHTY GRIP (available at Acro Polates Pole Fitness Studio S$18 members, S$20 non members)

improves grip for pole dancing or other sports

Product info :-

  • One application lasts for hours-
  • Does not come off with sweat- Easily removed with just soap and water
  • The product will not peel or transfer- Environmentally friendly- Does not need constant reapplication-
  • Odor free- DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICON- .25 oz bottle
  • Only needs a pea size/dime sized amount per application

Sunday, April 26, 2009

If you have the means......

and you love animals, please support
Click on picture to enlarge or for more info, check out their website

Friday, April 24, 2009

All to ourselves

Mum's birthday is mostly celebrated quite lavishly with full course chinese dinners and with lots of friends, family and her opera students jamboree-ing with her.

But this year she opted for quiet cosy dinners, divisively attended with different smaller groups of people. While this afternoon she met my sister for lunch, I decided to buy her dinner at a nearby chinese restaurant called 福臨門 (Fu Lin Men) since I had to rush back for pole classes right after. My niece did not turn up due to school work load so I asked my 2 other team mates over and there were in total 5 of us.
Throughout the one and half hours we were there, we were the ONLY patrons in the restaurant, not kidding. We enjoyed the best service ever, undivided attention from the restaurant crew and when it was time to light the candles and sing happy birthday, we had the restaurant entourage singing along!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I thought I had become "boring"!

Now that I have finally efiled (thanks to Meow) , i realize I no longer just file as an "individual", I have to account for a business entity as well.

Previously as an 'individual", i realised I can blog anything, rant, scold, b*tch about anything I want. Of late, I thought I have become boring, nothing much to blog, giving excuses that perhaps I am devoting too much time to facebook. But, the truth is, now that I have a business and I represent that business, I actually have a reputation to uphold.....translate to mentally scanning what I can say or blog! Isn't that sad?

I can no longer openly express my displeasure, dislike disapproval for someone or something. Human, especially women can be very petty and of late I have encountered pettiness of the most STUPID kind and from the most unexpected person, but..again, now i can't say it here, as she could be a client, a student, a close confidante, etc etc........sigh (but if you want to know, can, over coffee...heehee)

Even sometimes some casual comments can be misconstrued as something else......so I'd rather just...be quiet...here I can only show you success stories, my videos, my show pictures...or , or...totally unrelated lame stuff that may make someone's day...like the following (contribution of of my dear sister )


This was a homework drawing assignment turned in by a little girl to her teacher

( Here's the reply that the teacher received the following day )

Dear Mrs. Jones, I wish to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, an exotic dancer. I work at Home Depot and I told my daughter how hectic it was last week before the blizzard hit. I told her we sold out every single shovel we had, and then I found one more in the back room, and that several people were fighting over who would get it. Her picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole. It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow shovel we had at Home Depot. From now on I will remember to check her homework more thoroughly before she turns it in.

Sincerely,Mrs. Smith

Am I suppose to find this amuzing?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Suzie as 老娘惹

ME in one event
How do you like my 娘惹 get-up?

Ah this is more like me

Suzie goofing in the background...what else?

I had paid hundreds for this outfit and only remember to wear it a second time

woo-hoo...nimble audience

Oh just realised something. The outfits all had shades of pink...wasn't deliberate!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Acro Polates in Media

Thanks to the magazine Beauty Cosmedica, they gave Acro Polates a 2-page feature in their Mar-Apr issue

Previously circulated only to hair and beauty salons, Beauty Cosmedica which is published by COLOUR SYMPHONY PTE LTD is now available at selected newsstand. I got my copies at Borders.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

FREE Beginner Pole Trial Class


1pm to 2pm -Free Pole Trial Class.

2pm to 4pm-Pole Practice

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Suzie enjoys the compliments on her physique

I couldn't care less it they are from the PRC masseuse who are just saying for the sake of winning my business, but it is quite another when it comes from this burly Javanese makchik masseuse who gave me a much needed kneed and commented "wa miss, your body very sor-lid"... :)

But I must say, having lost some body fluids and fats (hopefully) after battling 2 weeks of flu (since return from Guangzhou), I do feel quite lean and tone and I'm loving it. I hope I don't return to my food craving days so quickly!

In fact these are some of the comments on facebook after I loaded my Studio's new Racer top and shorts.

KS at 4:02am April 2
I want to be like you when I grow up.

Suzie Wong at 4:12am April 2
hahaha sweetie! i was posing & picking a picture for publicty of our top and shorts, thought these were too unfeminine! but i posted them up to remind myself I had those definition...sometime they will probably disappear because I am indeed 'not young' anymore

SM at 4:49am April 2
I love the shorts!

LP at 9:31am April 2
Ming, with these pics you want people to look at the shorts?

JG at 9:47am April 2

JG at 9:49am April 2
err... I meant the muscles...:p

RS at 10:37am April 2
You put people like me to shame!

Friday, April 03, 2009


Eunice Sim, instructor of Acro Polates Pole Fitness will be conducting a module of "Intro to Spinny Pole" In June.
May's topic will be "Exploring Shoulder Mount".

Watch Eunice's beautiful demonstration on the spinny pole

Read here for our entire schedule plus find out how to reach the POLE-FESSIONAL CLUB level

Thursday, April 02, 2009