Saturday, September 30, 2006


I told myself i had to blog about this........long one, so read only if you very 'eng'....but quite funny lah!

Last night i was at my favourite jamming joint. Haven't been there for a while due to a hectic Sept. After a hard days work or when i have absolutely nothing to do, i'd love to go there because generally the population there not the young-punks type. The regulars of a certain mature age who generally share the love of music, in particular jamming (play an instrument, sing or bask in the atmosphere) are spotted there week after week.

Previoulsy little "picking up" took place cos people who go there for that reason will leave after a while because simply, it's not for that. Sure I've seen people who frequent there become couples when they happen to meet there often enough, know each other deeper, find they share the same interest..yada..yada...(ahem), but just not the kind of joint known for one-night-stands!

But of late, i realise it has somewhat become half a pick-up joint, of the more mature people. The regulars are still there but there is an influx of tom dick mary jane who behave differently towards the opposite gender. They can hug, kiss anyone who walks in that narrow door.

Me, previously being Queen of Pop at this place have mellowed down tremdously because after so many gigs, don't tell me you still want to further hurt your vocal cords by belting out there. So usually i would just go, 'hello hello' to all my lovely regular friends there and then find my corner seat, sip my cup of hot lemon tea and mind my own business. Occasionally i will get invites to jam but i would just point at my throat apologetically indicating i have a sore throat.

Last night these 2 mature man (1 with greying hair liao) spotted the demure me sitting at a corner and probably decided that they want to chat me up. So they walked right in front, completely blocking my view of the singers and musicians and spoke loudly among themselves from music to golf (even practised their swings in front of me). I pretend to be unperturbed and stretched my neck so far up to look over them (i was sitting on high stool) and continued to watch the jammers play. Ok, they "bo-pian", now walk nearer to me and introduced themselves. I shook hands and continue to bask in the music. They danced in front of me, beckoning me to join and i just politely shook my head. One asked me to sing, again i shook my head pointing to my hot lemon tea and my throat. Ok, one got the hint and left me alone. The greying hair one decided to move to the lady on my right (I think they knew each other) and he stood in front on her sashaying to the rhythm of the music, held her hand and pretending to be serenading to her like as though to make me see he is such a romantic man. I want to cringe, but i hide it by sipping my tea.

If that is not enough to make you wince, he turned to me and asked to borrow my stirrer (that was still left in my cup of hot tea, please, i did take the stirrer out when drinking the tea ok). For what? To stir his whisky on the rocks? I is curious and i had to watch. I took the stirrer out and handed to him. He held it in front of him like a microphone and continued to serenade to my neighbour. My eye balls rolled up! But he won, he got my attention! I quickly snatched my cup of tea to drink so that he wouldn't and couldn't put back the stirrer in my cup. Yucks! Guess what, he really wanted to do that. He apologised emphatically and gesticulated that he wanted to place the stirrer back. I cupped my hand over my tea and said he can keep the stirrer and in fact there are a lot more free ones he could use from the bar counter.

Finally got the hint you think? I was left alone until later, he still came over to apologise about the stirrer....wa-kau!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Don't know what this is called....but that really hurts, think i will call it ADVANCE KNEE HOLD as compared to the 2nd pic which is the original knee hold. But if done nicely can be so very pretty.
Ok, the photo is not exactly very flattering, so here's the video :

Ok pardon the clumsy side-way climb, it got better later. High pain threshold required on shin of lower leg (with boots may be easier) and the abs strength to lean back......ooh love it love it, will incorporate into my new rountine.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


The other day my mum handed me this (from her treasures of antique documents like old receipts, vaccination docs etc browned-ed with years of keeping) and asked if i still want to keep this :

You know what is this or not? Huh...huh ....don't pray pray OK.......

My grading card showing that i got my TAE KWON DO BLACK BELT at the tender age (not telling) .....i mean in 1981....that's a freaking 25 years ago.........hahaha........

Can tell why the 8th and 7th grade same date or not? Bwahahaha...i was so good i had a double promotion.....!!!

If you don't believe that's me, check out those lips on my photo man......i still have them......hahahaha...sorry i can't stop laughing at this find.

And the best part is you know why there are 2 "sang-knat"(slanting) yellow lines at the sides? I had this grading card wrapped in those transparent book wrap (so precious what) and that's the double side tape.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Looks like more people are fusing pole art with something.....


Very nice.......

Honestly, i haven't even finished watching this video (still downloading) and I'm already convinced a)i should share this very beautiful video with you b) that i made no mistake learning the pole work....I simply love it more and more.....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here's Ms Sin_Lady and her friends (including birthday boy's wife) performing Lady Marmalade at an outdoor birthday.
Guess which one of them is her!

Have you got it right? Ok, This is she performing the LAP DANCE for the hyperventilating birthday boy! Haha.

So sis, are you surprised? Hahahahaha. You had wanted to know who Ms Sin lady was and about her photos....Now you know.....Gosh, they really know how to party. Me, the pro entertainer was reduced to being video camera woman for that evening! Haha......

And you know what's the most tok-kong thing? Within 2 days of uploading the video on youtube, they have 100 viewers of their videos, that's 5 times more than mine (and to think i'm a pro entertainer!) But Loi Kay consoles me by saying maybe 90 hits are from her endearing man. hee


Ms Sin sent me case you can't recognise, that's me in front, totally stripped off my usual stage make up and looking every inch a video camera woman complete with the video case slinged across shoulder, totally overshadowed by the glam girl Ms Sin (plus the cleavage...hahahaha)

Friday, September 22, 2006


Pardon the audio and video quality and very short clips only as i was only using the video function of my digital photo camera

Part 1-Fever

Part 2-Big Spender & Sentimental Journey

Part 3- Feeling Good & Summertime

Part 4-Cabaret

Thursday, September 21, 2006


How? Cool or not? So proud of myself.......pat pat..

Now i can take a break til next week, 2 more to complete the this weekend, meow, bring on the late night cakes and coffees....and sis, niece and nephew dearest......ah yee coming over for sun lunch, finally.

And yes, come back and check out my latest car launch show videos....quite cool lah, but video qualities not very good. uploading now..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This 11-year old apparently won $1M for America's got talent show......

If you wanna watch the finals go search it.....I can't listen to it too much.....i worry for their vocals so over developed at such a young age....No, i think it's magnificent but i don't need my 9-year old niece sounding like that. In fact if you search the side bar you will see a 9-year old singing the same song...gosh, she's so cute!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


All i can say is.......he's darn good lor (but hate the mesh outfit with briefs!)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


look what i've got............

No, I'm not their fan, didn't even know who they were.

Just that on monday i was at the airport to pick my parents. Suddenly a herd of screaming girls ran towards my direction holding banners bearing korean words. I thot it was recently that 'Bae-Yong-Joon' descendent (recently came singapore and big hoo-ha) so without giving it a second thot i joined the screaming girls and ran towards these cute slitty-eyed how come so many of them.....never mind la, just video first.

After getting a close-up glimpse with my camera, i triumphantly walked to one of the girls and asked "excuse me, who are they huh? heehee......guess they not my genre.

Fans, better watch now as the video won't be here for too long.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


......that my pole dance videos made to it other people 's blog:

Can anyone please interprete the the first one? Whisper if they are bad....

I don't mean to sound cocky, but when i first started poleing 1 year ago, i used to visit this site to get inspiration. She's a pole teacher in UK, and generous enough to regularly update her site with her pole practice so that we all can watch and learn. But seriously, now a year later, i (truly and modestly) think that my pole skills are not that far off......I swear i have never learnt something so seriously in my life!


Was walking down clark quay after a gig and saw this belly dance performance at a persian restaurant

Funny how these (authentic?) dancers, with their exotic skin and look (and that smile) can exude so much more grace even though technically she is not more superior than some chinese belly dancers i know of. You agree? I would say her accents & hip drops are rather weak, but still, she's pleasant to watch

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Watch this and you tell me lah!

Pole Dancer Face Plants - video powered by Metacafe

Oh Ouch.....ouch....ouch!

Now you know why I'm quite proud of myself.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


....because you never know when you can never do all these better capture every darn moment.

From my recent video, made into a slide...that's why pics blurry

Ok, 1 final pic...the straight edge from the back....i think this looks so impressive..totall just relying on arm strength holding the pole!

For my 1st year pole dance anniversary, i even made a video, a culmination of my performances and practices in 1 year

My next video will probably be 1 year believe me?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It seems like a long time, but effectively, i have only learnt pole for 1 year. Pretty good progress for someone not very athletic.

SEPT 2005

SEPT 2006

(yes, these have been here before, but are my fave pics now)

Adding to my heavy schedule in Sept, I have just confirmed another 3 day road shows, each night x 2 shows.....and again it's for car launch....yippee.....i love doing things like these

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Gosh! These guys are so bl**dy creative....check it out, the "HARMLESS PODCAST" (takes a while to load)

I had to learn from my 13-year old niece that this "hump" song is currently a top hit by Black Eye Pea.

Sis, you being the super sharp one, can you hear what was said at -1.29.

Somemore got "you don't want everybody to be singing the same note"...hahahaha

Anyway.......since when meesiam got "hum"?

In case you have not heard the bar chor mee or want to hear again

Friday, September 01, 2006


I hope not cos this is me dancing just a week after discharged from hospital.....well, not quite well yet... my body still quite weak and chill easily with temp change. But still feel a need to practise, if not I cannot catch up. My friend Brenda says if people don't know me will think i'm on steroids. Haha!

So you will see some tiredness there. The vids link are here if you wanna watch.

When I don't load on Youtube you know it's not very well already. Anyway watch only if interest you cos i can understand as a non-pole dancer, you'd probably find the videos looking the same. But actually not, cos, each time i find the execution of some same moves better. Than you try to combine more than 1 stunts without your feet touching the ground during the transition and it gets more challenging each time.

Also some new photos. I'm sure you have seen me in this pose stunt umpteenth times, but each time the background very busy, so i kindof like this one, and also the pose is getting nicer, don't you think?

Anyway, again these pics taken myself on self-timer camera. Heehee, good eh?

This pose is called the hip hold, like an upside down teddy bear. Wish i were smiling tho, hope to perfect this soon

I think i have at least one other new friend who will appreciate these, verybelly from HK whom i knew thru the forum. Say hi, she belly and pole dancers too!