Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pole Dance Performance at Dragonfly

I stayed up all night to edit and load this video..........

it was a Good performance!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lessons at......

Acro Polates is always fun....somehow, and always unplanned

Thousand Hands Buddha


Roast Pigeon on Skewer, anyone?
More pictures available in my facebook

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Must support hor!

ACRO POLATES TRIO will be performing in a segment with this Darogonfly hot babe during her concert, no but we are not the 臭皮匠

For free entry, please enquire with me
The trio was also recently featured on REAL TV a new local online video portal

Beware of imitations

We got a little addicted to our double act that Kelly has requested that we do this shot together.

Immediately after we were done, another couple, Judy and Sheree decided to do their own version...Not knowing what to do with theirs, we decided that we could use their picture for an ad:

" Becareful when you choose a pole school. Beware of imitations, sometimes you just can't tell them apart, the fakes will look as good as the originals "

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

weird encounter

Last evening, we had 3 classes back to back. In between handling registrations and transitions, the studio received a call from a lady who spoke funny english, seeking directions to the studio. She had wanted to board a taxi immediately to come and attend a class (she said she read about us and couldn't wait).

As i was busy, my colleague handled the call and gave directions. My colleague said she was fickle a while said coming now, then changing her mind & said she would come tomorow, until finally she called again to say she was at Bugis and would get here in a cab; for info, Bugis to my studio is only 7mins walk away and we told her that! To prove that she was in a cab, she passed the phone to can driver!

She arrived and loudly announced that she was here to observe how we conduct our classes. I explained that our basic classes had commenced and the next one would be an intermediate level, which would start in about half an hour. She asked about our entire week's sechdule and told me she wanted watch every class of the week before deciding. I told her that would not be necessary, besides the fact some are repetition, she should only observe whatever level she felt she was fit for, since she claimed she had learned the dance form in China before, the country she hailed.

Sometime through observing the class, she demanded that Eunice or I, the former who was conducting a class at that point, exhibit our level of pole skills to her. I told her she could go to our website to watch any amount of videos we had uploaded and it is not appropriate for me to interrupt the class that way. She asked why not as they do this in China. I also told over here, we exercise making appointments, & during the appointment, I would be more than happy to demonstrate for her to decide if i am a worthy instructor. Then she harped on the "sincerity" thing which by now I just wanted her out!

Unyielded, I told my colleague to set up the computer and log on to youtube to show her videos. While I was in the office, I did not realise that she had barged in between the transition of 2 classes to ask Eunice for a demonstration. So rude! Eunice, my ever obliging instructor demonstrated some inverts and this woman "invigilated" her moves with arms crossed. I quickly told the intermediate students to fill and studio and took the opportunity to lead her to my colleague who spent the next half an hour "entertaining" her with videos and chit chat. It helped that my male colleague is quite good-looking la, and I'm sure she was "seduced" into leaving the studio for good when he (my colleague) said he was leaving for the day soon! haha...

Before she left, she told us to give her an assessment and see which level she should join....I told "ya ya, we will call you (dun call us)"!

Today I asked my good-looking colleague what should we do if she were to call again ....colleague #2 and I joked that perhaps all these while, she was trying to get our good-looking colleague to "assess" her...hahahahaha

fancy dancing in this?

Eunice ordered online a size 7 but it's actually more a size 6. 5 1/2 inch clear platforms and black shiny patent with side zipper. Very chic and smoking hot. If interested please email her

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice phrase to use

I was bo liao enough to google the infamous "shut up and sit down" and it threw up more than 13 pages of results!

More bo liao was when i was having a 'friendly' argument (oxymoron) with spider friend about who does more domestic work, and i found myself losing, I yelped "SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN" and we both ended up laughing uncontrollably!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Sad love story

Quote from THE STRAITS TIMES MAY 9 2009

" A week ago, Farrah said to me 'Am I going to make it?' I said 'Yes, you'll make it. And if you don't, I'll go with you'" O'neal on Fawcett

does reading this bring a tear to you, like it did to me?

Anyway to digress, but not to anything cheerier I have been having really weird dreams lately. One of them was quite morbid.

Few nights ago I dreamt I was caught in a gunfire attack of some sort.......I dreamt that spider friend was separated from me and suddenly from afar I heard him instructing me to lie low amidst the many bodies and play dead. I did that and even found some cloth to cover and shield me, all these while I could hear the gunshots and wondering when it would hit me......thankfully no one kicked me in my sleep or I would have dreamt that i got hit! haha...some consolation there eh?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Serial Video Uploader

A few weeks ago, youtube suspended not one, but two of my accounts, i.e. all those videos which took me years to upload...poof....GONE! When I clicked on those links or searched the account names, it either showed up nothing or announced "this account is suspended"

I thought that weird as if they had found anything wrongful with my account or my videos, they would write and advise why and how to stay out of trouble. But to suspend both very different accounts and with different videos? I couldn't help but suspect that it could be some jealous souls who envied the success of some of my videos made a prank or something.

Convinced that that would be the case, I decided not to investigate with youtube, but instead wasted no time in registering new accounts and started some franctic uploading again. To play safe, i even uploaded onto other video portals.

Several weeks later while watching others' videos, I tried my luck searching again and was surprised that my accounts were reinstated! Everything was there! Videos, photos, everything!

Happily I told spider friend "eh, you know what? youtube returned my accounts. Make me waste time registering new ones and uploading them all over"

Spider friend replied " That's why! they suspend you and you upload again. They can't stop you, might as well just let you continue!"

Wallau, I sound so serial!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Suzie has really talented students

For those who have not watched this on facebook, check out our pole practice video last night. I know some of you may be sick of my pole videos, but this one is different....for this video is NOT about me (only)!

First check out celestine's combo...I'm so proud of her as she started out this sport to overcome her fear of "dropping back". She even had problems with a backhook spin in the beginning....Look at her now in less than a year.....we (Eunice and I) are so very proud of you.

Then in the extreme I have the other kind of talented students....natural comedienne.. keep watching til the end....... (Note to Meow: yes I have learnt the song & ready to perform, I even have ready backup bring on the music...hahaha)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Get your ITAC2 from Acro Polates


Acro Polates is the Singapore's stockist (scroll down to "International") of this amazing product, ITAC2.

We have stocks for all 4 levels of grip control needed for most kinds of sports, ranging from archery, netball, tennis,water polo, golf, surfing, hockey,netball,rugby etc...Find your grip here.

There is a special formula developed for pole dancing, If a hard pole move has been eluding you due to poor grip, try a good grip aid. Once you build the strength needed for that move, you can start practising without it.

Also as a pole dance perrformer, usually we have little or no time to warm up the pole, like what we would usually do in class, so a good grip aid sometimes does the job. A must-have if you are participating in a performance or competition.

Retailing at S$14.00 per 45g tub. Ask for a sample/tester today, whilst stocks last.
Besides Itac2, we also retail Mighty Grip at S$18.00 per 1/4 oz tube.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Ah Boy at the Beach

it was meant to be a STROLL!

such a beach bump :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Additional Pole Dance Basic Class

Due to additional and last min enquiries, Acro Polates may start another new basic class on 11 May 9pm-10pm. A free trial precedes that on 4 May 7pm-8pm, both class and free trialsubject to minimum participants.

Those interested, please register with online, call Ming at 6334 2382 or send email to her.

Also current fellow Acro Polateasers, do take note of the slight changes of May's class schedules

updated later......

I've become so good at self-taken pictures. Set the camera to 10 secs, run to pole, pose, hold, click!

and if you have time, watch the last part of this video, it's quite funny (people thinking of signing up classes, don't get worried about the stunts in the video, these are very advance moves, beginner moves are just spins and lot easier moves and really fun)