Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Haha....Simone you are so cute, so here goes.........hope you enjoy

How's that? What do you think? Hmm.... Trying to sing and do all these was no means feat! And did you notice i permed my hair for this? Ooh.....bye bye my long straight rebonded hair that i had for years.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Aiyo, didn't know a simple last entry make me so stress now. Anyway gals, thanks for the comments and encouragement, "wo hui jia you de"......

And meow meow.......did i mention the word "show"?? I said I debut something exciting only....you ah, must pert-cha my lobang one leh, like last time the park-tor thing also....anyway, u better keep you fingers, toes, eyes crossed we BOTH succeed!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I know.... I know, no updates for so long. That's because 1) I'm still ultra busy and 2) i'm going to debut something excting (I hope) this weekend, so that i can put on my blog. Only my 9898 Meow Meow friend will know what this is, but I think she also too busy to check my blog for now.

So til then, cheers everyone

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


....Yes, at a carpark and alone! This was non intended.
So, I did a couple of events on the last day of 2005 and had my car parked at the millennia walk because i figured that was the only place with available lots in the vicinity, and turned out I was right. I decided to shuttle between the shows by foot as they were not far from each other. After my shows which was close to midnight, all the walking in my 6-inch boots was hurting my feet so much so I decided to drive from millennia walk to Marina Mandarin (I know, so near right?)where my colleagues are working, so that we could all count down together. I know it was a silly move but if you have been on that 6-inch boots prancing on stage and walking around for close to 3 hours, you would want to do the same. Once my car passed the exit gantry of Millenia Walk car park I immediately realised I made a mistake as esplanade was having a HUGE countdown!
Now each and every car park gantry from Marina Mandarin to Ritz Carlton to Millennia Walk, to Pan Pac and Oriental is closed! Actually i know for sure there are lots but think they just don't want all the revellers to park. Forget about returning to Marina Mandarin, I decided to go else where, Actors, a jamming pub in boat quay I frequent. The carparks in the vacinity were, as expected full so i decided to try Golden Shoe. No 'car park FULL' sign, ok, good. Went up until 6th floor than found lots. Once parked the car, heard Jean Denker and Rod Monteiro on Class 95 counting 5,4,3,2,....and the minute it hit 1...i heard fire works. I dashed out of my car and caught glimpse of the fire works from behind OUB Centre like this:

I know the first pic looks like an explosion...scary, but it was much nicer than this, quite awesome in fact. So I stood there watching til it ended.

Once ended, I made my way through the immensely crowded Boat Quay and was horrified by the number of people arming with Foam Spray. I remembered last year shouting so loudly at a guy to"STOP"when i spotted him running towards me with a foam spray. It was so loud for a moment i felt everyone froze to look at me for at least 3 seconds. I walked away un-casualtized! This year, I braved through Boat Quay with a don't-mess-with-me look and successfully 'siam' the foam sprayers until I decided to take a picture of the sight of crowded boat quay. When caught off-guarded, someone sprayed at me and my camera! I was so mad I instinctively kicked at the nearest groin. Ouch! Turned out, it HAD TO BE someone who looked like a FOREIGN WORKER(in a group). When I ferociously turned around, I saw this guy quickly scurried away! Anyway, no nice picture captured of Boat Quay cos camera blurred!

Anyone with new year resolutions here? This year I learned a new skill, look :

Yup, Glitter Tattoo. Not bad huh? Can "tan jiak" after i retire from performing.

Besides, for shows and my new image, i should have something new to update. Come back and visit soon!