Thursday, January 31, 2008



Dear animals lovers,

Thanks for your strong support towards our last Jumbo sales in support of Animals Lovers League ( last October, of which we raised $1,170 (,1193.90.html) . We are pleased to announce that a 2nd Jumbo sale in aid of Animal Lovers League is currently being planned.

Animal Lovers' League (ALL) is a not-for-profit animal shelter registered under the Registrar of Societies. Its 600-something wards include abandoned, injured or rescued dogs and cats.

This shelter, like most animal shelters, is in dire need of funds to provide the animals under their care with fundamentals needs like food and lodging. In addition, funds are also required for sterilisation and medical care

To facilitate logistic planning of our forthcoming Jumbo sales, we will be collecting donations (new/2nd hand items in good conditions) islandwide on the following dates:-

Sun, 20/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 18/1/08)
Sat, 26/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 24/1/08)
Sun, 27/1/08 (To enable us to plan our route, please let us have a confirmation of items to be donated by 25/1/08)
For our planning purposes, please contact the following persons by return mail on:

the items to be donated.
preferred date of collection.
contact number.
Area Name Email
West Eileen
North Jenn
East & Raffles Place Jenny
Tanjong Pagar Edwin
Serangoon Central/Hougang Angela

and we will confirm with you again the pick up timing.

PS : You may like to run through your Christmas gifts or see if you have any items to spare during your Chinese New Year spring cleaning :)

A big THANK YOU on behalf of all the animals from Animals Lovers League.

They have 250 dogs & 600 cats, if you thinking of having a pet but can't keep one like me, I appeal you to sponsor one, it's not They are adorable, trust me. Just look at Ah Boy, he has improved so much since.

Besides, the jumbo sales, in June there will be a charity dinner. It will be at mundai or something. My dear blog readers, if you an animal lover, will be really nice if you show some support. I can help you get the tickets and we can all go there and have dinner together. The last one I went was several weeks ago and they raised $8000 for vet fund and they were so happy (some poeple spent that amount on kids party...tsk tsk!). These dogs and cats can get sick easily as there are so many of them and what we sponsors pay are only for the food and stay there.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


For the longest time I could never understand the appeal of "fishing" boring, I thought.

So yesterday, I took a day's leave (finally! after months of almost non-stop working) to follow friend on a fishing trip.

I must say I was looking forward to it because it gotto be something good to compel friend, who is basically a nocturnal creature to wake up at dawn to embark on this weekly expedition.

Loads of pictures to tell you how the day, which started at 8am and ended at almost 8pm, went. You know what? That 12 hours was not hard to pass at all.

Onward to Changi, was dizzling...oh!

First stop was to get breakfast at Changi Village....oh suzie can't go without food. See the "da-bao" packet behind? That's the famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak for lunch later.
Arrival at the yard, going on friend's friend's boat.
This guy in front was trolleying (sorry, don't know what's the correct term) us to the yard, or bank.
The 'trolley' guy is very skillful, he can manouvre the huge boat on very narrow we go
Friend's friend took over the steer.
Nice weather! Woo....
When friends earlier mentioned buying prawns (as baits) from kelong, I thought it was the name of the shop! Little did I know, it was really 'kelong"
They sell the baits like this.....come over and collect!
With the baits, we are ready.....Off we go to our first destination!
Ok, here we are, let's find a nice spot
Once anchored, we wasted no time to cast our rods
wa! Not sure if i can handle the rod if i have a bite!
Within minutes, friend's friend got the first catch......a catfish.....not so happening apparently
Then, followed by a small grouper, that's better
Then guess what! I caught 2 groupers too! So by the time I caught this snapper, I said "wait! must take picture"
Then it was off to another spot. I decided to laze at the back of the boat and just chill.......shiok. Wa, lucky my toe nails ares manicured.
Then we arrived at this tranquil place. We had no catch here "fisherman's term", tide (or was it current) was changing. Anyway the surrounding is simply breathtaking, so nothing is wasted. We saw eagles swooping down on the fishes, we saw herons, the birds were singing....ooh! surreal!

Sunset....means we have to call it a day soon.....can't imagine time passed by so quickly

Back at the yard and the guys have to wash the boat, ladies spared...heehee.

All I can say now, I'm hooked! I wanna go again. I serously contemplating changing to a job which allows me to do this once a week lor.....hahahaha

I couldn't have done anything else better on a 1-day leave, only regret was....there were sh*t loads of phone calls and sms-es....not new businesses which means I wouldn't have minded. But they were requests for cds, change of showtime, and boss reminding me to print name cards! (champion)

Saturday, January 26, 2008


During a recent "getai"-themed event, they parked this pink trishaw there......

Aiyo, I could so.o.o.o.o use it for my show

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


.................but I've to post it up, just wanna show how pole practice never fail to make me smile, no matter how tired or upset I am at work or dealing with some incredibly insincere people (who can fake anything from reason absenteesm to name on application, so i just found out---thank goodness she's now totally out now ....cringe/shudder!!!!)

Yes, Linna has given me full blessings to post 0.51sec, but watch on to admire her wicked dancing and choreos.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


During one of the walks with Ah Boy, saw these kids playing on/with this sphere thing!

So fun! I wanna join in next time. Watch the video to see what I mean

Cute Playground

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something tells me...............

..that Ah Boy is adapting really well to this new home, and it has only been 2 1/2 months.

Like a typical mum who wants to know what their kids are up to behind the classroom door, today after friend & I took him back to the villa (after the usual weekend walks, feed and recently added shower), I decided to spy on him.

Shortly after we 'left', we witnessed Ah Boy "cio-ing" (courting) this white dog to play and they were having such a good time, another 2 dogs decided to participate (see the white dog hump the other guy as a "I'm mightier than thou' gesture...hahahaha)

Friend & I smiled at each other, only too glad we did what we did

added later.......a slightly clearer video

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Video montage of younger Suzie Wong

I haven't been here for days, I know.....had been so busy...

Anyways, I found this old video montage of my earlier performing days and I thought it was so nostagic I gotto upload onto youtube to store it there

You can see the degenerated video quality as it was previously edited using VHS tape. You will see towards the end of the video, the contest which kind-of launched this whole entertainment thingie for me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tiramisu made by my 10-year old niece!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Some people are just great procrastinators. First she missed the date to sign letter of employment when she was offered the job (but she was given the job anyway, dumb right?), then she missed the last day of work which happened to be "salary" day, now she missed the make-up appointment to "collect" salary!

Will you ever stop blaming others for your own tardiness?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


3 events, 3 varied locations, 3 adventures......1 in central, 1 in the west side of Singapore and the last one at North of Singapore, namely, Yishun.

After the Central one, I drove to physiotherapist to have my tennis elbow taped before heading for the next, a pole show in the West. While waiting for a lot, this black Hyundai Getz driven by a mama can reverse and hit my front bumper!?!? Somemore never apologise leh! Luckily my car quite hardy and did not suffer. In fact his bumper had some scratches, but could be the result of his other bad driving incidences.

The one at the West side had an unusual set-up, it was held at a huge loading bay of a logistics hub. Upon arrival, I had to walk up this ram with hundreds of arriving guests .

Ok, now you see the people queueing up for some pre-dinner activities, take picture with some bikini clad "mei nus" (beauties)

Eh! Got nice sea view from the ram

But clouds were threatening to pour.

The event set-up in the loading bay.

The makan----got lontong

Parked at a more airy corner was a couple "pengkang-ing" satay, Ah boy should have been here! Haha

Then I was off to the washroom to change and when I came out, alamak, rain already!

Thankfully that stopped by the time I was done


Then it was off to location three, Yishun.

Me, trying to be smart alec, peered at the map and told myself I could reach there via PIE-KJE-BKE-SLE. Somehow, somewhere screwed up. From BKE I must have missed the connector to SLE and guess what, I ended up in a massive jam at Woodlands checkpoint! Wa kao, I remembered asking myself what were all those red lights before me, to realize rudely they were the brake lights from all the cars piled up! Uurgh! I had to make a very quick decision which lane to go so that I could quickly get out of it. Was still stuck for some 15 to 20mins and all these time making some panick phone calls for some people to help.

Ok, still managed to perform and in fact still managed to have a glimpse of beautiful bride after all the adventures!

Friday, January 11, 2008

When "Cheapo" is too mild

They are the customer, you, the supplier.

After a meeting at their premise (F&B), instead of offering, you muscled your way to a free meal. They politely obliged you. But you didn't sense the silent resentment when the minute they sat you down a table, they excused themselves from your company, citing work (at the end of a work day!?!). You still went ahead to order a main, a side & desert!

Can you imagine what's going to reflect on their ENT? TREAT TO A SUPPLIER!

And mind you, it's not that you can't afford it. You have a very healthy account, nice home & expensive car! Why?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


.....I realised I was driving dangerously today, and i really mean DANGEROUS! I just wasn't concentrating. I'm sorry to the car that honked me so furiously near the cainhill exit. I just didn't know what the h*ll I was doing and could only thank you and God for preserving my life!

So tonight I decided to take a break from pole practice since my tennis elbow has only small improvements, which is a sad thing for me because besides massages, visiting Ah Boy, eating crab, cake & coffee with nice friends, pole practice is the other thing that keeps me sane, empowers me and provides one of the best therapy. But I choose not to go today because I promise someone that I shall just come home and rest. So right after I hit the "publish button", I gonna have a hot bath and hit the sack.

You may ask me why I'm so exhausted since the peak period is over. Not quite. Since the start of 2008, there have been pressures, quotes, new choreographies......deadlines & more deadlines (notice how deadline is spelt? I often see it mispelt as "dateline"......yes, they give you a date and if you can't meet it, you ARE DEAD! hohoho, so smart right?).

It could also have snowballed from last month. Many people had gone on leave or vacation (hmm, yah, sis went Disneyland, the ultimate chill), but not me, I was basically working the *ss off remember? So when now everyone seems to have "started the new year", I don't feel there was an end to begin with, you know what I mean?

I can't wait for THAT vacation, but not as yet, because I have quite many things lined up til chinese new year.

Before I switch off the computer for the day, just a really cute picture of Ah boy. This boy is learning to melt hearts like a real pet, can you even imagine he used to be a hawker centre dog?


Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Some 10 years back, I stopped working with a certain event company due to disagreement in rates, performance times and unfulfilled promises. The company manager, J, had the habit of compromising my rates without prior notice citing poor budget, and promising better rates at the next event which, of course, seldom happened.

He also had the 'reputation' of not honouring the agreed performance time. He would book me for an 8.40pm slot which in fact my performance time reflected in the program is 9.30pm. This is taboo for us artiste especially if we have subsequent bookings.

Being a hungry new artist, i continued working with the company until the last draw when J failed to arrange transport back from a Malacca show, which I repeatedly reminded him to. Worse, he had urged me to accept a lower rate claiming he had many more such shows across the causeway, and would promote me if I did this one well.

It has been some 10 years already since I stopped working with him. Recently I received an sms from him and this ensued (compressed version):

J: "Hi! How are you? Can you do a show for me on.......(date)?"

Me : "Can......but time depends where"

J : " much will that be?"

Me : "I can only do 8.20pm (based on venue). $x dollars."

J : "Can you do at 8.45pm and can you consider $y(lower) since it's our ice-breaking collaboration after years of non working together?"

Me : "Time wise can't adjust as next show fixed time already. Rates rather fixed, I'm under an agent."

J : "Do consider $y as I have a lot of overseas project."

Me : "Apologise. Not even given this price to seasoned supporters. Maybe subsequent bookings can work out slightly better rate for you."

J : (tone of sms getting less friendly) "As mentioned, we do have lots of projects & could commit more regular partnership. I can even put you up for overseas program including greater China"

I didn't reply to that last sms, but few days later, from me (& it's true):

"Sorry, 8.20 slot taken already"

remember the ex-colleague who fooled me? so she had decided on her own to miss the last salary submission/payment day of the month because she had been working elsewhere (by her own admission in her resignation letter). Seems like now she couldn't wait and has been telling the whole world she's NOT getting paid! Allo! I figured u had missed telling them u had faked family problems as an excuse too yah? I should have heed some people's advice plus my gut feel about u. Sigh! Some things never change. And to think i can be nice enough to give u a thumb drive for x'mas seeing that u keep borrowing from others!


I love how good she has gotten over time. Chanced upon her when I needed to research "Kiss Kiss"choreography for a project.

I knew the English version was by Holly Valance, never quite heard of Mina. Watched a music video of hers and fell instantly in love with Mina cos she is so gorgeous (Korean, it's not a Malay or Philipino name I initially thought it was). The dancing wasn't that great at that time, altho her good looks was enough reason for me to continue watching. Plus I like the gold costume.

Then i decided to watch 2 more videos of hers and am impressed how everything just gotten even better, her looks, body, her skintone, seemingly fuller boobies, and her dance...

I'm embedding her videos as they are very inspirational




Monday, January 07, 2008

Latest Pole Pictures

Nothing much to update, not because I'm uber busy, but because I'm learning to chill, as suggested by some of you.
So, just a set of latest pole pictures for you.
The top right one may be deemed a little obscene from the angle it's taken (so I don't know what's the big deal about Michelle Chia's ZG [zhao geng] on new year's day. Pity I'm not a big star if not I'd be in the news), I just wanna show you the hamstrings at work....serious!
(click to enlarge pics)

Anyway, for the last few days, I'm pretty proud of myself to have gone for a massage, a facial, a manicure & pedicure....big achievement ok! When the manicurist asked me to sign a package, my reply was how to when i probably come only once a year. haha

Not so proud that I've developed a
Tennis elbow . Went to physio to treat it! Sigh previously a golf elbow, now tennis, all not because of tennis or golf but POLE! The sacrifices!

Friday, January 04, 2008

CHIO-----KA PENG (laugh til drop)

In Hokkien, the term "chio bu" is used to describe "pretty lasses", in case some of you don't know.

I was hesitant to post these pictures (actually just the last one) as I may be ruining my own pole career....But ah well, it is so funny I just got to let you see, and let u decide if we are "chio bu-s" or "chio ka peng".

You see, I saw these cute lantern (alibaba) shorts that I thought would make very nice pole dance costumes, so I bought 3 of different colours.

During our recent super casual x'mas pig-out gatherings of the partial Pole-holics team at Linna's place, I decided to bring them along to try out.

As we were without make-up nor grooming whatsoever , we told the camera-man to just zoom into our hips. We rolled up our tanks to show off the nice waist band.

Wah! How? Damn Chio right? With our abs (and Linna's & Jolyn's flat stomachs) and absolutely no photo-shopping, can you guess which belongs to
Me, Linna and Jolyn (you can click to watch our last performance together to find out who's who and discover that we are indeed very attractive ladies).

Then the cameraman sabotaged us (maybe only me cos Jolyn seemed ready) by taking one full picture which has our faces and all. First let me crop it to let you all see the nice poses and torsos.........

You ready for the full picture???????


Bwahahaha...I realy look super ridiculous lor...........

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In view of the rising prices of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, including the chicken rice I have for lunch EVERYDAY, I shall:

1. drive with aircon off and windows down whenever possible to conserve fuel
2. buy & stock up toiletries ONLY when there are offers or sale (usually when they have near expiry dates...hmm, then how to stock up)
3. Park further and walk if there are cheaper alternatives.

....... thinking.......thinking of more ways to save.

Isn't it so frustrating that eveything is rising so rapidly? Last night I was having dinner with friend at one of the favourite "zhi cha" stall in the CBD area, which I have not gone in a while due to the festive & peak season. A seafood bee hoon, a plate of kai lan and a pot of chrysanthemum tea usually cost $16. Value for money. I was so happy when it was still $16 last night, only to discover the prawns have now become shrimps! Grr.......

Another resolution I'm tempted to make is to hire men only for the next recruitment. The last time I had this
conniving one. This time even more 'tok-kong'--she had cooked up a sob story to fool me (not one but via 3 smses throughout the day) of family/mum problems to absent herself from work on 31 Dec 07 (the busiest day of the year) but in effect she had been resting at home and recovering from her moon-lighting ways. Applaud! But u know what? I don't either story now.


It was a quiet count down for me. Although I must have entertained about 1000 people zipping from one place to another on that night, but came 12 midnight, it was dinner at sis's place, playing deal or no deal with the little (not so little now) ones! No fireworks, no auld lang sign, no hugs & kisses, foam sprays or poppers.

Some of the nice things that happened was this:
Jane, it's really a surprise and I totally didn't expect it, it's really a very sweet gesture. Thank you.

On new year's day, Ah boy has a new gift from me, a nice red harness so that I don't have to leash him by the neck. Look at how confident and cool he looks. See the earlier picture

This was the picture when he was first found in captivity, so poor thing hor.

Now i can identify with mothers whose topic is always about their kids! Lol!

Happy New Year everyone. It's back to work, meetings, events, work, meeting, events today (not that there was any pause before). May you all have a bountiful new year filled with love, peace, good health and prosperity