Friday, January 29, 2010

Keep it Spinning

Things are getting more complexed, I'm practising everything spinning now and and I Love it

Aerial Hoop

Spinning Pole (from 34s)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love my job

Spot the difference? Yeah yeah yeah aerial fitness starting TODAY!.
Check out our demo video on all our courses, including pole, aerial silk and hoop

And look at how crazily strong this over- 40 has become, and she's proud of it

Here's a little clip if you are interested

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Truth Prevails

How strange it is for people who cheat or lie, they never admit the crime straight. They try to hide, evade or lie some more. Until truth is out, until they can lie no more...then there's always excuse they call "causes for their behaviour".

Mr F, an event salesman in my company, has long been spreading lies about me, I suppose this was to buy symphathy, perhaps useful in case he was being found out. You know how cheats, thieves and liars never blame themselves for what they do, it's always the boss, the girlfriend, the parents to be blamed, if nothing else, they have bipolar syndrome.

For those who obviously bought into his story AND symphatise with him to have to deal with a blood sucking boss (me), you can carry on being his friend, and stop reading now. For the sensible ones who know better, and came asking for my version, thank you. And do read on.....

Last December Client engaged my company to deliver a certain number of event services.

Later Client wanted additionals services - design and print of invitation cards. Unknowing to me, Mr F, who handled the account, made private arrangements, provided invitation cards but Client was to pay him directly in cash.

So, I wouldn't know right? As long as I get the main payment.

But the good Lord is on my side.

Mr F had the audacity to produce a separate invoice (using MY COMPANY'S LETTERHEAD) so that Client can claim the amount to pay him in cash....BUT client's HQ accidentally processed the cheque and sent to my company. I was unsuspecting when I received the cheque and asked him about it. Mr F kept cool and quickly brushed it as a mistake by Client. When pressed to check, Mr F pretended to make a call to the Client, outside of the office using his mobile (he never liked to make calls in the office using office phone), and returned to confirm that the cheque was sent by mistake, and that I ought to return it.

I became suspicious, so I asked Mr F to submit the contract and invoice of this event. True to my suspicion, he had altered the contract (but he failed to alter the invoice), he added the "provision of invitation cards" in the contract. I wouldn't have found out if I had not kept a copy of originals which was signed between him and client (without the invitation cards). He had so blatantly 做手脚 ! So despicable!

When he knew he was trapped, Mr F had no choice but to admit he made a private deal, BUT still insisted that the money was to pay the designer cum printer of the invitation cards. ......but through more checks, I found out he already made the company send a cheque to pay the desgners and printers for this job, combined with other jobs. So sneaky and.what does that tell you? He had intended to pocket the ENTIRE AMOUNT! Oh what an unscrupulous cheat, and LIAR LIAR LIAR

And to think Mr F used to comdemn those petty thieves in the event industry, and now he is bringing this upon himself.

I hope he stops spreading things, not unless Mr F needs documentary proof to be published here to prove my point.

Now you all know what was the big piece of clutter I cleared the other day

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aerial Fitness starts this week!

I'm so so so proud of and excited about this

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Removing Clutter

A huge chunk of filth has been removed from my office today and it feels good.

Friday, January 08, 2010

So excited....

...for the launch of our Aerial Fitness on 21 Jan 2010. Only at
(pardon the messy background)



My hoops video coming up next

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

That's It

I've meddled & handled my own deals, I perform, I coordinate, I plan, I book-keep, I do the accounts, I issue cheques, I teach, I learn, I clean, I update the web, and you do only like what? you fly you party while i perform and slog, and more then once I heard you complain to people I'm asking too much?

Anyway you shut that trap because you traitor, liar, cheater. You have stepped on the WRONG toes!

Ok, ok, I know that's not like me (runs her fingers to straighten her messy hair ), I just need a space to


Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 09, hello 10

I bade farewell to 2009 with a couple of Suzie Wong acts.....these were the last 2 pictures I took for year 2009...i love pictures taken by low resolution handphone, I still look good

I'm welcoming 2010 by introducing a new course-you will see it in Straits Times Classified today