Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st Dec

I woke up with a bad throat and I scrambled to get the clinic's number as I needed a quick fix since it's gonna be heavy usage (of the throat) tonight.

I panicked as this long-time clinic I've been patronising since a teenager was closing in an hour's time and is usually very very crowded, with patients spilling out to the void deck.

After hanging up the phone upon checking operations hour since it's last day of the year and everyone's on half day, I zipped down to the clinic as quickly as possible, but to my surprise & relief, there were only 3 waiting patients including me. Happily, I was in and out of the place in half and hour.

Later I told spider friend how lucky I was, first time I went to the clinic half empty, his reply "of course what, nobody needs MC today! Everyone's well (to party)!" Hahahaha...He's damn funny and damn right la

been busy!

so no time to update...

I've been wanting to upload my
birthday bash pictures, but the enthusaistic photographer took about one thousand four hundred pictures ranging from 1.5MBto 3.2MB and I have a hard time selecting let alone resizing them down to loadable pics.

So be patient!

It was a month of pole draught, few classes and pole practices as everyone has other agendas-- some like me, working extra hard or some, but others like
Daniel, playing hard, he's on a month-long leave--disgusting.

So it was really refreshing when we had our "farewell 2008" pole practice last night. Good to know that I've gotten even stronger

Have a blessed new year, everyone! See u in 2009

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I want hair like that!

but dun think it's achievable.....especially if i dun like the maintaining bit

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The first (and possibly only).....

.....xmas card I received this year.
Sure there were those received corporately or virtually, but personal one? This has got to be the first hard-copy one. Thanks Faerieimps, really sweet of you.

Ah Boy then and now

This was the first time Ah Boy travelled in the little red car...when he was rescued from AVA . He stuck out his head not to enjoy the view, he had wanted to escape as he had no clue what was going on. Midway through the journey, lone driver had to get off the car and wind up window ( you probably ask....yes it was manual :p)

Now, we can fully depress windows and Ah Boy enjoys having his bridge carressed by the breeze.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Counting down to X'mas

Every year goes by so quickly hor! scary!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Suzie is thankful...

....for the job of event companies, for their task in negotiating with clients and giving us(performance artistes) the jobs.

Today, clearly one event company couldn't quite handle the task and thought it was better to set up a meeting between the end client, my dance choreographer and myself to discuss details. We usually would not acede to such requests before confirming the assignment, had we (dancer and me) not been *bracing ourselves for the potential (further) economic downturn* that may affect the number of events we can participate in.

It must have been a long time since I last had to deal with arrogant clients. I don't understand clients who think that just because they are paying for 'some dancers and singers', they are paying some less cleverer people than say an accoutant, lawyer or a banker? The reason why we are dancers, singers, musician, model.etc simply because we have a skill or talent that you may not possess, or even if you do, you have no guts to make a career out of it. SO, when someone else does, please respect that they too need to be compensated for it...their time, skill, practices, & a nutshell honing that skill! We are not making tons of commission selling Lehman bonds to retirees, we suffer bad throats and injure ligaments from our crafts ok!

It's one thing about negotiation and the other thing about talking down to you. At one point I wanted to wring some necks, but 'loon' (swallow) , why? because of **

Anyway sorry for the rant, I just PMS!!! #%&*

That being said, not all clients are like that, some are really sweet. Tomorow 2 of them buying me my birthday lunch. ....for that, I'm gonna chill!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Suzie the Gangsta Girl

Bought this outfit sometime back but never quite won it. Having a chance soon, and heng (luckily) today happen to see this pin-stripe hat at Top shop to complete my Gangsta girl look! But cost me almost fifty bucks! Heart Pain! But nice!

Can't help but to post up this picture to show you I still got nice (albeit short) legs. Not bad for a 40-year POLE FITNESS "wan shui" (mandarin for "long live!"...) Yay! (Sorry this pic got the "kiam puck" (slap-worthy) face

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Birthday Bash - Part II

I'm completely chuffed & delighted with all the pressies I received this year for ME recent birthday bash. Everyone was so considerate and gave really lovely things. I'll try to feature everything altho I may have missed out some stuff because I actually opened the presents several days after, given that the bash was on a monday night and the next few days were swamped with work and assignments.

So please pardon me if you dun see it/them here. In fact I have to apologise that after a few days, some of the tags came off the packaging and I dun know who gave me what, but importantly, you came and that's most important!

So here they are, I've divided them into categories :

THE USEFULs (All-time safe bet, won't go wrong)

HONG BAOs , everyone needs this!

The handphone strap with my name is from Kai, an ex-colleague. It's photographed with the hong baos to make the hong baos look er....more

Blue tooth ear piece
.giver probably regard me a dangerous driver, so need some aid...:P
Champagnes & Wines
Just wondering if these people know I don't drink, but you certainly making someone else really happy! Haha


Paul Ropp Sling Bag, Bracelet and ear rings---Nice

Green is either Sinlady's favourite colour or so she thinks I like it. BUT she's right (besides pink, but I know you think pink is too boring...heehee) .
After a series of green mini skirts (you can see one of them here) she had gotten for me each time she made a trip to Paul Ropp, this time she completes the collection with a very cool green sling bag, a chunky green bracelet and a pair of ear rings with green stones.....yes came complete with the porcelain hand. I started wearing the ear-rings and already a compliment from the male cashier at star-bucks...steady la, must be very nice! Luv them all, thanks

Mac eye-shadow, Swaroski heart-shaped Pendant and Pierre Cardin watch.
Love them, useful stuff, and already starting using eye shadow for shows.

Shower set, body sprays lotions, moisturizers.

Excellent for my sporty life-style and body lotions/moisturizers--just what a 40-year old need...LOTS!
A fully-lined cocktail dress...
Brenda is so feminie she loves picking up pretty dresses like that for me. Last year she picked up this black top for me.
I received 2x of these-- 2 x Robinson's voucher, Princess gave me not one but TWO payot face powders! Wa, can use long long time..heehee and Gi gave me 2x vouchers for foot-reflex...........wa, can press feet until shiok shiok!

Glittery baret
A show-girl's accesory must have bling bling one
The black bag completes the baret look. Oh I got some bouquet of flowers too.

This candle holder now forms part of the decoration of my studio. The giver, Edwin insists that statue resembles me! I wish I'm that slender and lanky!

Idy is so sweet to spot this pole dancing cuff links and got them for me. You tilt them in different angle and actually see the girls dancing! Interesting eh! I think she got it from the net, right Idy? Because I really wanted them when I saw them! Thanks

Er....who gave me this LING-A-REE ah?

Last but not least, the good souls of DnM took pains to piece this piece of art for me---40 condoms, accompanied with the message, for another 40 more good years!

The cake is a present from students, thanks Kelly for coordinating it...BUTTER CREAM! But i only had time for a small slide :(

Anyway, some of the photos are ready, so Part III of the birthday bash will be PICTURES.....................

Also got tiara, medal and a nice pen from Celestine and a couple of lunches and dinners, one even printed a redemption voucher with expiry date..hahaha...but like I said the best part was you all made it! THANKS SO MUCH

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Studio has other functions....

as a warehouse...............

Comes in useful when we needed to (urgently) pack goodie bags for an event!

Suzie and team hard at work to try to get these completely packed by THREE A.M.! This is what i really call team-building.

Oh anyway, please don't get's usually a beautiful, clean studio with 6 poles...and don't forget to register yourself for a free trial this coming Monday, 8 Dec (public holiday) at 5pm.....3 more days to register

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Birthday Bash - Part 1

The party had started at the Studio.

Pole gals lovingly planned a little surprise for me before & after class. That was before we made our way to the event venue, which was just opposite the studio.

Thank you girls! So nice!

Part II post will be about the GIFTS! Stay tuned

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wow! It's over

....and I'm way too tired to talk about it right now. Hey but someone's already blogged about it! Thanks Aelgtoer. So glad you came..kiss kiss!

I'm sorry if I have been such a bad host and not get to talk to you, but I hope you all caught up with one another well tonight! That's what an event is all about, chance to catch up!

Anyway thank you for gifts and presence......i hope u all had fun. I loved everything about it, except the constant reminder from the darn venue to lower the volume...bleah :P