Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Do you consider this a dream come true?

The first time I paid this place a visit, i secretly wished that Suzie Wong would perform here some day. I am certain for once she is gonna blend in, no one is gonna give her the weird stare.

Perform she did, and at their Grand Opening some more, that took place yesterday..............It was a grand affair, with Kym Ng and Chen Shu Cheng being the MCs of the event. Everyone including the VIP and invited guests, the photographers, the sound technicians dressed to the ocassion and was an awesome sight.

I sang only 2 period songs because there were other performers.

I got this as a souvenir as something to remember this event by.

I did some video-ing but have no time to edit. Will do a short clip when have time

Monday, November 27, 2006


Oooh.....HABBY BIRTHDAY TO ME.........


You mean kids don't play fighting games or shoot dinasuars in animated jurrasic parks anymore?

Friday, November 24, 2006


There are 2 versions here:

The longer version, but won't stay very long in youtube for 2 reasons (removing in a couple of days).....1) don't want to expose the spotting audience to public eye for too long 2) don't want copy cats to borrow my ideas.....they are all original, all mine.

But I put it up if you have 6min to spare, watch this version because it's really hilarious due to some very spotting audience, 1 uncle and 1 cocky fella who helped make my show. Actually the show didn't quite turn out as planned, i expected to have some female volunteers, that's why the big spender choreo in the previous post

This will stay as my publicity video, watch this only if you have no time for the first which is half of the the first. Cut out all the audience participation parts

Ok, I might as well post this and entertain you

Told Ms SL and WG I'm too embarrased to post this but what the heck.

Not so much because of the blooper, but because i was like wearing's not ok, it was just a pair of very short shorts.

Now I am elated (that's why I'm showing you this). I just came home battered from a rather succesful pole performance (rather only, can be better--video not ready yet), but last night I was somewhat nervous and paranoid because my last pole performance was quite some time back. I was desparate to practice but silly me went for a body massage first to ease my tension.....BIG MISTAKE!

Despite the shower and the intensive scrubbing, the massage oil won't come off and I was gliding off the pole like a non-stick pan! Swoon! So I decided to do a simple choreo to be used for part of my show....cannot imagine like that also can be wrong.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


It's past 12 midnight, i'm blogging, cooling off my sweat glands and munching dinner all at one is because i just had a gig, than i came home and jumped on my pole to practise as I have a pole performance in 2 days time. I worked out some new stuff and i hope they are cool for my coming show. My last pole performance was quite some time so I'm a little nervous.

Sin Lady knows just how stressed up I am, but I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because one shouldn't complain about having too much work right? Just that my work for these 2 weeks are very varied and while some are just pack-n-go 'Suzie Wong' performance, other assignments requires some preparation, memorizing, scripting etc. So I shall be disciplined and not too much party for me for now!
In fact I'm rather gutted I have to turn down 2 jobs today due to overlap of performance times. I used to be a very magnanimous entertainer. Whenever I was unable to take a job, i pass on to others or make recommendations. I have even guided some newcomers who are keen to carve a path in events . But you know what? Sadly, there is no reciprocration. There is no gratitude, they start to rob your ideas, steal your jobs and worse, bitch to others about you getting too old! Sigh! I always believed once they are your teachers/benefactors, they will always be, even though you may have surpassed them in your skills, experience whatsoever.

Anyway, old ginger always spicier (jiang yue lau yue lah) right?......Look...another loo picture....hahahaha.......I'm getting so good at taking my own pictures.....still spicy lah hor?

Oh ya, I've got new highlight on my hair, called "cherry blue" woh. Quite scary, they bleached quite a bit of my hair and put this AHA thing and turn out like that. It's suppose to be very nice when fades a little.......But when fade more how? I worry i become "bai fai mo nu" (white hair devil woman)! Aiyo, they very clever, make sure i have to go back more often to touch up. Think they fed up i go saloon only once in 4 to 5 months!

Monday, November 20, 2006


Remember my previous post on the $4.80 tung hoon crab?

Ok, now I officially have to give you the location. It's 417/419 East Coast Road. FFL EATING HOUSE (opp Al Forno) . In mandarin it's called "Bu Yeh Tian Yu Tou Lu).

So, that day I went back to try other dishes. This time i had the cereal prawns, pepper salt prawns (jiu yim har), the chilli asparagus, all for $4.80 per small plate. As always, I used my phone to snap some pictures of the dishes.

To ease the curious stares of the staff, I volunteered that I was putting the pictures up on internet for sort-of publicity.

Guess what, 15mins later, out came a complimentary dish "Assam fish" for thanking me! Wah! Is that good service or what?
Maybe i looked like a journalist from some food column! Well, at least they have won my continuous support! I'm defo going back.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


CHECK THIS ONE OUT............................HAHAHAHA!




please make sure no children, bosses or mother-in-laws around when listening to this

Friday, November 17, 2006


Again, I've hijacked someone else's practice music to practise some free-styling myself, except this time it's a mandarin song. It's a freakin' 5min song!

The 2 girls behind are practising for an upcoming school performance by the
bodytalks . I thought the duo are very original and creative to select this song while other groups have mainly chosen exotic english numbers.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I WANNA B*TCH ABOUT..... gig last night. Now that it's over, let me rant.

It was a nice big gig, but i got the job only 2 nights before the event. Why? Because i wasn't the original choice of singer, she pulled out last minute. The event company searched, found me, pleaded with me, negotiated and i relented. Sure the songs were typically those that i can sing, shanghai tan, period mandarin songs, but not all, and i had to put in some effort to learn the rest. When i asked them to email the original program for my reference, my eyes bulked. I saw "WORLD OF SUZIE WONG SHOWTIME"!!!!!!!!! EXCUSE ME! I AM SUZIE WONG! Who was supposed to play me and better than me? No wonder she had to chicken out! Lucky I didn't charge them cheap, can you imagine I was suppose to be a Suzie Wong substitute? Fwah! Very TL lor

Anyway needless to say, I think i did a good job! Of cos rite? IT IS MY SHOW, what am i talking about?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm suppose to be too busy to blog, but these pictures of a recent show just came just wanna share how wild I can make some mean unmistakably spotting gentlemen become.


I've learned to be more discreet and sensitive towards my audience

Can still tell who they are or not? Cannot, right?

Don't want their kids to chance upon this and tell them "daddy, why were you without a shirt"

Anyway gentlemen, don't feel made my show and i wanna thank you all for being so spotting
VB, see those killer heels! Woooot

VB, you sure you still want me to entertain at your friend's wedding, i doubt the bride and family will be very happy...hahahaha


You probably watched her on TV, Jacky Wu' show, i recorded it last night on my camcorder when i caught the repeat telecast......Damn!....look at her double knee hold! So good, apparently she danced for 4 years and is also somewhat a contortionist. I hope i can do the double knee hold like this in 4 years (or less)--now i can only lean out slightly, not like her HORIZONTAL!!!!

Ok, that's all, i have no time to update more....i have just been confirmed for a last minute big gig tomorow which requires me to memorize songs and do rehearsals these 2 days........I will tell you more after. I'm happy to be part of it but gutted the way things are, like i said, will tell you more after. For now, I just focus on doing a good job tomorow

Monday, November 13, 2006


These recent few highbrow 'passions gone wrong' involving strikingly beautiful women and academics are too hard to miss. It makes you realise that the years of education behind them do not make them less of a subject of lusts and temptation, but more articulate in their defence when things go awry.

I can almost see this happening:
"Your honour, all I said to the PI who called me to report that she was still lurking outside my house is to 'GET RID OF HER'. I did not expect the extreme!"

Sunday, November 12, 2006


This was the event that made me miss my visit to St James Power with WG and B the night before. The theme was :
(Banner lovingy constructed by the the employees of the company.)

It was a day event, and I had to spend the night before digging into my wardrobe to come out with this weird ensemble, I call it the "Sailor Puff" (combination of sailor moon and power puff). That's why no party for me the night before, plus I was trying to turn in early so that I can TRY to look young in this.

Posing with my client, the Chairperson of the organising committee. Don't worry, Siddy, nobody will recognise you if I don't mention your name...Hahaha!
And, finally, the graduation photo.
We had such a blast.....they are such model pupils, all talented, fun-loving and very spotting. I had a blast being their monitress (show-host) for a day!

Meow, wanna try this theme for your next event a not? What uniform you gonna wear? Heehee

Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok, Ok, I need to be further from the pole...Hey, but it's already freakin' difficult ok!

I just need to learn to look prettier in this pose!


Thursday, November 09, 2006


woo-hoo! hope you like it!!!
Bear with me, not totally launched yet, so may encounter some teething problems due to transfer of domain, host or whatever...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


RC still a little clumsy (you will never imagine how heavy your butt is), I'm sure I'll will get better, with more practices, should be easier with boots and the PVC friction.

AND LADIES & GENTLEMENT....I PRESENT TO YOU.....TA-DAH..............a successul PANTERA'S SIDE STRAIGHT EDGE (this is Pantera, she's my idol, another world's top pole dancer) I had been practising her move for weeks.....and even managed a mid-air split..... (too bad video is headless, but promise i was off the ground, of cos next i'm trying it higher up the pole)

In fact I have compiled a video on my side straight edge progress from 27 Oct to 7 Nov, and you see me holding longer each time. Sorry you have to tilt your head from side to side....Ah! I feel so accomplished. I'm so chuffed!¤t=striatedgesidefrom27octto7nov-1.flv
A few fave images from the video. A little blur tho...

Gemini, Superman, shoulder mount and knee swing

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Subaru WRX Challenge FINAL 2

Watch it live here at the webcam on Class 95 website

I have my screen turned one too exciting.... don't know why this year I'm so keen on watching, i guess it suddenly dons on me my admiration for these people's will power and to not sleep for so many days?



I thought it's time i try the spinny pole (my pole can be switched from static to spinny). Yes, chatting with VB reminded me that my pole has this option.

Many advance pole dancers are so good with this spin pole and i'd just got to try it. The techniques for static and spinning are different...while the former requires you to use strength to create the spin, the latter requires you to hang on the pole for dear life (and look good) whithout getting flung out of it.

Never wanted to try it earlier to confuse my learning the static pole. But last night thought it's time i see what it's like.......Fwah! First, it's very dizzy. Second, when pole stopped, wanted to yack up! Aiyoh! How to practise like that.

Then my other mission was to practise climbing the pole inverted....think it's called reverse caterpillar. You can see why its' called a caterpillar...But i very clumsy lah and ceiling too low.
Will try again tonight at the studio with high high ceiling!


3 more people left of whom 1 is a lady, mother of 2...woo-hoo (last night at about 7pm still had 22 left)

Monday, November 06, 2006

ONLY $4.80 each.....

......for this claypot tang hoon crab and claypot curry prawn.
But don't expect a big portion lah, what you expect for the price? That's why i deliberately put the 'si yao teep' (what's it called in english, chilli saucer? Meow or my sis sure correct me one) to show you the size.

Don't ask me the name of the shop, don't remember. But it's opposite Katong Alfono, near the junction of Katong and Telok Kurau.
Ms SL, now it explains why my both hands were dirty when u called on Saturday. Hee!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Ok, so I boh-liaoed again tonight. After dinner, I dropped by to lend my support, and risked getting a illegal parking summon.
It was a far cry from last night, see how many empty palms now? But still relatively impressive by how many still surviving without tee-doh (sleep). As usual, many bo-liao spectators were there at about 10.30pm tonite.

Wah, this uncle going strong.......go uncle go, I hope you win !

Remember cute boy (squatting down) from last night? Tonight not so cute already. Think after 34 hours, Suzie Wong will also become Suzie Wrong!

Check out the scenario for this car last night versus tonight....wah, the only woman on this car very power. The bald guy behind her looked fitter but tonight not there liao...Woo-Hoo.....go mar-chi!

Another brilliant joke by Spiderman.

I was suggesting how they should have non-stop entertainment to keep these contestants company, so it won't be so siong for them. I was saying they should have electrifying youth rock bands to kbkb, youth break-dancers and maybe even Suzie Wong and Pole dancer to perform round-the-clock. Spiderman replied "Ya, Suzie Wong will then ask 'how many of you want to win the car and all will raise their hands' " hahahahahahaha.....Mediacorp, Subaru, get the idea? Make sure you call me next year, Suzie Wong will make your life easier!


Let's face it, how many of you secretly think you look prettier in Hotel loos? Must be the lighting!
I can't stand it, the photos always turn out so well, i look nothing like this in person, and you never never get a nice picture under those flourescent lights!

And I'm getting so good at takng pictures in the loo you can't even tell i'm holding the camera right?....Only problem is after that must crop like crazy to make sure not just the camera, but also the the urinal in the background is not in sight.

Ok, No more loo pictures, these taken using self-timer

See how i look older when the light is brighter? Next time i have a profile (portfolio) shot, you know where I taking the photographer.


on the first night at 12 mindnight...i went to see what it's like after i did a gig.

Don't complain I boh-liao if you gonna click on this video ok?

This is the first time I've ever been there, and was surprised to see so many participants, but more surprise to see at that hour, spectators more than participants.

Haiz....I'd rather go home to sleep or 'kum-together'. Lol

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Can't contain my excitment. My revamped website will soon be ready...... soon I will be able to upload my own photos and videos and there's a little announcment corner where i can scream the latest news, a little bit like my blog, except blog will have all the personal touches while website is maintained for more for business.

I'm excited because my current website using passe technology, upload anything new like video and photo must pay money, $80 here $120 there, so after a while just give up and the same info had been there since........can't remember.


In the process of uploading videos to my new website, realised that one of my videos in youtube (1 year pole dance one) was corrupted!!! How come like that? Just for info, I have uploaded a new one, added in some recent montages. Wah! Now i know why I'm not a video editor, take darn long to do!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


My dear sis commented in 2nd last thread that stunts in circus may not thrill me anymore! (Actually I'm not that good lah!)

WRONG! I'd propbaly watch all the circus in town now!

Blimey! So unfair right? They make it so freakin easy! But obviously they from cirque de solei lah! Actually I'm equally interested how they do the pole set-up!


I received an sms from Mr Groom yesterday. He started the line with "Ning,....." as of to "Ming".... In fact this the second time it was "Ning", and the first i thought was a typo error.

So i was joking with Spider Man maybe it was short for "Dar-ning". Hahahaha!


I reckon it will be a while before i can achieve the handspring due to my tiny grip, so I'm practising to improve existing moves so that i don't feel like I'm NOT improving:

1. linking pole moves
You know how previously i had to do one invert stunt, land on the floor and jump up and do another. Now I can try to link 3 to 4 moves while up there on the pole before landing. Jacky Wu Taiwan pole i come, think I'm almost ready to compete
(sorry, everything i have to do twice)

2. Shoulder mount to strait edge
The strait edge is darn difficult cos you need core strength to hold up there with your legs NOT wrapped round the pole. Feels like wanna fall backwards. Think today I managed to stay 0.001 second longer, so don't blink, you might miss it. You could hear how happy i was to stay that long

3. Butterfly
This move is usually done from an invert....i.e. you climb and invert with legs clamping pole, place your hands on pole , hook one leg on pole and stretch out the other. To have to jump up like this requires arm strength. I'm practising this to somehow hope to do the handspring someday (thanks to all those who believed in me, but i'm still far far from it)... hope to post a video when i get it, may be months, or years

4. Invented my own Spin
I love pole dancing cos there is no fix syllabus and no limit to what you can do. I kindof made up my own spin. A back spin with a v...did it one time, two time and third time i managed to invert from the spin

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


No I wasn't there, but Meow was. Promised her i will post up some pics to share. So Meow, please provide a commentary if you wish, cos my information agar-agar only from what i remembered over tiramisu and latte. Btw, Meow took these pics with her tok-kong handphone camera, so clear right? Can ZOOM somemore.

This is a Kar-na ji (some nuts) before carving

These are how small they actually are. These Chinese people can make carvings out of anything...grain lah, hair lah!

Some Chinese delicacies that Meow dared not try! First the HORSESHOE CRAB OR KING CRAB (Meow was arguing with me the name, it turned out both were right) Don't they look like 'xiao chiang' (ka-chua) overturned? I don't blame her for not eating.

And than this is called the SAND WORM! Apparently called sand worm because inside filled with sand. They cook it by chopping off the head and tail and using a chop stick to push out all the sand and fried.......suppose to be very yummy.........(yeeeee! )